Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And....More Snow.....

Funny - but when I told our youngest we were supposed to get more snow today, he was less than enthused :) Probably because he is already home and these snow really do nothing for him - wasted snow days....

Anyway - went and filled my car up, got coffee and am home all day today - have a cobbler in the oven, bout to make some of that hot chocolate mix and then kick back...

But in the making of the cobbler, realzied something - I NEED MORE SUGAR. Not that I am out or even close to be running out, but I dont keep enough on stock. Nope - not at all. I mean, I can go lay my hands on 50# and that doesnt count the stuff that I have packed or other varieties (only the white stuff) but we go through it fast.

I dont buy carbonated drinks. So, around here, you can drink water, juice or milk. Unless you make the Kool-aid. And the hubs likes Kool-aid so there is a lot that gets made around here. Those little packets really take a tole on my sugar stash.

All this to say - if you stock Kool-aid or any other little mix - make sure you have an extra stash of sugar to satisfy. Because I would not be a happy camper in the least if I went to make a cobbler and all the sugar was gone....humph.....

Pray - Praise - Prepare

Sunday, December 27, 2009

What I learned from Blizzard 2009....

Here in OK we got a heck of a wallop. All the computer models showed we should get 14" of snow, but forecasters just couldnt believe it and so they prophesied that we would get 4"-7" which means people expected 2"-4". We got 14.1" And thats a lot. A lot for people thinking they could do what they needed to do on Christmas Eve and get home.

And you all know how busy Christmas Eve is anyway - so add to it all this snow and things were ugly and got ugly FAST.

My Hubs took my truck that day which was good but he also took my oldest child which made me a nervous wreck when the entire state of OK was put under a State of Emergency. There were highways where the only thing moving was the National Guard. I will tell you this, I didnt eat anything until my family walked through the door, which wasnt a good thing - snack in an emergency even though you wont feel like it. Also - I now know the best websites that update traffic situations and I am good on Google Earth (which has an unbelievable creepy factor since it shows real photos....)

My husband spent 4 hours a mile away from our house because of one old lady in a truck. He finally walked up to the front to see what was going on and the guy behind him went too and they got her out of the way - Hubs was home just 10 minutes later.

It was ugly and it was insightful.

Here is what we learned:

1 - Dress like you are going to have to walk home - not just in and out of a store. If you dont dress for it, at least throw your boots in the back of the truck. My hubs would have been fine on the walk, but my daughter wasnt - remember your kids.... They may roll their eyes, but make throw their winter gear in the truck.

2 - Just because you have a truck doesnt mean you know how to use it or are qualified to be driving. That iPhone or whatever isnt worth your life or someone elses'. Write an IOU and give at Christmas - I got one for a pair of boots :)

3 - Having a winch on your truck is fabulous! We pulled 3 out on Christmas Day on our way to my parents and 1 out today. The Hubs and I are fast at it now and get a car out of a ditch in about 5 minutes. And that counts turning around and asking if they need help. This is also a great feeling. It makes you smile - it makes them smile - and you use and become familiar with your gear.

4 - In a true apocalyptic situation it would be hard....emotionally.... John saw one family that ditched their car Christmas Eve and had to carry a grandmother/mother that couldnt walk. He couldnt help as he was stuck unable to move (see above) and they were just looking to walk to the nearest hotel - about a mile from where he was. Knowing you would pass those that you just couldnt help - knowing that things were going to be impossible for them would be very difficult, at least for me, and knowing my kids would probably witness it means I may spend some time in thought about how I would answer questions and give comfort. Questions like "Dad, can we help them?" will be hard to answer.

5 - Always - ALWAYS have a folding shovel in your car - PERIOD....

6 - People wait for someone else to rescue them - those people make it hard for those that can take care of themselves. This old lady had my husband sitting 4 hours - 4 HOURS. She just sat there - waiting - waiting for someone to step up and make it right for her. My hubs and a few other men did that - but they werent doing it for her. They did it for themselves - my Hubs did it for the child he had in the car. If you think you will be able to bug out and leave everything behind, that isnt likely. You will have those waiting for help that you need to do something about in order to be on your way. This could be a dicey situation. No one could drive on and just leave this lady behind. She was sitting in the only passable lane....

7 - Always have a map - dont rely on your cell phone or your memory - those tiny streets that go through you just dont think about would be easy to spot on a map.

8 - Always - ALWAYS - go to the bathroom before you leave any place.....enough said about that.....

All the above is in addition to having your truck or car stocked with food - water - matches - medical kit - blankets and a full tank of gas, yada yada yada..... You know the list ;)

I hope this snow found you home, warm and safe. If you were out in this, you know what I am talking about. This was a good trial run and I am proud of how my husband handled himself and how my daughter helped him. She didnt freak and did what was asked when asked. (She had to stick her head out of the window at one point to navigate for Hubs because of the white out situation.)

As always -

Pray - Praise - Prepare and go check those winter car preps now.....I hear we may get more snow this Wednesday....Have mercy.... :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reason #4867 of Why I love my Pantry

One of the reasons I have listed for deepening my pantry is for charity. Its listed in just about everyone's reasons (to take care of those you love) but it is a practical reason when the world hasnt gone to hell in a hand basket. Someone's personal life may have....

People fall on difficult times and different times. It may be a baby is born and things are tight. It may be a husband is out of work. It may be that they are home bound. It may be due to a death in the family or even divorce.

I have gone to my pantry recently for a couple of these reasons for someone else. It is an amazing feeling to take a box - pick out a weeks worth of food - attach recipe cards - throw in some fun/comfort foods and drop it off on a front porch.

I love the sneaking away feeling knowing that there will be a blessing when they open their front door.

With the recipe cards and fun stuff, it feels more like a gift than charity - but what is charity? Charity is love, so yes, I guess its love that you dropped off on their porch.

I dont want a "thank you" and I dont really care if they know it was me. I cant fix what is wrong with their lives, but I can make it better for a brief moment - give them one less thing to worry about. It also gives my kids something to think about. Something for them to recall as they are older as "thats just how my family did things."

Merry Christmas Bloggerville. God bless you during this season and in the seasons to come.

Praises for the birth of The Baby.

Praises for the life of The Man.

Praises for the victory of The Savior.

(Happy Holidays for those of you that do not share my beliefs....Blessings to you in this Season and upcoming year)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sniped and expanded....

I sniped this link off of Survival Blog - 2010 Food Crisis I find it very interesting as I am living in an Ag state and shortly intend to become "Ag" myself (Ag = agriculture).

The author is accurate in regards to the damage done to those that grow our food this past year. Its not just our food, but as carnivores, a lot of what is grown is fed to things we eventually eat.

This past summer/fall I passed mile after mile of feed corn that couldnt be harvested. Ground too soft.... I watched it bake in the sun - turn brown and eventually some of it fell and some looked like a skeleton of its former self. It finally was "harvested" and I use that term loosely - I am not sure any of it was any good as it was many months past harvest time. I would be afraid of mold.... And dont get me started on hay.... Wet hay kills, rots, nasty stuff.... It also bursts into flames... Oh, the irony...

He is also accurate in the estimates given by the USDA and you yourself probably noticed that your food prices havent gone up - certainly not 30% reduction of food production worth.

With so much of our food production depended on by people not just in this country, but by other Countries (author quotes 40% of our soybean and corn is destined for outside our borders) there is at least a HUGE price increase coming.

Hungry people are unstable people. Hungry people are dangerous people. There is nothing a mother wont do to feed her child....

Hungry people also follow those that promise them a meal. "Chicken in every pot" elected a U.S. President.

Even our previous Progressive (Socialist) president FDR realized this fact:

"People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made."
And so I ask.....To what end?
The Government has raised the debt ceiling.
Government now owns 2 out of 3 American car companies.
Government has a tight hold of the financial sector.
Government is on the verge of controlling the Health Care Sector (1/6 of the U.S. Economy)
Government wants Cap and Trade.
And I ask - to what end?
With President BO's approval rating at an all time low (-21) according to Rasmussen, he cant think that his actions are winning him votes. A man of his ego would not be happy being a one term President. So, to what end? Why throw his Name, his Presidency behind policy that will not get him elected?

