Sunday, February 8, 2009

EVIL NAIS - Arkansas

I received this email from the Yahoo NAIS Group I joined. Bold added for emphasis:

For those in Arkansas - We wanted to let you know that the Freedom To
Farm Act HB1046 got a DO PASS vote out of the House Agriculture
Committee on Wednesday, Feb. 4! It will now go to the full House
floor for a vote there this next week. We've been told either Tuesday
or Thursday. This is the first step toward it becoming LAW in

NOW is the time to call your representative and senator and ask them
to vote FOR this bill. If you do not know who your rep and senator
are or how to contact them, go to this website and look them up:

Please get your friends, neighbors and family members to do the same.
We expect more of a fight in the Senate so we must go after the
senators harder than the reps. If your rep/senator says they do not
support this bill, please ask them why and then let us know. Some of
these folks are not up to speed on the NAIS and don't have all of the
facts. Once we get their questions answered with facts from the USDA
documents, a lot of them have come around to our side.

Senator Ruth Whitaker is the sponsor of the bill in the senate, and
she is also a member of the Arkansas Animal Producer's Association,
the organization that has put this bill together and pushed to get it
where it is today. Please call her and tell her THANK YOU for her
support and help in making sure the National Animal Identification
System STAYS truly voluntary in the state of Arkansas.

A copy of the bill can be emailed to you upon request.

And thank YOU for your help!

P.O. Box 368
Bismarck, Ark. 71929
http://arkansasanim alproducers.


Anonymous said...

I am not denigrating the efforts of these folks, but after the first bailout bill, I don't believe writing to Senators and Representatives does any good. And I speak as one who has written, faxed or emailed hundreds of missives over the last 30 years, and never missed an election, even on the local level.

Mayberry said...

Hopefully their "representatives" will listen, and also follow the recommendation of the committee. However, I am in agreement with Hermit, that "representatives" are largely unresponsive to the will of their constituents. How they get re-elected term after term is purely a function of corporate money and passive sheeple. Disgusting..... But maybe the state will do this in keeping with the growing winds of rebellion and assertion of sovereignty!