Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh, You have GOT to be KIDDING me...

This was on my Yahoo Page:

Muslims consider the Mumbai attack "senseless terrorism" and worry about their image.

This is what offends their delicate sensibilities?


Yall - As you know, I have FAVE bloggers that I regularly follow. I am providing a link to Prisoner of the White Lines on the Freeway tonight. He has excellent insight as to the importance of agriculture in future. This is appropriate NOW because NOW is when you plan for your SPRING garden...

Not to mention he is from TEXAS and as a TEXAS girl myself, I find them exceptionally brilliant ;)

Read On...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hey YOU people who dont want a gun in the house....

I know the excuses - we have kids and they could hurt themselves....they make me are more likely to get shot with your own gun....WHATEVER....

To you I say, BE AN AMERICAN!!!

Have you thought that by NOT owning a gun you basically tell this Government to do whatever they want? Our Founding Fathers believed that EVERYONE should be armed and in so doing, this tells the Government not to take us for granted and straighten the hell up! ( I am paraphrasing, of course, but I picture Thomas Jefferson and George nodding in unison up on High).

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.--Thomas Jefferson

See, I told you so....

Lest we forget the late, great Benjamin Franklin:

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

I am adding OWNING A FIREARM to my list of what you MUST do as an AMERICAN in order to gripe about the Government.

Several of the other things are:

* You must VOTE and you must VOTE FOR a choice and not AGAINST someone else.

* You must CALL, EMAIL, WRITE your representatives in the House or Senate. You call them BEFORE the vote and you call them AFTER the vote and express your displeasure if they didnt do as you wished or you thank them for their service. They mostly hear from people who are hacked off or want something, so saying "Thank You" is good manners and may get you remembered.

* You must KNOW what is going on.....

* You must take offense EVERY TIME the Government infringes on your rights, in the name of safety, in the name of "fairness", in the name of whatever....Think Patriot Act, people - dont shrug it off as no big deal - ITS A HUGE DEAL and it teaches the Government they can do anything they want as long as they do it slowly....

* Lastly, DO NOT take "Help" from the Government...If I hear ".....needs help from the Government to get back on their feet" again, I may scream - You built on the beach in Florida? You built near canyons in CA (fires), you built in a flood plain, TOUGH....You took the risk....I am not against you having the right to be an idiot - to each their own, but I do object to you expecting me to pay for it...

The OK Governor just asked the Feds for help on behalf of Pecan Farmers - DUDE....HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS SPENDING? MAYBE, JUST MAYBE WE SHOULD LAY OFF THE REQUESTS FOR A BIT? Of course, the OK Governor looks like Gomer Pyle - dork...

Back to my rant....

There is a BONUS category - If you have served or are married to a service person or sent a child to war, you get a MEGAPHONE - you get to yell loudest and you get to throw tomatoes. YOU EARNED IT and I will even fork over cash for your tomato.

One last quote - this man rocked....

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery - Thomas Jefferson

*and to Bug Killer looking over my shoulder commenting that I use TOO MANY CAPS, I think there is a football game on somewhere and a part of you that needs to be scratched ;)

Friday, November 28, 2008

I think my printer just gave me the finger...

It sounds weird, but I swear it did...

Probably because I just printed off about 200 pages from here: Its 220 total, but I didnt bother with the Mormon history lesson at the front.

ITS AMAZING - Answers to questions floating around in my head I had yet to Google are now right in front of me. Not just food preparedness, but situational preparedness, storage, encouragement.

I intend to get win the trifecta of my office equipment giving me the bird when I pull out my 3 hole punch and my highlighter...

Be afraid home office - be very afraid...

Is Iceland our Hope?

A convoluted thought came to me the other day while reading a desperate blog from a woman in Iceland. The situation the people find themselves in is both frightening, mesmerizing and on the other hand hopeful? Hopeful? Yes...HOPEFUL...