I see a twisted logic in seeing him get everything passed his Socialistic heart desires - but in doing so alienating the masses. But the masses are going to get hungry..... The masses are going to be without a job.... Does he then think that he can exchange their votes for food? Does he believe that his popularity will rise when he feeds the hungry? Would the hungry remember it was this President that starved them from the beginning?
I have absolutely no answers - It would be a fools errand to try and predict what this President has planned - a man of such ego, evil and ambition - nothing is out of the realm of possibility. I do know this....
You need to Pray. Pray that those around you see the prudence of storing in for a long winter - both physically and politically. Pray that good men rise to serve. Pray grace and generosity on those that are in a position to help the most people.
You need to Praise. Praise that despite in this winter we find ourselves, there isnt a Country in this World that is more blessed. Blessed by people of integrity. Blessed by people with an honest work ethic. Blessed by people who have given more to those without than any Government or peoples before.
And You need to Prepare. Prepare your pantry to meet your physical needs. Prepare your larder to provide for those around you and those you love. Prepare your heart to know truth, to recognize truth and to hold to truth.
"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. "
"Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise. "
The above quotes brought to you by Adolf Hitler - the master of using hunger to gain control and a lie to maintain it.... And look what it cost us.....
Pray we dont dare tread near that kind of evil again.....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Was it really a surprise? Really??


The story above states that the NO MINARETS VOTE which actually added this law to the Swiss Constitution was a surprise vote. Really???

When people were asked if they would vote Yes/No, people overwhelming said they would not support the law. Its like asking people if they fart! I bet overwhelmingly the vote would be NO....but in the privacy of our own voting booths, in our own home, we all know a totally different reality ;)

Political correctness isnt just an American pain - its worldwide - In fact, I contend it started in Socialist Europe and emigrated here....

I love this vote - it goes to prove that you just cant legislate what people think....what they know in their guts.

Now, before every screams FREEDOM OF RELIGION - there is nothing that prohibits Muslims from worshipping. These Minarets arent a "salvation" issue for them. Its like saying you cant put a steeple on a church and actually, there are town ordinances that prevent steeples in this Country, but what it is a statement against is the feeling that Islam is steamrolling Europe - the world.

The Swiss took a stand - read that again... The SWISS took a STAND - how ironic.... God bless 'em...

Pray - Praise - Prepare

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank you....Thank you very much....

Happy Thanksgiving you fabulous peeps!

Here is my Thankful list:

1 - My hubs - he rocks!

2 - My kids - they are a hoot and I just love being with them anytime!

3 - My parents - they are so cool....

4 - My Bro-SIL - what can I say, we are a tight bunch....

5 - This Country - IT RULES!!

6 - Yall - I know we have all thought at one time or another that we were the only ones - the only ones who felt something coming....that we got it, but no one else did....well - here in Bloggerville, we all know we arent alone - we are the modern day Pamphleteers. We know that we are a big, GROWING group....watch out Scumbags - we own your jobs and SOON we will demand them back!!

7 - GRACE - not much else matters....

I hope that each and everyone of you has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING - that you are with those that you love and those that love you and if you are unable to do so, that you will find a peace and a respite and GOOD FOOD :)

God bless yall - you have made this past year interesting, fun, thoughtful....

Pray - Praise - Prepare

Monday, November 23, 2009

I am all over the map on this post....

I prep. Yall know it. My friends know it. And people who know me know it. I have kept some things close to the vest, but in regards to food and the like, I have tried to get those around me to be a little more prepared.

I outlined my "why" in a previous post (and I am too lazy to hunt it down) but suffice it to say, that the more prepared everyone I know is, the safer it is for me and better for them.

As we get ready to move in the near future, I am turning my thoughts back to my prepping. I have twirling around in my head "care package" ideas. I know a 1/2 cup of beans and 1/2 cup of rice will keep someone alive for a day. But if things arent exactly DIRE, I would like to be able to offer charity with a little more flavor and sustenance than a baggie of the above mentioned beans/rice.

I want something to be able to drop off at a home, or send with someone that will get their family by for a few days - a week. I want a list so I dont have to think when the realization hits that someone needs help. I wont have it done today - my list - but its coming - twirling around in my head - like I said....

Anyone out there have a list? Have a suggestion of something for the list?

On a totally schizophrenic note.... These are the floors in my "keeping room" (we define keeping room as the room that will keep our life together - pantry, laundry, work room, bill paying, dog living, entry/exit where kids and hubs drop off coats, backpacks and everything so it doesnt get distributed all over my house room.

I have to describe them - they are 3/4" pine - tongue and groove - with a width of almost 7". They werent the best boards. Every now and then, there is a hole that goes to the sub floor. They are exactly what we wanted. If we were recreating a warehouse, then the floors need to be able to be beat up and not look perfect. We love the knots and the character of these floors. We also loved that they were $1.10 a square foot. YES THEY WERE. This wasnt some local cheap deal, we ordered off the Internet and so yall can get them too. They are also so thick they can be refinished over and over and over.....

Anyway, back to these beautiful babies - now how to finish.... I honestly just wanted to paint them a dark color - like black. My husband really didnt care. But then I was afraid that would be too dark with our cabinets so then I opted for a maybe a white. But then Hubs worried about dirt (its red here and it sucks - doesnt come out of anything....sorry for the language Mom, but it does). Then I thought about white with a brown rub over it, but UGH, that meant so many steps to getting these things done and honestly, I am tired and ready for this building thing to be over. At this point I seriously thought about just leaving them..... And then I came across this....

How cool are those? And since a gallon of stain is $30 and vinegar and steel wool is $4.00 total, it was a no brainer. So Hubs and I mixed us up a batch. And it worked. Sort of - painting it on left a rust film after the solution oxidized on top. Then it just didnt soak in that well when we wiped. But, when we damp mopped the wood to raise the grain and rubbed in the solution, this is what we got:

I did these (Hubs varnished them - oil based / semi-gloss) and they are beautiful and feel so good to the feet. Hubs has since done the main floor and its waiting on a second coat of varnish and then I will post pics. His floor is a little darker and just scrumptious. The ebonizing solution mixes with the tannins in the wood and darkens them up. Different woods do different things. Ours look like they have been scorched in places - JUST BEAUTIFUL.

I pass this on, not to get kudos on how pretty they are, but to tell you to do your research and you can find a CHEAP alternative to just about anything. Pergo floors would have been twice as much - go figure - and not near as beautiful!
Pray - Praise - Prepare

Friday, November 20, 2009

You wont catch me in the attic....

Its been driving me nuts....How our President can bow to other kings/emperors/rulers/presidents/whatevers.

How he can, in the face of OVERWHELMING DISAPPROVAL, do what he wants and act like he doesnt have a care in the world.

How he can slam a white cop as stupid and then leave his "good friend", an elderly black man, to be helped down the stairs by the same stupid white cop, while he just about skips down the same stairs...

How he can lie out of both sides of his mouth.... "I dont support it...." "I do support it....." "What I wont tolerate...." (That last one is my favorite - tolerate? Excuse me? Who made you lord and master over me that you get to lecture me like a child.....) Sorry, I digress.....

I mean, at first I thought it was just arrogance.... His superior attitude.....

Maybe a character flaw?

Maybe corruption - that he could buy whatever he wanted with SEIU and ACORN's "influence"...

Then I thought it was narcissism..... A mental / moral deficiency.....

But thats not it.... Now I am totally convinced that there is a portrait of Pres. BO in the attic that is marred, disfigured, totally disgusting with all his past evil deeds.... You know, like a Portrait of Dorian Gray.

Now....we just need someone really, Really, REALLY brave to sneak up there and check....

NOT IT.....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What happened to "When in Rome....?"

This Country has gotten touchy.... REAL Touchy.... And its annoying. You want Freedom of Speech? Well, then get ready to get your feelings hurt, because that is what happens.

We dont have Freedom of Speech anymore - Political Correctness has driven it underground. Which is a shame. It has made everyone put on a plastic face, with a plastic smile and nod in agreement with all the bland, blah blah borningness that is said.

The exchange of ideas - some you agree with and some you dont - enrich the conversation, stretch you as an individual and with the ability to just agree to disagree, actually bring us closer together. When expected to convey your idea and reason an answer, it can do more for your mental ability than Sudoku.

There used to be a saying "My rights end where someone else's nose begins." Y'all know it - quote it with me.... Anyway, it seems that my rights now end when someone else doesnt like what I say, what I do or even the color of my outfit. They dont like it when I put up my Christmas Tree - Wish them a Merry Christmas or even correct my child in public.

