Sunday, February 1, 2009

NAIS on the Radio....

I am a member of an Oklahoma Group AGAINST the EVIL NAIS.

I got this email about one of the members being scheduled to talk on Internet Radio about the NAIS. Information as follows:

"Hi everyone. I have been given a fantastic opportunity to discuss the National Animal ID System on internet radio. The program will air on Tuesday evening at 9pm CST. I hope most of you will be able to listen. The link to the station and phone number will be listed below. We may try to get into Codex and some related and important issues also if we can NAIS covered.When you get to Plains Radio the directions to access the show are there. PLEASE CALL and help me to make this a very productive hour. 806-447-0270"

* I bolded for emphasis and took out irrelevant info or personal info...

On a related note, the 2009 State Legislative Sessions are starting back up. Check your State Government's website to see if any legislation is being introduced regarding the EVIL NAIS....If so, let me know and we can send info to the State Preppers Networks to help get the word out.

For those of you that do not know what the NAIS is....Check my right side label under "NAIS IS EVIL" and you can get filled in pretty quick ;)


Jennifer said...

Wait a minute?! Did you you say Oklahoma? OKC area? Is there a good reason we haven't gone shooting yet?
A good shooty, bloggy, prepper get together may be in order.

Anonymous said...

I think it was W.C. Fields who said "no man's wallet or wife is safe while the legislature is in session."