They are in a dire situation where their monetary system is crumbling along with their political system - they are going where Survivalists have long prepared to go. What I find hopeful is the throwing off of the socialistic government. A realization that the government is powerless to fix this situation.

I find it almost comical that we are seeing just about NOTHING about this on our news - probably because the darkest fear is that we are not so far behind them in regards to a meltdown.

So if there is a meltdown here - where our "Parliament" (Congress) slaps each other, looses composure, wrings their hands because there is nothing else to do... What if we here loose absolute confidence in our government. What if this lack of confidence permeates this country and not just those of us who are prepared? What if we throw off this Government as Iceland seems to be about to do? What is left?

I find hope that in the throwing off of this Government, we go back to the basic tenets of our Founding Fathers - we go back to the Constitution. We go back to the beginning where we realized that our best defense, our best opportunity, our best asset as a Country was US - AMERICANS.

We go back to States looking out for States, people looking out for people, families feeding themselves as well as those in close proximity who needed them. We go back to Charity, Apprenticeships, Hand UP and not Hand out (as trite as that sounds.)

This is not to belittle the wrenching that would come with an upheaval. The panic, lives lost, property lost, redirection of priorities, the senselessness of some things.... This is a brief thought about the strength of us Americans after we have gone through the fire, the forging of our beliefs and convictions as strong as iron afterwards.

God have mercy on Iceland and God have mercy on us as well. God Bless America.

As always and now that it seems time is fleeting - Pray, Praise, PREPARE

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I don't do "Black Friday"....

I mean, Black is my favorite color and it looks great on me, but the day after Thanksgiving – out there with all those people, at Wal-Mart at 4:30 waiting for the doors to open, NOT FOR ME – I don’t care if they are giving away barrels of cash….

But all the advertisements have me thinking about Christmas. I love this holiday, its second to me because Thanksgiving is 1st in my book, but technically Christmas is 1st for me because of the whole Birth of Christ thing…so, guess I have 2 #1’s…. Sorry, I digress.

Anyway, we typically give our kids 4 gifts – Something WRITTEN, something to WEAR, something they WANTED and a catch all of WHATEVER we wanted to give them. A friend of mine does 3 gifts, “If it was good enough for baby Jesus, its good enough for my kids.” I love this and we will be switching down 1 gift next year.

So, what to give the 3 munchkins? Its pretty much a “needs” Christmas. There are things they will need on the land that they don’t really need in suburbia. The oldest boy got Carhart overalls and coat to go hunting and think the younger will get those in one of his boxes (he has to be like his brother) – his lined muck books are also getting too small, so theres something else…. The oldest girl needs a new nice coat… Husband and I are buying guns (I think he likes giving me guns for Christmas, not his first time – of course, this also the man who gave me a large flat screen for my birthday 2 years ago – Happy birthday to me? Or Happy Birthday to you?)

I don’t think I am all that different here. The budget is also pretty set and cash is king. I will pay more for something that will last longer because if something is cheap and wears out faster, where is the savings? Something that can be handed down from boy to boy is golden. Heck, something that can be handed from girl to boy to boy is platinum! Buy from stores out of state that do not have a store in your state and you wont pay sales tax – most places also offer Free Shipping with a minimum purchase or at certain times.

Kids are smart – don’t pretend everything is alright in your family if its not. Have a talk about finances, jobs, economy. Don’t scare them, reassure them that they are fine but things may be hard. Do things together that don’t cost a dime or is a one time investment like a game or a season pass to the zoo or local state or Federal Park. We did season passes one year for our kids’ “Something Written” and it was a hit! Doing the same thing over and over creates memories/tradition which your kids value more than the latest new thing.

A hard Christmas is an opportunity to make a memory in your child’s life that they will remember forever. Not a sad memory, but one of family coming together, valuing what is important and maybe the gift of that 1 special item they wanted. They will value and cherish that 1 item above all the Christmas where they don’t even remember anything from the horde they were given.

