Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday - Coupon Day :)

Ok - first, I wasted a buck and a half yesterday when I bought my paper because there were no coupons in it.....I dont know why coupon supplier people think they get to take the day BEFORE a holiday off, but they do....I almost drove back to the front of our subdivision and gave them the paper back and expected a full refund.....But with my truck, I probably would have burned more than that in diesel - so consider the newspaper compost...

Ok - back to what I bought today:

8 - Pillsbury Cake Mixes
1 - Pillsbury can of frosting
2 - Frosted Flakes
2 - Rice Crispies
2 - Apple Jacks
2 - Herbal Essence Shampoo/Conditioner
2 - Valentines Hershey Kisses with Almonds
1 - Large box of Owens breakfast sandwiches
1 - Box of Taquitos
2 - Pillsbury Chocolate chip cookie dough
2 - Pillsbury Sugar cookie dough
2 - Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
7 - Assorted Birds Eye frozen Veggies - their new fancy kind you steam....

Total Spent: $37.15

Saved: $35.04 with their discount card
$34.75 with coupons

Total saved: $69.79 for a savings of 68%

YEAH BABY....I now have a full years worth of cake mixes, so I will just cross that off my list ;) I am bearing down on the amount of processed cereal I "need" for a year....

My daughter went with me and when we got in the car I asked her what she thought. Her comment was "You got a lot of crap.....really cheap...." YES......I......DID......and I bought some veggies too....

So far it does seem like there is a lot of crap - but cans of soup and veggies have not been on sale yet. I was looking through my coupons and will clean house when they do. Pastas and sauce have not been on sale either.... I am giving this at least 2 months and then I will re-evaluate my time and expense. So far, the time hasnt been that great - its really easy to sit and watch my favorite show and clip the coupons, put them in the right slot and throw the trash away - really easy....

The shopping time hasnt been bad either. I am getting quicker each time as I become more familiar with the layout of the store.

On a totally unrelated note except that it just popped into my head - I was asked to sub again tomorrow. I am doing it because I get $50 each time I do and if yall have forgotten, we are building a house and this money will buy shelving for my pantry or curtains or quite a bit of wine after being with someone else's kids all day ;) All that to say, I have some posts brewing in my head, but I may not be able to explode them onto to the computer until Wednesday.... but we will see....


MeadowLark said...

mygosh that post made me hungry!

So here's a question:
What if you would have bought "roundie o's with appley-flavor" (aka: generic brand)?

Would the price difference work in your favor? I ask because BabyGirl wanted me to buy her junk cereal for breakfast the other day (she's 23, buy your own damn junk!) and the price difference between the name brand and generic was amazing!!!

Sorry we're making you do all the work. :)

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

I paid $1.00 to 50 cents for each box of cereal :) The cereal boxes were buy one get one free and then I had a $1.00 coupon that DOUBLED, for each of the "sets" of cereals.

I am fine doing the work since I get to eat it too ;)

Michelle said...

What store was this?

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Homeland where they double the coupons :)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thanks for the coupon reminder!
I 've been rehashing budget in my head all day and looking for trim. You guided me in...

My goal once again becomes feasible! Woo-Hoo!!


Amy said...

Just wondering if you've ever shopped at an Aldi. There is not a whole lot there I really like, but I do use them to stock up on canned foods. Most things are less than 50 cents. We go every so often and get a box of the things we use regularly. FYI, their canned black-eyed peas are not good! When good sales and coupons are available, I buy those as well. With buying fresh and frozen veggies and beans, which we prefer, I at least have a stock of canned stuff we can live on if needed. Their fresh fruits and veggies are suprisingly good, I just can't use them much as there is really not one close to our house. Also, FYI, they only take cash or debit cards if you go.

Anonymous said...

lol, "Explode them onto the computer."

Shy Wolf said...

I'll be right over for white cake with white frosting...skip the plates and forks :-P
ROFLMBO: the verification word is 't-a-s-t-e-s-e'

CastoCreations said...

Just so you know ... Hot Coupon World keeps a full year long list of the coupon schedules. There's never (well, rarely) coupon inserts on holiday weekends.

Also, they have a schedule of when stuff tends to go on sale. Like Peanut butter tends to have massive sales before school starts. And Soda tends to go on sale more during the summer. There's a whole science to it. :)