Well, guess what? This Country wasnt founded on Happy Kwanzaa day. I have no problem with you celebrating it - have at it - buy all the purple tissue paper you want - but you know what? When you walk by me in Target and we make eye contact, I AM going to wish you a Merry Christmas and I just dont care if you like it or not. And if you have any manners at all, you will smile and say "Thank you" just like if the roles were reversed and you wished me "Happy Kwanzaa". Because you know what? I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and ASSUME that you were saying it to be nice and not just to annoy me....and I am going to ASSUME that you will give me the benefit of the doubt when I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS that it was done with kindness and not a goal to annoy....

Dont get me wrong - I am going to make a call the second I get to my truck and call my Momma and tell her exactly what happened.... Because we are in the South and a "Happy Kwanzaa" is big enough to call Momma about..... But because I am in the South, I will smile and tell you "Thank you"..... Because that is how my Momma raised me.

I am so thankful my kids arent in public school. The thought of no red/green tissue paper, and celebrating "Winter Break" would be enough to make me barf on some poor unsuspecting teacher.

Get serious people. You arent fooling anyone. Everyone knows you arent just getting a break because its Winter. EVERYONE knows school is out because of CHRISTMAS. To pretend otherwise is just stupid. They look stupid doing it.

The great thing about this Country is you can celebrate anything you want (just make sure its legal). But please quit trying to change it into something that its not.

Tune out what you dont like to hear - say what you really feel and mean what you say.... And for goodness sake....

MERRY CHRISTMAS, y'all.......

**** This post was inspired by the first of the "Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Happy Holiday" stories I heard yesterday.... And when I say "You" in my post, I dont mean "You".... I hope that YOU know that ;) Sometimes I just channel Julia Sugarbaker and my posts get away from me :)

Love yall -

Pray - Praise - PREPARE

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Up close and personal with the H1N1....

Yup - but not me.... My middle child. Saturday, after playing outside all day on the land while his father and I slaved away, our middle child looked a little "off".... I didnt worry much about it since flushed cheeks and feeling "beatup" is a natural byproduct from being outside in Oklahoma wind all day.

In case you dont know, Oklahoma wind isnt a breeze. Its a hard gusting wind which can make trees grow crooked, chap cheeks, and plum wear you out. You dont realize you are fighting it, but at the end of the day, trust me, you are tuckered.

So, thats what I thought it was.... Until Saturday evening when the "chapped" cheeks were hot - HOT....Thus began our dance with the Pig.

Sunday - 103 and change....Monday - 102 and change....Tuesday 100....Wednesday....Blessed Wednesday, I thought we were home free - but alas - that afternoon, it crept back 99 and change.

Our kids' school has a rule that I pray parents abide by, I know I do - that a child can return to school after being fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT any Advil or Tylenol. So far today, we are fever free and drug free....

He has felt pretty ok - except for seeing his food again on Sunday....something that both of us have mutually agreed to never speak of....

The hardest part has been sending the youngest to school without their beloved playmate and not letting said playmate go outside when the youngest gets home.

Our oldest had something like this a few weeks ago, but no so feverish but if I am going to be honest - its been nice being home all week with the one in the middle - we never seem to have "our" time since #3 came along....

Pray - Praise - Prepare and have a bunch of Advil ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blog info....

In my time off and in posting in my head, I have come to the realization that I need a new blog format - she needs a new outfit ;)

I have been searching sites, looking at templates, looking at portfolios....man this is tough.

Its been made tougher because in checking out my own blog with a critical eye, I have decided its a little schizophrenic (or is that because I have been blogging in my head).... I cover a bunch of different topics and therefore want my new blog to have different "tabs" in order for those topics to be covered and stay together. I also want readers to be able to subscribe to the various tabs that interest them and exclude those that dont.

This isnt going to be happening tomorrow - I need to decide on a designer and a layout and wait in their queue to have my blog worked on....

All this to say - yall bloggers out there - is there a designer you like to work with - one that will not make me sell a kidney or a child to afford - and a heads up that around the first of the year you may have to update your RSS feeds or bookmark a new address.....

This concludes blogging bidness today..... Back to your prepping..... Back to your ranting..... Back to the packing, building, cleaning..... Or is this just me?


Monday, November 9, 2009

What now??

We all have heard about the shooting at Fort Hood - excuse me, the ATTACK at Ft. Hood. An Islamic EXTREMIST in our own military killed 13 and wounded 30 before being brought down by a CHICK named KIMBERLY with 4 shots after she herself had been wounded. I am not going to lie - I love the last part.... In a hero movie, its always a guy, but this time, IN REAL LIFE, it was a girl and I love that part.

But what do we do now? This war is different. Its not like going after Germany or Japan or anyone else. Its not against a "people", but a "religion". This puts it in the category of HOLY WAR whether you like it or not. "They" see it that way and we had better start to see it that way too.

Its been said a million times, but this enemy doesnt follow the Geneva Convention, wear uniforms (unless its ours apparently), fight fair. None of them.... I am not abdicating our fighting fair, but we need to start fighting smart and honestly, some need to be put down like dogs in the street. I dont care about their prayer mats, their prayer time, their special diet. Do you think they were considerate before they mutilate our military by cutting off their heads? I am also not abdicating we do the same to them, but can we agree to quit playing nice? I mean, seriously....do we have to coddle them?

Lastly, what do we do with Muslims in our own military? In WW2, those US CITIZENS of Japanese descent were not sent to fight Japanese - DUH you say.... It is against the Constitution to exclude Muslims and I dont think we should. The vast majority do not believe in the extremism as some - kind of like most Mormons do not believe in plural marriage or Jews believe in sacrificing a bull.... But should we send them to Afghanistan? Should we send them to Iraq?

When this man joined the military, he couldnt have envisioned where we would be fighting some day. Not in a million years - neither could we - Could you have guessed 9/11? Me either. Is it such a stretch to not send those of Muslim faith to fight against those with the same faith?

I dont have the answers - but its a conversation that needs to be had and had fast because like this terrorist (oh yes he is) at Ft. Hood and the luckily incompetent who couldnt get his bomb to go off in Dallas, the war has been brought home....

** So I just proof read what I wrote and I dont want it in any way to be seen as an excuse for the dirtbag at Ft. Hood. His attack was not a mental break, a freaking out - it was a planned attack from visiting websites, chatting up militants, giving his personal belongings away to his bringing his weapons onto base. TERRORIST ATTACK.... Speaking of dogs in the street.... The one thing I like about the military, is that they dont waste the time the civilian court does before it carries out a sentence....may their justice be swift.....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm back....a little :)

Yall are the best - BEST - B.E.S.T.

Your encouragement - checking on me - and downright telling me to get my butt back in gear have been great.

We are getting closer and closer with move in on the horizon, just still a little fuzzy... I have continued to blog in my head and yesterday did today's post.

Its nothing awe inspiring, honestly, I just dont have the emotional energy to get all righteously indignant over Pres. BO and his disgusting minions....well, looks like I could get a little worked up. Honestly, he gave give this socialism thing all he wants but we wont go the way of Venezuela or of Cuba because we werent raised like that.... You know it - These United States would tell the Fed to take a flying leap before we are there....He is moving too far and too fast to slip one by us. It will go down. One way or the other. The easy way or the hard way, but one way or the other, our Country will be ours - that I do KNOW.

Anyway - back to my blog post in my head....

As we were getting the tractor out of the mud (no we didnt do it, but we needed it, so we got it - who did it will remain nameless ;) ), I blogged this in my head.

It was a beautiful day - crisp, but not cold and by the afternoon, just GLORIOUS!! And it hadnt rained in a week. There hasnt been a week like that in MONTHS which is why we arent moved in yet....but I digress.....

I have learned a lot - A LOT I TELL YOU - driving back and forth, working, playing, watching on the land in the almost 5 years we have had this land. I know it. I know which trees are plums, which are red bud, which are oaks, the occasional poplar that just pops up (those are cool - one day they are just there!!) and those evil red cedars.

Here are a few of the gems....and they are in no particular order....

* Chicks, build a house with the man you love. I have heard horror stories (we all have) but I tell you - the respect I have for him has increased 10 fold. He can do anything and he has proven it... I knew he was smart and capable, but there is no old dog in him at all. He has thrown himself into everything and come out with job accomplished. Very impressed indeed.