Parents – we do the best we can – do not feel guilty about what you would like to do. Be proud of the example of responsibility, hard work, and sacrifice you are setting for your kids and in doing so, will honor the spirit of Christmas and Him for whom we celebrate.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Honey, Dont put your mouth on that...

Its what I wanted to tell the precious little boy sitting near me at an athletic event this weekend and after my nieces had a stomach thing, thought it was the right time for this post. Anyway, this little boy kept running his mouth up and down the railing since we were on the front row…. Lets just say it skeeved me out. It also gave the topic of the next post. On a side note, framers should be to the house within the next week, so house topics will begin to resume ;)

Anyway….This cute little boy basically sucked on the handrail the entire 2 hours. If I had known this child, I would have pulled out my little handy santiwipes and wiped his mouth out and also done the handrail. This is November people, and the sick season is upon us. Its daily I hear from a friend who has a child throwing up at home, a husband who has come home from work sick or one of my children coming home telling me “so and so barfed today” at school.

Now is the time to make sure your “Medicine Pantry” is well stocked. There are lists all over the internet of what you should have, and so I will not repeat, I just want to make a few observations.

** Sudafed – it is a “controlled substance” and therefore you can only buy a little at a time. I purchase and I also send my husband to purchase. I know I don’t need to say it, but here it is – buy generic. We do this about every 3 week and have a nice little stash now. This is just another thing Meth addicts have ruined….

** Make sure you have items for yourself, but also for your children. Antihistamines in pill and liquid form. Pain relievers in pill and liquid form. You don’t want to have to take that 2 a.m. drive….it bad enough to be up at that ungodly hour!

** Keep santi-wipes in your purse ( I don’t know how men make it without a purse, but that is for another time…). Clean your grocery cart every time. Hand sanitizer yourself and your kids (they are germ magnets) frequently.

Here are my Flu Pandemic scare tactics….

** You need to make sure you have a plan.

**A room to isolate

** Items: alcohol, bleach, face masks, gloves, expectorants (make sure JUST expectorant, not expectorant with suppressant – whats the point?), natural antibiotics (garlic, colloidal silver) as well as natural flu fighters (Sambucol – natural elderberry). If the flu is going to kill you, it will do it usually within 2 days mostly due to dehydration and lung congestion (basically suffocation.) Have items that will fight these two things – ORS’s (oral rehydration solutions) and expectorants (Musinex, Tussins). This is not an exhaustive list – don’t take it as such! AND ALWAYS SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP/OPINION – AKA – SEE A DOCTOR!

Google “Flu Pandemic Preparedness” for more complete lists.

One final piece of information – the Government has issued protocol for a “what if” scenario like the world wide Pandemic of 1918. Most people will not get treatment, but will be sent home, to get better or die. Home quarantine is preferred, but do not discount forced quarantine elsewhere if the Government deems it necessary. Medicines like Tamiflu will be given to “essential personnel” (police, fire, medical) and the general population just doesn’t qualify. Your best bet is staying healthy and staying at home…PREVENTION first and PREPARED to stay at home is essential.

Check out this site from Google that tells you your state’s flu risk – ITS COOL -

As always, Pray, Praise, Prepare - jwe

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Country wont look the same when BO is done "fixing" the Economy

OH MY WORD...I thought it was bad last week, but I was wrong. Barack Obama's (heretofore referred to as "BO") Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, told the Wall Street Journal,

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, and what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn't think you could do before."

What do you mean by that, Rahm? Do you mean that you will be able to take control of more private enterprises? Do you mean that you will be able to "buy" more votes by putting more people on the dole? Do you mean that you will be able to control more of our personal liberties in the name of "crisis"? Do you mean that because of "crisis" you will be able to upend the Constitution?

