Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter is for READING....

I have not been through all of the "Survivalist" books I currently own, so those recommendations will come in a few weeks after reading over the holidays curled up on my couch, doing nothing but eating, reading and the sporadic "knock it off" to the kids.

Todays books are COOKbooks - I love them - really I do. I read them like a novel, starting at page 1 and going page by page until the end. I may flag a couple pages for recipes I want to try, but mostly I read every single word. This trait came from my mother who does the same thing....weird.

The following are books that would go with me if for some reason I had to evacuate, but had enough time to pick through my if... :)

(These are in no particular order, mostly I am looking at my shelf or one pops into my head)

1 - Better Homes and Garden Cookbook - you know the one - red/white checkered. I dont think you are allowed to get married (at least in the South) without one. It is a basic cookbook that will let you get your feet wet without scaring you to death. I also like the "substitution list" in case you dont have the exact item, you can throw something else in instead.

2 - Time Life Books - Foods of the World. This set is from the 60's or the 70's and includes many volumes from cuisines all over the world. I like them because they are "real" recipes. The book that covers the South actually uses things that I think would kill you - real bacon fat in large quantities. Lets just say, eating out of these IS GOOD FOOD! The Foods of the World is also a good read. Its filled with information, stories, as well as recipes.

3 - Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food is WONDERFUL - this might be my favorite. Its an excellent read and the food she details - using basic ingredients that most preppers would have on hand - is exquisite. She believes that food is a gift, a precious gift. As a prepper, I can appreciate this basic concept.

Ms. Waters also believes in using fresh ingredients - she would be an excellent resource during the growing season using your garden bounty.

4 - The New Making of a Cook by Madeline Kamman. This is culinary school in a book. Seriously... She starts with the basics and works you through all processes. She is entertaining, insightful and gives great commentary and stories. But best of all, she makes it easy. She is not snotty, commenting that the best wine to go with a meal is the wine you like. Amen.

5 - Last but not least, is Peggy Layton's book Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook . I am sure many have this and her creative use of your storage pantry is a no-brainer. If times are stressful, she will be an easy resource to just open and follow directions.

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