* Change your drivers license as quick as possible - get a PO if you have too....Local police like locals and give them a pass (or two or three) but if you have a city address, you will pay and pay dearly :)

* Change your car... If you are moving in from the city and you drive a sedan - change it. Dont go buy a brand new bells and whistles truck - but one a few years old - drive it through the mud on the way home and dont wash it. Look like you want to belong - dont look like you are better than.

* You arent kidding anyone - they know you are green and they know where you are from. Ask questions - acknowledge they know what they are doing and how to do it - it doesnt mean you cant tweak it, but take what they know - they earned it and probably the hard way - save yourself some trouble. Also, if you look like you want to know, you are on your way to being "one of them" :)

* Be flexible - the learning curve is expensive - in dollars - in time - in energy - in sweat - and yes, in blood and tears.

* A couple lady bugs are cute - a swarm is nasty - goes the same for little frogs....do these look cute?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Survival Blog???

Can anyone else get it???

Even my Google cant update.... Wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

Thanks - pearls

Sunday, October 11, 2009

There just arent words....

There just arent words to tell you how sorry I am that I havent been blogging.... I have missed yall - missed the banter - missed the way you challenged and made me think. This is such a 2 way forum... Pamphleteers for the current age.

As I told Meadowlark, I have been blogging in my head, but time to type it out has been nonexistent. She says that counts and just FYI - I have been pretty good lately ;)

We are a few weeks away from moving in to our house and with all the other activities, time is so short, I feel I am stealing it from someplace and it is obviously the time I have previously had to blog.

Give me until November....

Also, dont think that I havent been thinking about the blog - I have some changes coming and some new interesting twists.

Thanks for understanding and thanks for checking on me - Michael - this post is for you :)

And even though I havent been posting, I have been reading....mostly on the fly on my phone - Thanks for all you out there who have kept at it in this AMAZING time in our Country's history....

And also - Nobel Peace Prizes are now available for sale in my eBay store ;) Had to get something in....

Pray - Praise - Prepare


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oklahoma is MORE than OK :)

So, I am checking out Survival Blog in the evening so I can see whats being published for the next day. I like that....I like seeing "Friday" when its Thursday night....anywho....it has a link of a Map of US Household incomes by State.

It is all pretty with red and blue....I do find it interesting that in an election, Red States are "Republican" states and Blue States are "Democrat" states and in this map, its the Red States that have lost household income, but the Blue States have gained....sorry, I digress....I hate the media....

Again, anywho....It seems that Oklahoma has had the highest gain. BOOYEAH!!!!

Thats it - thats all I wanted to say....

Happy Friday peeps - Pray - Praise and Prepare

And now I have my brain around it....

I have been thinking about this FOR MONTHS....and when I say months, I mean at least 90 days...not every day, but more days than not....

Its been driving me nuts - and here was my problem. I couldnt understand why people would want the Government to provide health care. Wait for a minute....

I mean this Government who does nothing well - I mean, these are the same people in charge of the DMV, Postal lines and routinely oversee projects that cost twice, or even three times more than it would cost private industry.

So why would people TRUST them to provide health care?

Here is where I am. Everyone wants people to get the medical treatment they need - EVERYONE. You have to be a rotten SOB to deny medical care - seriously. Thats why in this country you can walk into any hospital and get treatment. Yeah, we roll like that here in the USA.

MOST would agree that private industry can do most things better than Government. Private business is cheaper, faster and more efficient. Kind of along the lines of UPS vs. USPS - hands down, the private industry wins.

The PRIVATE CITIZENS of this country give more to charity than any other COUNTRY'S GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD..... Yeah, its pretty great - its how we roll over here.

If the Government totally got out of the way and out of our business, this Country's health care would be forever altered and ALTERED FOR THE BETTER.

People know this deep in their gut - but there is something else down there. Doubt. That tiny little speck that you would have to TRUST. Not trust the Government. No one trusts them, but we go back to them time and time again because its better to have the devil you know than the one you dont. Its the same reason a woman goes back to the man that beats the crap out of her - and yes, I am equating the US Government to an abusive spouse - THIS GOVERNMENT IS ABUSIVE but people go back time and time again for their handout.

Sorry - got off on a rant for a minute where was I? Oh yes - you are going to have to TRUST - you will have to trust the American Private Citizen. If you are in need, you would have to trust that services will be provided, medicines will be available, transportation, care, you name it....

But the more I pay attention to what is going on, the more I am willing to take that gamble. I think we can do it. I know that we could do it better than what we have now.... Because if the Government takes control, it will get MUCH MUCH worse!!

Pray - Praise - Prepare

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sneeze into your elbow....

I told yall I would see you on Friday, but I had no idea (and neither did you) it would be 2 weeks. I hope you didnt mind and I hope you prepped a little or thought about your lists a little each day. Life took over a little and I am just now finishing my post that began over 10 days ago....

Ahem....where was I? Oh yeah......Since my #1 is being home due to the Flu, this post deals with this particular situation.

I am prepared in staying home but I need to make sure that the Flu doesnt find me, follow the Hubs home or in some other way decide to take up residence with me. The truth is I may not entirely be able to bubble myself in, but I can give the Flu a run for its money and try to stop it at every opportunity.

To that end, I have a bunch of stuff to kill it ;)

- Antibacterial soap

- Hand sanitizer (gallons - seriously)

- Lysol

- Sanitizing wipes (Clorox type)

- Sanitizing wipes that do not use alcohol

- Rubbing alcohol

- Clorox bleach

I have N95 masks - and you have to have MANY because the more they are worn the less affective they become - Think about having a couple for each day if you have to be out and about or if someone comes down with the flu in your family.

Speaking of someone getting sick - you need to be prepared if someone brings it home or shows up at your door. Mentally designate a place where a person can be separated from others, comfortable, access to a bathroom (that they only use, if possible) and allowed to spend the week to recoup. In this end, there should be only 1 person who goes in and out taking care of the Sicky and trying to stay "clean" as much as possible.

Now - this is where I leave you to do some of your own research - I am not a doctor, but I could play a really cute one on TV....

There are 2 schools of thought regarding the potential probs with this Flu.

1 - It could be like the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed so many world wide - HEALTHY people who usually get over the flu. The prob with the 1918 was that it caused what is called a cytokine storm. Click the link to read about it - this chick explains it way better and it saves me some typing :)

2 - It could just be a really nasty strain that can bring down an ox....meaning, if you are old or really young you should be very afraid and if you are one of the healthy ones in the middle, it could make you sicker than a dog and even bring you down too.

I mention these because you need to decide for yourself if you are going to "soup-up" your immune system or keep it pretty much "status quo" and look to treat if you get sick. You also need to decide about the H1N1 flu shot. My fam will not be getting one.... In order for your body to accept the vaccine, it is made attached to a protein for your body to accept. The protein they stuck this strain to is the same protein they stuck the Anthrax vaccine to back in the 1st Gulf War that caused all of the problems - NosirreeBob - thankyouverymuch - I will do just fine without it. And for all the medical types, if you are slumming and reading this blog, I hope I didnt butcher that explanation too much and if I did, you can correct....maybe....if you are nice.....

You could look into Elderberry extract that will boost your immune as well as Vitamin D and E that look promising. But you need to decide for yourself if a souped up immune would make you more susceptible to the STORM and the risk that implies.

Anyway - back to my preps. I have all the meds needed to treat the symptoms of the flu:

fever reducers
cough expectorants (because you are going to want to get the gunk out)
nose squirters (and yes, that is their official name - at least in our house)
tummy soothers
Benadryl (because you might just need to knock out a sick person for a while - im just sayin)

You will also need some of these things:

extra Kleenex
a whole lot of extra Toilet paper
electrolyte solution - home made (google for a recipe)

When on the mend -

You will need items that go easy on a sick person's stomach.

Those Popsicles that are in the tubes and can be stored wherever and then thrown in the freezer when needed.....

Ok - you have so much to take care of killing it, fighting it, recouping from it. Think about how you will keep it from finding you in the first place.

Here are some ideas:

*Have hand sanitizer with you everywhere

*Wipe down all grocery cart handles and around the edges where us moms sometimes pull from

*Wipe down your steering wheel, all phones, door knobs, cell phones, TV remotes, light switches

*Keep the shoes by the door - have an inside pair and an "out in the world" pair

*Dont drink from a water fountain - EVER - and teach your kids the same thing

*Have hand sanitizer with all your dirty little peeps that call you Mom - and teach them to use it ALL THE TIME - if the teacher pulls you aside and says they are spending too much time doing this or you have to fill up their bottle frequently, its a good sign ;)

*Cough into your elbow

*Dont touch your face

One final note - You need to decide for yourself and your family, the GO POINT. At what time will you chuck it and bring everyone home and pretty much ride it out as best as possible. We already have cases in my youngest's grade. They are mild cases and I honestly wouldnt mind him catching it now as a little inoculation. If it gets ugly in the fall, its another story..... What is the notification procedure for your kids' schools? What about your church? Find out.....