But today, on the front page of my Yahoo page is an article about BO's Massive Economic Recovery Plan...right.... On the surface, it looks good - NO NEW TAXES. Why? Because taxes would hurt the economy. What? I thought taxes were good! I thought taxes were patriotic! Obviously the reason for taxes isnt to help the economy, even BO seems to think it would hurt. Taxes are also not for paying down our debt - His plan will majorly increase this and he isnt saying how much, how convenient...

Taxes are a way for the Government to control EVERYTHING you do - your taxes represent your income and your income represents your time. With each new tax, BO controls just a little bit more of your life.

I feel like waving a banner against the STAMP TAX - I feel like dumping a whole lot of tea in a big, ole harbor. I feel like having my tea and politely talking about the rumblings of war. (This is a Colonial America reference - think 1775)

I am not a Secessionist - but I really start to see their side. For so long I didnt understand Thomas Jefferson's quote about the tree of liberty needing to be refreshed with the blood of patriots. I understand now and worse, I am starting to agree...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hey Yall...remember we are building a house?

Well, we stopped by the land today to check out the house. Its still there :) It was also very cold and the funny thing was, the basement was warmer than the main floor. Very cool...

There have also been some birds that have been sitting on our floor joists in the basement and they have pooped. Stupid birds. I clean up after myself because I made the mess - I clean up after those in my family because sometimes its just easier for me to do it, but dont think for a nanosecond that I enjoy it - I am absolutely annoyed to the limits at the thought of having to clean up after some birds that randomly poop in my almost dried in house!

I am set to meet the framers this next week so we can all be on the same page in regards to the plans. I like these guys and we have waited for them. If you like a crew, work well with them, like their work, wait for them. It is worth the extra time to have quality and an easy relationship. That is my house building advice for the day ;)

Wanted to take a day break from the serious stuff. Have some more "Prepared" posts ready to go later in the week... But in all times of stress and these days with the financial crisis it counts as a time of stress, HAVE FUN. Do something where you dont think, you laugh, you smile, you love, you just have fun.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - jwe

Friday, November 21, 2008

Can I still be a Survivalist if I shave my legs?

This is mostly a post about what we are and what we aren’t. I for a long time, just referred to myself as prudent, prepared, “country” – whatever to keep me from labeling myself as a survivalist.

I couldn’t be one, I shave my legs – I wear makeup – I get pedicures – I have $150 jeans! But, alas – I am a survivalist….. And you know what? I am not alone. We are all around – some drive Mercedes and some drive Prius’. We live in neighborhoods with prissy gates, in downtown lofts, and we live on country estates, we even live in suburban sprawl (GASP). We vote Republican, Independent and Libertarian….And probably even Democrat (those Blue Dog Dems like my Grandpa and his gun). We are as different as can be…

What we do have in common is an uncommon determination to take care of ourselves and not depend on the Government and even the thought in the back of our minds that the Government may be the enemy. We LOVE our Country. And not just LOVE, many have served, and those that haven’t, we THANK PROFUSELY those that have. We read our Country’s history and know what our Constitution says. We listen to the hairs on the back of our necks and that feeling in our gut that tells us something is coming – that something wicked this way comes.

So I choose to embrace this label SURVIVALIST, much to the utmost horror of my first born teenager. I embrace the fact that to be a Survivalist is Biblical, prudent, Green, Charitable, Honorable, SMART….and all those other fabulous adjectives, YES, its FABULOUS too!

I intend to make being a Survivalist cool – I know, I know, it IS cool, but I mean, making it COOL to those that scoff when we talk about cans or nitrogen packed food or when they see our boxes of ammo in our Walmart cart. You see, the more cool it is, the safer everyone is – the more that are prepared, the less we have to carry our brother (although that is planned in my preparedness) – the safer our Constitution (not the Govt. The Govt. should be afraid of us because we WILL protect this Country and Constitution and we will convert more Survivalists and when we do – those boys (and chicks) in Washington will be looking for a job.)

So heres to us – SURVIVALISTS, let me be ashamed no more!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I can blog from my phone!

