Friday, November 21, 2008

Can I still be a Survivalist if I shave my legs?

This is mostly a post about what we are and what we aren’t. I for a long time, just referred to myself as prudent, prepared, “country” – whatever to keep me from labeling myself as a survivalist.

I couldn’t be one, I shave my legs – I wear makeup – I get pedicures – I have $150 jeans! But, alas – I am a survivalist….. And you know what? I am not alone. We are all around – some drive Mercedes and some drive Prius’. We live in neighborhoods with prissy gates, in downtown lofts, and we live on country estates, we even live in suburban sprawl (GASP). We vote Republican, Independent and Libertarian….And probably even Democrat (those Blue Dog Dems like my Grandpa and his gun). We are as different as can be…

What we do have in common is an uncommon determination to take care of ourselves and not depend on the Government and even the thought in the back of our minds that the Government may be the enemy. We LOVE our Country. And not just LOVE, many have served, and those that haven’t, we THANK PROFUSELY those that have. We read our Country’s history and know what our Constitution says. We listen to the hairs on the back of our necks and that feeling in our gut that tells us something is coming – that something wicked this way comes.

So I choose to embrace this label SURVIVALIST, much to the utmost horror of my first born teenager. I embrace the fact that to be a Survivalist is Biblical, prudent, Green, Charitable, Honorable, SMART….and all those other fabulous adjectives, YES, its FABULOUS too!

I intend to make being a Survivalist cool – I know, I know, it IS cool, but I mean, making it COOL to those that scoff when we talk about cans or nitrogen packed food or when they see our boxes of ammo in our Walmart cart. You see, the more cool it is, the safer everyone is – the more that are prepared, the less we have to carry our brother (although that is planned in my preparedness) – the safer our Constitution (not the Govt. The Govt. should be afraid of us because we WILL protect this Country and Constitution and we will convert more Survivalists and when we do – those boys (and chicks) in Washington will be looking for a job.)

So heres to us – SURVIVALISTS, let me be ashamed no more!


Sneaux said...

RAH RAH RAH!!! Great post. :) (because I shave my legs and get pedicures too, and add survival gear to my shopping cart, right along side that cute new handbag!)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to miss the whole point, but, umm . . .you have $150 jeans?

Angi Lovejoy

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Yes, and they make me look WAY BETTER than my Target jeans ;)

Shy Wolf said...

ROFL, Edie- shave under your arms, too: more sanitary I'm told.
"Survival" isn't just for the meek and homeless, Hon.

Unknown said...

Even if I am not *involved* with them it is just unpleasant to see some woman walking around in shorts with legs hairier then mine.

I think that the frugal living aspect of survivalism finances often gets over hyped. It is good and all but somewhat misses the point. To me survivalism is the act of preparing for an uncertain future without completely disrupting our lives (unless we want to). Because you become a survivalist doesn't mean that it is required to purchase all your clothes at the good will. We need to live our lives (within reason) and still wear the clothes we want and such because it is more likely that things will go on as normal. Last night we went to dinner for date nite. Eating at home would have given us $45 to prep or save but that is our one big thing every week in terms of entertainment, other then that we eat at home and don't spend much money otherwise.

This is a great post that just inspired some thoughts. Thanks.

Survival Chick said...

Amen to all of it!