This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will induce you to think about your own situation.

Pray - Praise - Prepare

Monday, August 31, 2009

Dont want to drown you......

I have thrown a bunch of info at you and dont want to overwhelm you.

Mull all this over - make your lists and we will chat again on Friday :)

Pray - Praise - Prepare

Now go brush your teeth.....

So - you have a TON of food and I am so proud of you!!! Some of it will need to have its shelf life extended, but if you are using the oldest food first and eating what you are storing, you are fine for a good long while. Meaning, I intend to show you how to store it for a long shelf life, but I am about to move and am not going to do it right now.... I will show you after I move as I do it myself ;)

Also, now that you have all this food, you need to USE it.... Reconstitute some milk and bake or cook with it. Keep a list of recipes that use things that come only from your pantry and not your fridge or freezer. Have your kids and spouse try one of these meals once a week. Sneak it in, I bet they dont even notice!

So - you have your food and now lets move on to toiletries. Storing months of food will not mean much if you have to run out in the middle of the crisis for toothpaste or deodorant. These things are easily stored and cheaply purchased. WHA??? You pay more than $.99 for these things? Pashaw....you are getting ripped off.

I havent paid more than this for either of these items in MONTHS. My items are also name brands and not purchased at a dollar store. I do this with coupons. I have a store nearby that doubles coupons up to a $1.00. They have a little store card which gives me an additional discount on certain items each week. I clip all coupons every Sunday and when my store circular shows up, match my coupons to the circular with the store's card discounts. Its like double dipping - triple if you count that the store doubles the coupon. It means I get stuff dirt cheap.

Another thing it means is that I cant be picky about what deodorant I use or the toothpaste....or the shampoo. Buts its ok - all the stuff is good and if I really dont like something, it goes into a give away box for our church's free pantry. Or I have the kids' use it - one of the perks of being a parent.

Honestly, it doesnt really matter if I brush my teeth with Crest or Colgate - my breath is minty and my teeth are sparkley!

On a side note - the coupons are also used for a lot of the fun items in my pantry. Coupons can give you a much deeper pantry pretty quick and on the cheap(er).

When you sit down and brainstorm your toiletry items, it also wouldnt hurt to just take a quick peek into your cabinets.






Chick products





Contact Solution





Shaving Cream

You can also take this time to list those other things that arent food or personal items, but are ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Toilet paper being my #1 item in this category ;)


Hand soap

Hand sanitizer

Paper towels

Paper plates (in crisis, make life easy for yourself)


Cleaning supplies (dishwasher fluid - washing soap - windex)

Ziploc bags

Paper bags

Wax paper


You get my drift.... On some of the above items, its hard to figure out how often you buy it or how much you need to meet your goals. An easy fix is to use a permanent marker to put the date on it that you first open and use the product. When you finish it off, just note the date and do the math and then you can easily know how many you need for a year.

Please realize that the above lists are not exhaustive but just a kick start for you to make your own list :) Ready......Set......Go!!

As ALWAYS - Pray - Praise - Prepare

Saturday, August 29, 2009


The beginning of any preparations is FOOD.

If it was just me, I am pretty sure I could get away with only storing Nutella and microwave popcorn (heavily buttered)....it would give me the something salty, something sweet that I look for in my food groups - but alas, as with so many things, I have a family that does not appreciate these delicacies - Fun Suckers.....

To survive you need these things:


But would you want to? I mean - just off the top of your head, how many things could you make? Better yet, how many things could you make that your kids would eat day in and day out? If you want brutal honesty, I could only eat this for a day or 2 before the nether region of my digestive track put on a full on revolt - seriously.....

But you can get everything you need by diversifying what each of the above items bring to the palate and the nutritional table, so to speak.


Protein - beans, peanut butter, canned meats, frozen meats, canned nuts
Whole Grains - wheat, rice, cereals, potatoes, bread - fixed a million different ways
Dairy - powdered milk, milk, cheeses,
Sweetener - honey, sugar, syrup
Salt - You need it.... period.
Water - You need it....period.
Vitamins - canned items, fresh/frozen veggies and fruit, dried fruit, jellies, juice

So, now we have expanded what you will eat to just about everything ;) But you dont buy everything and you shouldnt. You wouldnt eat everything. Does anyone reading this have that can of beets in your pantry that has been there forever? I did and I have yet to figure out how they got there..... They would be worthless in a crisis because I am not going to eat them and neither is anyone else in my family.

So - whats a girl to do? You store what your family eats. You store items that can fill in and substitute into what your family already eats. Your family would have no idea that you used powdered milk or shelf stable milk in their mac and cheese. Or that you baked using honey and dried eggs. Or you threw in whole wheat in their pancakes, muffins, cookies.

Back to the spreadsheet (it always comes back to a spreadsheet or a list) :)

Did you go check out this link?

Go take inventory of everything you have in your house and enter it into this spreadsheet. This program also has a place for you to enter how many and ages of your peeps. After you have everything in the program you get an accurate picture of where you are.

I want to stop right here and tell you that once you have all your items in this program, dont run to the program to deduct anything you use - that would be a total pain! When you use something, add it to your grocery list and replenish at a convenient time. Keep your grocery list just until you get home so if you bought more than what was needed to replenish, you can deduct what you had to buy from the entire purchase so you know what to add to the inventory. Did that make sense to yall?

Work on the 3 month stash :) If after you enter what you have in your pantry, you are at 3 months, then move on to 6 months!

So - after you have gotten everything into your pantry that will keep you alive (yawn....) - we get to move onto the fun stuff!

I was raised in Texas and down there we dont eat to survive - we survive so that we can eat! We use food to celebrate - to comfort - to nest - to meet/greet - to say Im Sorry - to say I Love You - to grieve - to welcome a new baby..... You.Name.It - we take food to it!

All that said - I have given thought to my pantry in regards to things that make my family feel good. FEEL GOOD. I have the fixin's for my husband's favorite cobbler.....to my daughter's brownies......to the boys' favorite cookies. I have jello - pudding - snack stuffs.

So....if you got your binders or just some random piece of paper - brainstorm some of your family's favorite recipes......do you have the ingredients in your pantry? They need to go on your list....

What are some of your family's favorite snacks? Desserts? Yummies? Get those items as well - trust me - foods that bring comfort and make you family feel good will be worth their weight in gold during a time of high stress.

*** One more thing - if you are like me, you want a list to just go do - check off and be done.....it doesnt work that way (actually, you can find those lists, but it doesnt work well). Each family is unique - has their own likes and dislikes. Spend the time in thought and paying attention to what you already cook to give your family the best food storage pantry to meet its needs. Make your own list.... Doing so will go the farthest in preserving family funds - not wasting food or money - and give you the most return which is happy people!

Pray - Praise - Prepare

Get yourself a binder, paper and a pen...GO....

Before you ever buy your first bag of rice or your first bag of beans, you need to decide what you are preparing for... And you may have more than one reason. Personally, I am preparing for Zombies. Not really - I stole that answer from TOR.... Its one of the best answers I have ever heard and the looks - if they were on the fence of whether or not they thought you were nuts, this answer kicks them right over....

I will give you my list in pretty much order of importance:

1 - Flu Self-Quarantine
2 - Winter Storm
3 - Tornado/Spring Storm
4 - Civil Unrest
5 - EMP

Granted, the last 2 may be long shots - but they are on my list anyway. #2 and #3 may switch places depending on if its October or April. Realize this list is fluid and may change depending on seasons, circumstances or personal situations. If all of a sudden you find yourself without a job, sick, injured, divorce, unforseen bill - you can rest in some comfort knowing that you have purchased food, its paid for, and you can eat and feed your kids. Its not all about some "out there" crisis - its for stuff that happens to everyone sometime or another.

Another great thing is that ALOT of the preps will work for all the above scenarios. There is not one thing up there that you will not have to eat during..... You will still need a way to cook - a way of light - drinking water.