So many time inspiration strikes in the car, actually in the carpool line... Well, now I can share....

Mostly this is a test to see if it works!

Dont forget the chocolate when things go to hell....

Seriously, people! When things go south (more so than they already are) I intend to hunker down with my chocolate.

Yes this is a "prepare" post and not a house post, but if you read the description on my blog you read its about our new life in regards to there anything more "homesteady" than preparing? With that in mind, here we go....

CHOCOLATE - I have been storing items and the like, making my list of items and realized either I have to buy a TON of chewy chocolate chip granola bars or figure something else out. First, I dont want to pay for them and second, they arent that easy to store, they dont stack (boxes to narrow) and there really isnt that much in those pesky boxes, so that go me thinking....

What would Prepared Woman do? Prepared Woman is my new made up super hero....

Well, Prepared Woman (heretofore referred to as "PW") would make her off to the computer I went. The thought also came to me as I was saving a great recipe on my "faves" - what if you cant get to your computer, Missy, (I hear my mom's voice in my head calling my Missy) OR what if you dont have Internet? So, I printed out a copy as PW would do. Turns out I have all the fixins in my pantry as is!

So off I go to figure out what else I could make:

- ice cream (make sure your recipe uses sweetened condensed milk and not cream you would have to keep fresh)

- brownies



You get the idea...

YOU NAME IT....there are sites that tell you how to make anything you can buy at the store...GOOGLE IT - (google is a prepared woman's best source!)

Mostly, it means making sure you have chocolate chips, cocoa powder and unsweetened chocolate squares. Have your 2 kinds of canned milk.

It also means having the right small kitchen appliances - ice cream maker and a food saver (the one that sucks air out of the plastic so it keeps or you can freeze for longer periods of time) at least these are the ones for me :)

I want everyone to be prepared and sustenance is the first priority, but quality of life is a HUGE consideration also - therefore, if things go down, I will go down with CHOCOLATE!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Prepare - Food Storage

I posted this on my Facebook page, but believe more should read...

Dont roll your eyes, but I believe that in 1 year, this country will look vastly different. Not in regards to "politics" although I could easily go there....but in regards to the way we LIVE. I mean this is what I personally believe - that the bailout is being sold to us as a "fix" but I believe that it is merely to slow the collapse down in order for people to get "scared" and take precautions/preparations for self-preservation.

I believe we will see large scale collapse of those industries that supposedly are "too big to fail" and that there will be unemployement like we have not seen in decades, if ever. The mounting debt our country is assuming will halt growth, expansion, progress and most companies as well as families will just try to survive.

Because I believe this, I have been putting my family on a course to be in a position to best make it as I see it...That means as the chick in the house, the food is my domain. I have been stocking our pantry with enough to be able to feed my family, meet their nutritional needs as well as "flavor" needs. I started doing this on my own, but its overwhelming. When I started searching on the internet, I found many sites that are well done and offer step by step instructions as well as valuable spreadsheets and even videos.

My favorite is this one : which is an LDS (I am not one and dont want to get into that now) but their site is amazing.

They also have a fab. spreadsheet to automatically adjust what you have and what you need for a month, 3 month, 6 month and year supply. Some of the numbers are off, so just be aware that ultimately you are responsible for your family and make sure you have what they need.

Now - we can debate the financial crisis til the cows come home - it wont be that bad - its a recession, not a depression - but it really doesnt matter does it? Any woman (or man, dont want to be sexist) who has bought groceries for the past few months knows that the prices are going up. If the worst does not happen, say a prayer of thanksgiving, eat your food and realize that you saved your family quite a bit a money as food prices are going to continue to climb. If the worst DOES happen, say a prayer of thanksgiving that you are prepared, and eat your paid for food.

This is not something to go into debt over as it is the debt that got us as a country where we are today, but I wouldnt and dont leave a dime in the checking account at the end of a pay period.

