Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Its Not Thomas Jefferson, but it will do....

"The People are the Rightful Master of both Congresses and the Courts - Not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the Men who Pervert it." Abraham Lincoln

Be afraid men in Washington......be very afraid.....


FarmerGeek said...

Why do you think so many of them are intent on removing the 2nd amendment. The American people just might do that someday, and they don't want to have to face that!

Anonymous said...

To answer Farmergeek's question.
They want to remove our 2nd amendment because they know it was intended to defend every one of our other rights. To defend against Tyranny!
Once they have disarmed us...every constitutional right we have will then fall like domino's.
Lock and load my friends...lock and load!

Shy Wolf said...

Amen, both of you: the Second defends the others. Those Framing Fathers knew the day would come. Washigton had better start developing some fear of the people.
verification: e-x-i-t-i-e...do you think...?

Tennessee Budd said...

Yeah, but when we tried to overthrow "the men who pervert it", the same Lincoln sent a bunch of armed Yankees down here.