Some of the clothing for the above differ as does if you need a way to keep warm or stay cool. Thats why depending on the time of year you pick wisely. I will not give time and resources to figuring out a way to stay cool when we are heading into fall just as I wouldnt stock up on gas, firewood and winter coats in April. Its common sense, but sometimes in a panic, these things just escape us, so I said it to get us on the same page.

Also - my #1 and #2 can be combined for this Winter although the #1 will also add some medical supplies.

So, lets start with my first one. I believe this is the most pressing. I may have to stay home before any ice hits our area......

Brainstorm with a sheet of paper - If you are to stay home for an extended period of time what will you need?

* Food
* Toiletries
* Paper products
* Cleaning products
* Fun items
* Winter clothes
* Medical / Flu supplies

The nice thing about this "crisis" is that power, utilities, conveniences will just about certainly not be disrupted. You will not have to figure out how to cook over a camp fire or keep your family warm. Your water will be clean and you will be able to flush and shower.

So - make your list - what would you like to be prepared for? Broadly list the categories you would like taken care of under your #1..... Or you can copy me - I am not one of those women who gets all in a snit if you happen to show up in the same dress.... I get in a snit if you look better in it than I do ;)

Pray - Praise - Prepare

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Prepping 101 (it is back to school time, after all)

I had a great convo recently with 3 PRECIOUS women. They have been in my life for about 8 months, but I swear, it so feels like much longer.

They are kindred spirits even though it seems to be in different ways. One is a prepper like me. It was such a gift to find her - when you think "prepper" I can honestly say, no one thinks of someone so beautiful - really, she is a hot prepper! She is also NORMAL which is also so nice because sometimes it feels like I am out of that circle.

One is a prepper to be. I know this because she is Southern - SOUTHERN - she out accents me, meaning her accent is pronounced and beautiful as she was raised in the deep South and her family lives on a big ole farm. And after our chat, her wheels were clicking - I could see them moving all over her beautiful face.

One is married to a good man with a survival bent - she is supportive and has a huge interest in what goes into her munchkins (which is how I really started in earnest)....so she too will be talking grain mills and water storage soon with vigor!

Anyway - there was some talk about the H1N1 being projected to hit this winter. It then went to "WHY DO YOU DO THIS?"

I am hearing this even more than before. People are wondering if there is something they can do to more insulate themselves against what seems to be going on in the Country, with the Economy, even with this Flu stuff....

People whisper it to me...."I like your blog"....."I read your blog"....."I so agree with you".....

People whisper to me wanting to know what to do....

So - it is with GREAT EXCITEMENT I announce that these next posts - I cant predict exactly how many - will be about PREPARING - squaring away food stuffs - medical supplies - toiletries - extras - just plain ole stuff you need :)

These will start tomorrow (I hope)....In the mean time - if you are starved for beginning information, here are a few websites to get yourself all fired up:

1 - This is my "why" and notice it was written almost a year ago....I still dont feel wrong or far off -

2 - This is THE BEST food storage spreadsheet that I have ever found - and trust me - its like my 2nd most Googled item ;) I love spreadsheets - I love lists - I love preparing - so this is PERFECT for me!

3 - HUGE LIST - dont need to add much more to the title, but BE WARNED - for a beginner, it could be overwhelming - It could make you feel like if you dont have all these things, you arent prepared. Its not true - and the truth? You dont need everything on their lists. It could make you feel like you need to run out and buy EVERYTHING....dont.....just wait.....we will go over everything :) Also - I used it for the list and ignored the Mormon History at the beginning....just saying'......

4 - This is a link to all my blog posts that have "Food Storage" in the label to describe it. Some are actual information - some are encouragement - some speak to the "why" - some tell my family to quit eating my stash and of course, I cover the all important Nutella in a full rounded food storage program.

For those of you farther down the path use this as a way to give yourself a checkup - I am. Its been a few months since I have been fired up in regards to my preparations. Its something that seems to ebb and flow which I think is fine. Sometimes you need to take a step back to recoup if you have been overspending your energies in this endeavor.

As always - PRAY (for our Country, families, future), PRAISE (for God is good - always) and PREPARE

Love you all!

Monday, August 24, 2009


as the boys call it - the pooper....although none of the tile is in what is technically called the pooper....oops, yes there is, sorry girlie.... If she read my blog, she would be mortified - what she does not know, wont kill her and you people who know her, keep your big fat mouths shut ;)

Here goes....I am going to start with the above said Girlie's bath: Cheap flooring - standard subway tile - GORGEOUS 12x12 mosaic tile that has 18 rows, so its smaller than an inch made up of glass and marble. It was cut into 3 sections of 6 and used as a border.

We grouted with gray grout which annoyed my husband and our tile man to no end. I would have usually let the Hubs have his way - he is so good and usually doesnt have an opinion - but I knew I was right - RIGHT I TELL YOU. You see, for all you non-Okies - the dirt here is orange. O.R.A.N.G.E.

And therefore, the white grout that the fellas wanted would be orange in a matter of days in the boys bath and in my bath too, if you want to be perfectly honest. It would have taken a bit longer for it to go orange in the girlies, but it would have happened. Maybe bleach would have gotten it out, but I didnt want to take the chance and it not happen and then be in an "I told you so" frame of mind, so I stood my ground. Yes I did! Because I am right, in case you missed that at the beginning.....

This is the boys' locker room style bath - same cheap flooring but with black centers - even cheaper 12x12 - 1" mosaic tile in glass cut to border, same subway tile. This shower is so beautiful in real life. It has a shower head on each end so the boys can both get clean at the same time. We will use hospital track in order to hang curtains for both boys. It is a cheap solution right now as I really do not want to pick out anything else and have it "installed".

After we move in, and I unpack, I plan on going room by room and tweaking things, but I just dont have it in me currently..... Brain over load and honestly, some of this stuff I couldnt care less about.... not true - I care, but just barely.....

This is our bathroom. I love the Carrera marble tile. I want it all over the floor, all over the walls, all over the countertops - but it is cost prohibitive at this time. So, I got just a little taste with the flooring that mirrors the kids' but NICE and the border. I used the same subway tiles.

And yes - that is a window in our shower that has turned out to be boob height. That is what happens when you realize you can make the ceiling on the main floor higher with a high ceiling in the loft and the walls have already been poured in CONCRETE.... I also have another low window in the bath. Oh well - its a quirk and honestly, it doesnt bother me a bit. I know how much it costs to cut concrete and its not as bad as you think.....

Here is my ode to subway tiles: They are timeless. They are beautiful. They are traditional. They are modern. They are darn near perfect.

One more post to go regarding the ceiling....stay tuned ;)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This post is dedicated to Jennifer :)

This is a house post - My friend Jennifer was so sweet today about the pics and stuff that this is dedicated to her.....
These 2 orange lights were originally just Ikea lights that were silver and clear....these will totally spice up our #1 child's room :) She loves them.....and so do we because in case you dont know, IKEA = cheap :)
This large red light isnt even put together. It will be 1 1/2" shy of being 4' when all said and done. This thing was an accidental find at Lowes this weekend. It was a $210 light clearanced down to $39.90 but when I checked out, it rang up $19.90. CAN YOU SAY DEAL???? I spray painted it a glossy red and this will hang in our breakfast room.
I got an identical light which will be spray painted glossy white and it will go in our dining room. The almost $200 light will be going back tomorrow which makes the Hubs so happy :)
These are my feet - I thought I was getting tan while working kind of in the sun....turns out it was the orange paint.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Snap out of it!!! *slap* *slap*

When Bernard Madoff gets caught with his ponzi scheme - he goes to prison - FOR.THE.REST.OF.HIS.LIFE.....and justifiably.....

When the Government runs their own ponzi scheme, people feel entitled to it....its an entitlement - Social Security - Medicare - Medicaid. Its a ponzi scheme - it cannot sustain itself. If you got in at the beginning, well....lucky you but like Madoff's last "investors" these younger workers will get screwed also.

The largest healthcare dollar is spent in the final days of life and not at the beginning or during child bearing or anything in between. Its at the end.... Therefore, GOVERNMENT PROVIDED healthcare is a PONZI scheme. There are more people getting older with fewer coming up behind to support this GAME. Its a racket.....a game....illegal if it were in any other part of society except for the government.

Did you scream for Madoff's blood? Do you think what he did was so awful? Are you supporting the Government provided healthcare? Why?