Personally, I buy food, I buy jeans for the boys, I buy shoes, I buy things that will keep my family fed, warm, safe (you know what I am talking about) and happy (books and games to be played as a family). I also store items for charity. I believe I will be called to give to those in need and I intend to be prepared to be able to do so.

A plan - if you can pay off any debt, do it. If you can reduce what you HAVE to spend each month, do it. Go through this website and start a food storage plan.

It is not time to panic (I dont believe in panic or worry). I do believe that with action comes a peace. Know that God is in control and He does not keep bad things from happening but I do believe He will save his people. He provided Joseph for Egypt and He provides for us today. You can be Joseph for your family. You can be Joseph for those you love and those that need to be loved.

We are in Egypt and it wont be pleasant, but it also wont be forever and how much more fabulous will you be after being forged in fire and on the other side of this?

On a side note, find like minded people. There is safety and support in numbers. There are also sites to help you better prepare. I cant list them all here, but the ones I follow are listed to the right on my blog...

Pray, Praise, Prepare


Thursday, November 13, 2008

1st Top 10 - and maybe my last...

Top 10 Things I LOVE About My Drive to Our NEW HOME:

(In no particular order...just how they come out of my head, which means the ones at the end, may be the worst - so yeah, maybe they are in order)

1. As a history major in college and just a freak in general about American history, I LOVE that our major road that we travel is Hwy. 66 - yes, that Hwy. 66 - The Mother Road. The one featured in Disney's CARS movie.

2. We have only 1 stop sign in our 12+ miles. Well, technically there are 2 on our way into town, but 1 is a right turn, so basically its a "Yield". We cruise 60, slow down for a mile in a cute little town and then back to 60. It makes for a fast, easy trip!

3. Dead things on the side of the road. Granted, this is the boys' #1, but you really do see different things dead on the side of the road. The time change has put 2 deer on the side of the road currently, but I dont know how long they will last - there is something eating one of them at night...

4. The Boundary - hands down the best BarBQue - Buffy's husband can cook and dont let the name Buffy fool you - I am not sure I know anyone whose ass she couldnt kick...

5. County Sheriffs - I have never seen them pull someone over with a cattle guard - I like to see it as reverse discrimination. I have only seen cars that dont belong pulled over - Lexus', sports cars, "town people". Its awesome.

6. The wave. Every time I pass a pickup, the hand on the wheel comes up in a little farmer wave. I would also bet that if I was on the side of the road with the hood up, someone would stop pretty quick. The hard part is waiting for someone to pass.

7. Weekends - you see large traveling groups going up and down Hwy. 66. There are the motorcycles....the antique cars....there was the VW weekend and I have even seen a PT Cruiser weekend (that one was a little sad - that is just 1 car that should NEVER have flames).

8. Hay bales in a freshly mowed field. Gorgeous expanses of pasture, neatly trimmed surrounded by woods, hills, rocks. The land really is pretty here. Hills, gorgeous large pink/red rocks, tall oak trees... I always thought Wyoming was supposed to be beautiful (and it is on the edges), but driving through last summer, I was SHOCKED - S-H-O-C-K-E-D - at how desolate it was. I told John something that I still have nightmares about as a Texan, "I couldnt live here - Oklahoma is so much prettier"...I just shivered....

9. Time with my kids in the car. There is a calming affect on the drive. The green, the space, the constant speed of the car, the sky all give my kids a sweet spirit in the car. We talk, we laugh, we sing in our opera voices and I hear all about their day.

10. Red Round Barn...Google it....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm lazy....

It was too much trouble to haul my camera from my car to snap a pic of plywood delivered to go on top of my trusses for my roof....Its plywood - if you havent seen it before, then you have more problems than I can possibly deal with in my blog - seek professional help...

The boys also knocked out the inside supports in the window and door frames of the house - so now just wide open spaces.

