Friday, November 14, 2008

Prepare - Food Storage

I posted this on my Facebook page, but believe more should read...

Dont roll your eyes, but I believe that in 1 year, this country will look vastly different. Not in regards to "politics" although I could easily go there....but in regards to the way we LIVE. I mean this is what I personally believe - that the bailout is being sold to us as a "fix" but I believe that it is merely to slow the collapse down in order for people to get "scared" and take precautions/preparations for self-preservation.

I believe we will see large scale collapse of those industries that supposedly are "too big to fail" and that there will be unemployement like we have not seen in decades, if ever. The mounting debt our country is assuming will halt growth, expansion, progress and most companies as well as families will just try to survive.

Because I believe this, I have been putting my family on a course to be in a position to best make it as I see it...That means as the chick in the house, the food is my domain. I have been stocking our pantry with enough to be able to feed my family, meet their nutritional needs as well as "flavor" needs. I started doing this on my own, but its overwhelming. When I started searching on the internet, I found many sites that are well done and offer step by step instructions as well as valuable spreadsheets and even videos.

My favorite is this one : which is an LDS (I am not one and dont want to get into that now) but their site is amazing.

They also have a fab. spreadsheet to automatically adjust what you have and what you need for a month, 3 month, 6 month and year supply. Some of the numbers are off, so just be aware that ultimately you are responsible for your family and make sure you have what they need.

Now - we can debate the financial crisis til the cows come home - it wont be that bad - its a recession, not a depression - but it really doesnt matter does it? Any woman (or man, dont want to be sexist) who has bought groceries for the past few months knows that the prices are going up. If the worst does not happen, say a prayer of thanksgiving, eat your food and realize that you saved your family quite a bit a money as food prices are going to continue to climb. If the worst DOES happen, say a prayer of thanksgiving that you are prepared, and eat your paid for food.

This is not something to go into debt over as it is the debt that got us as a country where we are today, but I wouldnt and dont leave a dime in the checking account at the end of a pay period.

Personally, I buy food, I buy jeans for the boys, I buy shoes, I buy things that will keep my family fed, warm, safe (you know what I am talking about) and happy (books and games to be played as a family). I also store items for charity. I believe I will be called to give to those in need and I intend to be prepared to be able to do so.

A plan - if you can pay off any debt, do it. If you can reduce what you HAVE to spend each month, do it. Go through this website and start a food storage plan.

It is not time to panic (I dont believe in panic or worry). I do believe that with action comes a peace. Know that God is in control and He does not keep bad things from happening but I do believe He will save his people. He provided Joseph for Egypt and He provides for us today. You can be Joseph for your family. You can be Joseph for those you love and those that need to be loved.

We are in Egypt and it wont be pleasant, but it also wont be forever and how much more fabulous will you be after being forged in fire and on the other side of this?

On a side note, find like minded people. There is safety and support in numbers. There are also sites to help you better prepare. I cant list them all here, but the ones I follow are listed to the right on my blog...

Pray, Praise, Prepare



Michelle.... said...

Well put.

I'm not sure if you know that you are living out my dream. I have been researching sustainable living,homesteading,living off the grid, simple living, and the list goes on...for about the last 10 years! I loved reading your blog. Didn't know you had one.

The downside is David is not as gung ho about the idea. I'd love to talk to you sometime about all of it! I look forward to seeing your homestead in the near future.

Hannah said...

Thanks for this post - lots of important things for people to be thinking about!

Hannah @

Sneaux said...

Another good resource site is It helps you figure out how much of what you need for a given amount of time and family size, and also has a lot of other very useful tools to make your food related preparations not-so-overwhelming. Oh - and it's free (with an option for more "tools" at a pretty low price - $15/year).

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

You are so right about the link. I have that one in my favorites and may blog about it at a later date!

Would love to know how you found me if you arent one of my "peeps" :)

Thanks and keep checking me out! That didnt sound right...

theotherryan said...

Great post, I do wish we were a few years farther ahead right now with more space filled with more food, medical supplies and such. Alas we are where we are. I suppose having a very secure income and a darn good place to go for anything but a genuine TEOTWAWKI help with some of my concerns.

Jamie said...

I stumbled onto your blog via and after reading just a few posts I am already hooked! I have been trying to prepare little by little for the future and have been looking for ideas and ways to become more organized. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!