I want to go back a little bit....to the beginning of time....the world rocked along. Man figured out fire....they figured out bronze, iron, gold.....they figured out salt and how it would preserve food....they made alphabet, paper and books....they made the printing press and sailed to new worlds. How long did all this take? Thousands of years.... Then, in 1776, those in this new world (about 10%) threw off the oppressive rule of a king. So, we are a little less than 250 years out since the creation of this experiment called These United States. 233 years.

How have these 233 years gone? Well - we have electricity, radio, tv, Internet, we have cars, trains, and have been to the moon. We fly.

Why are the "discoveries" and "inventions" so long to 1776 and then so fast after? Because of the free market. Here we have the heritage of being to do whatever we want. There is no having to stay in your station. Meaning - if your dad was a farmer, you dont have to be a farmer. You can be President. You can be born in poverty and become a Rockerfeller, Vanderbilt or a Kennedy.

Now - lets look at our Government. Does it run smoothly? Is it efficient? Has it done anything better than the private sector? Not really. We have roads, mail and some other things but thats because private business has been kept out and not allowed to compete. Is there really someone out there who believes that their mail is better in the hands of the USPS than UPS or FedEx? If the USPS was really better, it wouldnt fear the competition from these other two. The USPS is billions dollar in debt....UPS and FedEx have to be able to turn a profit or fold - and they manage to do so....why cant the USPS?

So - lets move this argument to the current debate. Healthcare. No one is claiming that the system is perfect (no system is). The debate is how to make it better.

I have posted some of my ideas in regards to the private sector solutions - I am not going to rehash them here. What I do want people to examine is WHY they think the Government would do a better job....

The knee jerk reaction is that the Government should do it - when did this happen in our country? It wasnt founded that way - in fact, it was founded with the admonition - ANYONE BUT THE GOVERNMENT. How have we been seduced, coddled, manipulated to now think anti-founding fathers? Its disgusting....

Thats where the title of this post came from....we need to snap out of it. The Government is the enemy and we need to act like it -- channel Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin and lets get on with fixing this - within our states, within our communities and lets kick the Government to the curb....literally.....

Monday, August 10, 2009

I want a REAL discussion....

I want a real discussion in regards to the Health Care convo.

If you want a single payer system tell me these things:

1 - How it will work

2 - How it will be paid for

3 - Who is covered

4 - How I get to keep my private insurance

What I do not want to hear is about how other countries have it so good - they dont, thats why those that can afford it, come here. Dont tough Massachusetts great system - its not, they are broke and kicking people off it as we speak. Dont tell me that it works perfectly everywhere else - if so , go live there - we are talking about how it would work here, in THE USA.

Also, do not just harp about the evil Pharma companies, evil insurance companies or evil right wing people or what have you.... No name calling - I want to hear how it would work.

I also want to know why you have such faith in our Government to do THIS right when it doesnt do Medicare/Medicaid or the health care for the VA well AT ALL....why would this be different.

Dont tell me something needs to be done and this is the only choice - tell me how it will work. I have written 2 articles listing ideas on HOW TO SOLVE THIS and those that dissent just tell me that something needs to be done, but NOT HOW....

I wrote on this issue twice - put my ideas out there to be shot down....if this single payer system is so great, put the REAL HOW TO's out there to be discussed....


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ta Da....the Basement and deco stuff....

Here are pics of the kids' rooms and those doors that were an absolute nightmare to get in and now how beautiful they look when a fab construction company trimmed them out!

The blue room is the Girlie's. Both boys' rooms are the same color because Boy2 has to have what Boy1 has - of course.

The Green is the playroom/media room. And there is also a pic of our doors (not yet put in, but painted).

Boys bath tile - Subway all over - mosaic as decorative trim and the floor is black and white. Thought it looked classy for whatever age and its pretty timeless. It will go modern or traditional which ever we decide if we want to change at a later date. It was also cheap. So WIN/WIN.

Girlie's tile. She has white floor - subway everywhere and a TINY mosaic of marble and glass tile. Its some really pretty stuff and a little more than the boys' bath, but as she reminds us OVER and OVER and OVER, she isnt going to be here for much longer, so we decided to make it pretty for her and our future guests that will be in this room after she is gone ;)

The marble mosaic is our shower floor along with subway tile. The other tile was supposed to be our deco, but I hate it together. So....that sample will be going back and I will be buying the black/white marble checkered pattern to use as a decorative trim.

In regards to decorative trim - the 12" x 12" sheets will be cut down into 3 sections so 1' becomes 3'. There is a builders supply place in a questionable part of town that sells just about all of this which is where I got Girlie and Boy's deco tile. The rest came from Lowes and Home Depot.

This is our 7" wide, white pine flooring that The Hubs and I will install along with some friends. She wants new floor and wants her Hubs to learn how in order to put theirs in. I love her and think its a hoot she wants him to practice on ours so as to not mess up her floor. Not really, but its fun to tease her that way. We will be starting the boys in the pantry as well as our upstairs closet. When they master their technique, we will let them into the main areas. If my husband's previous work is any indication as to his proficiency, I have no doubt that after a weekend, we will have a beautiful floor. The man really does amaze me with how well he has done all the other work!

In regards to the floor - it was dirt cheap - much cheaper than laminate and was purchased online at Lumber Liquidators. It ended up being $1.13 a square foot. And its 7" wide. And its 3/4" thick. We will have this floor for years and if we decide to change colors, it is so thick, we can refinish away!

This post is dedicated to Matt who harps....er....gently reminds me that I need to update the House part of the blog :)

Funky SMELL and how it brought personal enlightenment....

My Hubs is putting in the insulation in our ceiling on the main floor. This means that he is about 20' in the air where the hottest air lives and since its insulation, he wears a hat, eye protection, respirator, long sleeves, long pants and his boots. And we live in Oklahoma. And it hovers around 100 outside in the breeze. So its like 300 degrees where he is working. And to so to say he perspires some is and understatement. LOOK: The shirt he is wearing is light gray (you might be able to see a small part not yet saturated). His pants are light tan (again, look for the light spot).

Last week he foamed/insulated around the edge of the ceiling and on one of his MANY breaks to drink an entire Gatorade, totally disgusted the boys by taking off his shirt and wringing it out. If you can gross out a 10 yo and a 6 yo, you know you are totally foul! So foul that my SIL (sister in law) ran home and brought him a new shirt and a towel which were also wringable by the end of the day. He came home and put his wet pile on my washer. I got to them on Monday, so they sat there for 2 days. When I picked them up - I was actually amazed at the outer dry, crusted shell that was HARD - and no, it wasnt from the foam he had sprayed. It was a protective salt shell.

And what was it protecting? It was protecting the WET, INNER layer that decided to marinate in its funkiness - thats not entirely correct - ferment in its funkiness is more accurate. So when I pick up the clothes, they literally go CRUNCH and then SQUISH. And with the SQUISH, the rudest assault on my nose took place. I have smelled some pretty disgusting stuff in my life - stuff that took everything not to kick in the gag reflex ( a dead mouse caught in the heater fan in the bathroom comes immediately to mind), but this.....this.....this was the olfactory equivalent to being violently kicked in the nards. There - now maybe you understand.

And I washed them....TWICE.....on HOT water..... And they lived.

So, you are probably wondering where my personal enlightenment came in....It was when I was sitting there this afternoon doing not much but watching and composing in my head. You see, I was sweating - yup! I hate to sweat. I dont work out because I dont want to sweat.

Sweating for a chick means that we have to take a shower and then there is the whole hair thing that is honestly, a huge pain in the butt. Too much shampooing drys hair out which makes it even harder to "fix" and with the sweating thrown in, it becomes a vicious cycle that I would just as well avoid.

So, back to me not working out and my loathing of anything that would make me sweat. But a realization came that I do it all the time now. I work, lift, sweat - stand in the open doorway and have a fabulous breeze cool me off (which is almost better than air conditioning).....God bless OKLAHOMA where the wind does come sweeping 'ore the plain....or in our case, the hill. Its not a loathing. Its an honor almost.

It must be because of the outcome. There is something tangible at the end of the day. There is insulation. There is tile. There is flooring. There will be chickens and a pig. There are muddy boys and vegetables. There are nieces and some dogs. The sweat is a trophy for work done and not a residue that must be washed off after a self-indulgent trip to the gym. (My hubs works out at the gym and it isnt an indictment, but he will be the first to tell you that he works out for himself - it makes him feel better).