The biggest problem I have right now is deciding if I am going to drive out there in the morning to check and see if anyone is working or just wait until I HAVE to drive out to drop off my daughter at her grandparents... Time and diesel are a consideration and should make the decision for me, but I was never one to do what I should, but mostly what I want.... Crap, sounds like I have already made up my mind and I am going to hit Hwy. 66 twice tomorrow. Oh well, its absolutely beautiful and I have been meaning to post a list of my favorite things about my drive. I will collect my thoughts tomorrow and list them soon - I know yall are just dying with anticipation - just so you know, sarcasm does not become you...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You Veterans

This is a deviation from our regular subject, but in the whole scheme of things, more important.




I love this country. I love Americans. I feel this country is blessed by The Almighty and has such an ordained potential.

I read a fabulous quote by President Theodore Roosevelt this morning on a favorite blog:

"No man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times to risk his well-being, to risk his body, to risk his life, in a great cause."

I would add to this "No woman..." Thank you to all who are worth your salt, you are worth more than that, you are worth gold!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Technical Term: Trusses

In our house, they have been referred to as a pain in the .... well, you know. This blog is supposed to be "G" rated, but since very little of what I do is "G", we shoot for "PG" or at least "PG-13" :)

Let me start by saying that when you decide to build your house, the one that you want to live in the rest of your life, hand down to your children, build just like your fantasy, please, PLEASE consult a professional. You laugh - but, I sat down with a piece of graph paper and drew what I wanted. EASY. No one knows what I want better than me, right? So I drew it PERFECT!!! Yeah, well, there are people called ENGINEERS - who are truly fun suckers - who told me I cant have the roof I want...something about snow load and stupid stuff like that...Like heck.... I told them we dont get that much snow, but they didnt care....

It seems that wood beams can only span a certain space before you either have to put in metal beams or a supporting wall...oh contraire.... I DONT THINK SO - did they not see how I drew it on my graph paper? Clearly, there werent any walls and there wasnt any metal (although the metal would have been fine with me, seems the Charles Schwab account we have our building monies in disagreed and said none of the dollars would be going toward expensive metal beams - well, Chuck and the cheap man I married and adore, John).

So this whole thing became John's problem to fix. And by fix, I mean do what I want because I am not changing the house plans ;) So he did. He talked to people, explained that we wanted a flat roof on a slant, that there would not be any supporting walls, that this was a warehouse we were building to live in and make livable....he explained it all....the dream - they VISION ;) He also has that aforementioned trait "CHEAP" which means he got creative. He found a company in Texas (that blessed state) that made us custom wood trusses that will do everything I want and meet my FRUGAL (thats for you babe) husband's fiscal concerns....

Well, all that to say, THEY GOT DELIVERED TODAY :) 26 of them all 48' long - that is really long....

Now dry us in....Jason, you reading? Main floor walls, loft floor/walls and a roof....Windows next :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pump It Baby, Pump It - Part Deux

Thats French for "2", yall....
Here is the "Office Building" as the oldest calls it....I am putting up with it for now, but not for long... She usually only calls it this when we are behind the house, looking up...BRAT....

The great, big RED pump truck was back and this time I actually got a pic of it working....

I rushed the kids after school so they could see the work, but the pumpers were finished. We got over the disappointment quickly when we realized some of the spilled concrete was wet and the kids could poke it with sticks. That and the fact that our walls were DONE and were HARD!
This is me looking all hot in my mother wear while my youngest holds his head 20 feet above the ground and drops his parachute guy... In my defense, my husband has been out of town all week, while I prepare for his home birthday party to throw him off the trail that I was throwing him a surprise birthday party on Saturday while planning for our oldest son's birthday party on Sunday. If I even brushed my teeth, it would be a feat! The only consolation is that if you know me, you know I clean up well and if you dont know me - I JUST DONT CARE!!!!

This week the roof trusses are supposed to be delivered and so we will get the top to our box as well as the main floor interior walls - a whole 2 of them - and the loft, I hope. Keep up the prayers for good weather until we are dried in, and then it can rain :)