Friday, February 13, 2009

Who knew?

I liked teaching - I liked 5th Graders - I did a good job!

I have spent the last couple of days filling in for 2 teachers at my kids' school. 5th grade to be exact - I taught Science one day and History the next....poor kids - didnt know what they were getting...

The topic in History was the 1920's - by the end of the 1920's 3 out of 4 Americans had a little hand shot up and out comes "so is this where Global Warming started...." I had ignored a couple Global comments in the 2 days, but not this one.

So we had a time out. I asked if they are taught about Global Warming and they said No (its a Christian School and the stance is pretty much this is God's world - He made it and they ignore topics of Global Warming as best they can - I guess....) But I dont....

So we had a Come To Jesus meeting about Global Warming (heretofore referred to as GW). I asked them who they hear the most about in regards to GW. No surprise, but Al Gore. I then asked them if they knew what Carbon Credits were to offset Carbon use. Some did and some did not. I then told them about companies who sell "credits" and then supposedly plant trees to take out the Carbon Dioxide in the air. They all thought that was a GREAT idea. Poor, gullible kids....

I then told them that the main company that does this is in England and that Al Gore is an owner. They immediately saw the conflict of interest although they voiced it as "that doesnt seem fair." No it does not. I told them that when they are told anything - even from me - it is THEIR JOB to check out what they are told - verify it - before they believe it.

It was also nice to be able to say that the Carbon Dioxide levels in the world have NEVER BEEN HIGHER, but that the Earth's temperature has cooled for 8 straight years. I then threw in that it was pretty arrogant to think that in a matter of a few years, we could so drastically alter what God has made and when we believed such, we put ourselves above Him.

That was pretty much the end of the discussion. It was nice to strike a blow for Common Sense and against the Nazi Tree Huggers. It may be short lived - these kids are hit with so much information, but still.... Its always nice to convince someone of something sometimes :)


Staying Alive said...

At lest you got to strike a blow for the truth! Maybe you helped some of the good kiddies.


Amy said...

Thanks for trying! Not to sound like it won't work, just simply trying to show kids another way. I know teachers hands are tied for the most part, even at Christian schools, so it's nice you can come in and try to at least remind the kids to think for themselves. Hopefully you'll get asked back from time to time.

CastoCreations said...

Good for you!!!!!

Trust me ... a single seed planted and the idea will take root in at least one youngster. :)

Bro. Brandon B. said...

major kudos for being a rare individual who was willing to teach. A problem that I think we as Patriots have is the defensive mindset which does not reach out to the flock. Teaching and instructing is where wars of ideas are won.

The Other Mike S. said...

Small world. My wife has been a 5th grade teacher at a Christian school for the past 10 years!

She works VERY hard to develop their critical thinking skills. Question everything THEN make your own decision.

If you sub again, a couple of great sites for information: for global warming and other science related garbage. for information to use against the gun grabbers.

It's fun to watch both groups wilt when presented with actual fact. It melts (or blows holes in) their fear-based belief systems.

Anonymous said...

I taught fifth grade for 3 years in a rural Georgia public school. You have to be really, really careful what little Johnny Snotlocker goes home and tells mommy and daddy teacher said today.

If you walked into a fifth grade for two days running, cold, you are a woman of great courage and fortitude.

Ah, the memories:

"Don't drink your coffee, Mr. X, Stephen spit in it."

"Mr. X, John came back to the classroom while we were in computer lab and s**t in the sink!"

Or the time my "behavior disorder" stuck a pencil in my leg about three inches deep.

Those were the days.....

Ace said...

Hi Pearls,

Found you through glad to see a Sister Prepper !

Wish I had had a teacher like you growing up. Instead I was blessed with parents who made me look up everything, verify everything. It makes me truly annoying to those trying to manipulate me and undefeatable to those who try to lie to me.

I am going to add you to my prepping links on my blog.

Many Blessings :)