Friday, February 6, 2009

I hope I dont kill them all.....

Seeds, that is, not the kids ;) I got my box from Johnny's Seeds yesterday.

The Hubs has been amazing sketching out the plan - measuring the area and then drawing it on graph paper. I will post a pic when I get the scanner working.....

Anyway, I have never ordered seeds before online. I have bought plants at big box stores, but nothing from "scratch". I was really nervous about how much it would cost because loading up on plants at the Box Store can get you into the hundreds pretty fast! So, I figured I would just put in my entire order - everything I could want and then check the total and I planned to adjust accordingly. There wasnt any need - I was under a hundred bucks!! Although, when I got the box, I thought it was kind of small for spending $100 ;)

I couldnt believe it - I had been saving here and there just to make sure I didnt have to take monies from our account....but I have some left over! I am not entirely done with my ordering. I have to order one more batch from another company to ensure that we get corn that isnt a hybrid or genetically altered (people, quit screwing around with corn), but it shouldnt be much at all.

Is anyone out there having a garden? Anything I should know or something you learned the hard way you are willing to tell me so I can just skate?


Anonymous said...

Well, if you have feral hogs in your area, save yourself the trouble. Those things will tear through barbed wire or electric fences with no difficulty, root up your garden, eat all they can hold ,and then spoil the rest by , ahem , "pooping" on it.

Ramon said...

Unfortunately, it is now impossible to garden where we are prsntly living due to the sloped, heavily wooded & poor Alabama soil.
When I was younger both in southern California & later on in Missouri we always had gardens. As a young person we literally grew or raised everything that was consumed other than a few staples like flour, sugar, coffee, spices & tobacco.
In the orchards we had apricots, peaches, plums, quinces, and walnut trees.
In the vegetable garden, we had potatoes, corn, okra, peas, tomatoes, onions, beets, squash, melons, cucumbers, & others.
We raised hogs, both dairy & beef cattle, rabbits, & turkeys, chickens & guineas (both for meat & eggs).
We canned and froze just about everything. We made our own bread, pickled both beets & cucumbers. We rendered the hog fat for both "Lard" and also made "Lye" soap.

Anonymous said...

I'm restricted to growing in pots. I am trying to grow potatoes in bags this year, not sure how that will work out.


kstrating said...

Check out "Carrots Love Tomatoes" from the garden (library) or do a search for companion planting. Last year, I saved so much room by planting carrots in amongst ALL the tomatoes (started in the house, from seed). My weed population was almost nil. The "carrot greens" canopy was heavy enough to drown out the weeds & kept the soil from baking in the sun & drying out. Definitely will be doing the same from here on out!

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Hermit - no hogs...thank goodness, but plenty of little things that like green things :)

Ramon - You upbringing is what I wish - WISH - to give my kids. How blessed you must probably have a TON of stories!

KS - I LOVE THAT BOOK - that and one by a guy names Solomon are FANTASTIC! Brilliant minds... ;)