I have become a night showerer and not a morning one. It was a subtle change and I didnt realize it until recently. How many more life long habits will be changed out of necessity and I wont even miss or realize..... May those days of change come SOON!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Color me surprised....

So, I got an email about the National Guard recruiting for "Internment/Resettlement Specialist" which sounds pretty ugly and ominous - especially when it comes up on World Net Daily or in an email.

So, I did what any responsible blogger would do - I googled "National Guard recruiting civilian resettlement" :)

And this is what I got:


It takes it a minute to load from the National Guard site because it launches into a video also describing your duties if you choose this career path.....

****EDIT**** I am entering an already previous post to edit because sometimes people dont read the comments and one of my FAVES, Meadowlark, made an excellent point:

I'd just like to send out one voice of reason...this is NOT a new career path. It's existed for many years, including during the Bush Administration.

Of course, we've been heading towards fascism/socialism LONG before either Obama or Bush got into office.

That was all... just some perspective

And she is right - this is nothing new and therefore may not need the weight that the posting seemed to give it.... You decide. And dont even get me started on the Bush Administration....

And another note - I posted this like just a bit ago and Ms. Meadowlark is FAST on the reading/blogging!

Oh the irony....

The screams of racism....people who oppose BO are racist....people who go to the Tea Parties or to these Town Hall meetings are all racists.... Yup, yeah, that is exactly right....whatever.......

We arent racists. We have had enough. We called our Congressmen when the first bailout went through and they ignored us....they ignored us the second time.....and they ignored us about the car bailout.....and they ignored us about Cap and Trade.....and they ignored us about this clunker crap.....well people are tired of being ignored and now these Congress scumbags get to go home on break and deal with the people that they have been ignoring and people are angry.

Whether Congress likes it or not, WE THE PEOPLE view Washington as OUR EMPLOYEES.... thats OUR WHITE HOUSE and those are OUR PLANES and those are OUR WORKERS and they are spending OUR MONEY and we are tired of being ignored. There wasnt this uproar when Hillary tried to do this so many years ago, but it got quashed - we werent overspent, over stressed, over scared of what our Country was becoming....

Yeah, people are angry and they are telling Congress about it. They are booing those in elected office, they are picketing, they are protesting, they are demonstrating....doing all those things the left loves to hold up as FREE SPEECH and ALL AMERICAN....but we arent blowing anyone up (Weather Underground) and we arent shouting HATE SPEECH (Mr. Preacher) and we arent breaking any laws (ACORN) and we arent beating anyone up (SEIU).

I find it SO IRONIC the week that Nanci Pelosi calls those that arent happy with this Healthcare crap NAZI'S a WHITE SEIU (union thug) BEAT UP A BLACK MAN for handing out / selling GADSDEN Flags (Dont Tread On Me).

If you want racism, look to those who have a vested interest in keeping blacks or minorities "in their place". Look to the Democrat party who patronizes minorities by making them think they cant pull themselves out, but must take a Government handout. Look to the SEIU who calls a FREEDOM LOVING BLACK CONSERVATIVE words that would have anyone on the "conservative" side strung up for.... Ask Michael Richards or Andy Dick how it goes over when a white person uses the "N" word.... Where is the media in this instance? It should be everywhere and the SEIU should be castrated - PERIOD. This contempt for anyone is abhorrent.

But before I get myself all worked up on the INEQUALITY, I will sit back and enjoy the irony....the SWEET irony of this good man who will hopefully make the talk circuit this upcoming week and give the SEIU, the union, BO and this Healthcare crap a well deserved BLACK eye (even that is ironic) :)

As always - PRAY, PRAISE, PREPARE because we are on borrowed time, not to mention borrowed money....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is how it started with the Zombies...

China is trying to CONTAIN deadliest form of Bubonic Plague...

It started with China in World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks. Its a fabulous Zombie book that really gave me the creeps. It gives a War of the Worlds feel to it in that if you just jumped in the story, it feels like it really happened. Each page is footnoted which lends towards the REALISTIC feel.

Its a good read and I recommend it entirely! Its not a practical preparedness/survivalist tome, but you get a sense of acting quickly and with determination (Israel in this book was a great example). That and you have to destroy the Zombie brain ;)

Monday, August 3, 2009

How to read between the lines....

The following article appeared on my Yahoo page this morning under the title: Obama Officials: Taxes may rise to pay health care. Here is the article in its entirety with my comments in bold....

WASHINGTON – Two of President Barack Obama's economic heavyweights said middle-class taxes might have to go up to pare budget deficits or to pay for the proposed overhaul of the nation's health care system. Well duh, you can only bleed the "rich" until there is nothing left and they cant pay for everything that the Bush/Obama Admins have spent even if you tax them at 100%.

The tough talk from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers on Sunday capped a week that brought rare good news for the economy: The worst recession in the United States since World War II could be on the verge of ending. Even so, officials appeared willing to extend unemployment benefits.

Geithner and Summers both sidestepped questions on Obama's intentions about taxes. Geithner said the White House was not ready to rule out a tax hike to reduce the federal deficit; Summers said Obama's proposed health care overhaul needs funding from somewhere.

"There is a lot that can happen over time," Summers said, adding that the administration believes "it is never a good idea to absolutely rule things out, no matter what." Meaning, this Administration will do whatever it wants, whenever it wants even if the possibility seems out of the question. Detain without cause. Send in the military against its own citizens. Ban weapons. Declare martial law.

During his presidential campaign, Obama repeatedly pledged "you will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime." But the simple reality remains that his ambitious overhaul of how Americans receive health care — promised without increasing the federal deficit — must be paid for.

"If we want an economy that's going to grow in the future, people have to understand we have to bring those deficits down. And it's going to be difficult, hard for us to do. And the path to that is through health care reform," Geithner said. "We're not at the point yet where we're going to make a judgment about what it's going to take." Means we know we are going to have to tax everyone but we arent at a point where we are going to admit that publicly.

On Friday, a report detailed the economy dipped only slightly in the second quarter of this year — falling at a 1 percent annual pace, better than expected. The government report permitted optimism that the economic downturn is approaching its end. Dont be fooled by the 1% "dip" - "dip" means it went down and back up....its not....and the low number is only because of all the Government spending and Government spending doesnt mean squat....it should be stated that the economy plateaued at 1% due to spending your tax dollars, but once we are done with that, expect to go lower - but you wont ever hear that....

The president cautioned against instant turnaround, though. We know its going to continue to go down, but dont want to tell you that either....

"Well as I've said, I think we maybe are beginning to see the end of the recession but it's still going to be some time before we are seeing companies hiring again, that's usually the last thing that happens," Obama said in an interview with Univision that aired on Sunday. "At least thats what I think because I dont know for sure because I have no experience in private business....I am a community organizer" is what the rest of the quote should read....

"So I think we are still going to have a tough remainder of the year — probably until next year — but, you know, at least what we are seeing — we've pulled back from the possibility of a depression. That's not the danger."

And many analysts think the economy is starting to grow again in the current quarter, setting up a long-awaited recovery.

"Most private forecasters — and let's use their judgment — suggest you're going to see unemployment start to come down maybe beginning in the second half of next year," Geithner said, adding those same economists predict positive growth during the second half of this year. You can always find someone to say what you want them to say and so we are going to use those forecasters. In fact, we are going to set up a new Czar and call it the Fortune Telling Czar and use them for all our financial outlook predictions.

At the same time, Geithner and other administration officials are contemplating how to ask Congress to extend — again — unemployment benefits for the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs in recent months. The proposal drew measured support from Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., as long as the benefits are drawn from the already approved economic stimulus package.

"We need to take care of those who are unemployed, but we also need to make sure they get jobs," he said.

Those jobs, though, are still elusive. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said the economy is slowly coming back and that he is "pretty sure we've already seen the bottom."

"Collapse, I think, is now off the table. We were teetering for a while," he said. I bet Alan is saying this as this current crisis can be linked directly to his tenure at the Fed. I bet the last thing he wants is an audit of the Fed and so if he goes out there and says everything is Hunky Dory, maybe he can get people feeling good again and feeling good people dont want an audit - but pissed people do.... Alan, get ready, an audit is coming....

Geithner and Greenspan appeared on ABC's "This Week." Summers appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" and CBS' "Face the Nation." DeMint was interviewed on "Fox News Sunday." We sent everyone out there we could, even Alan, on all the shows in order to try and get people out there to spend money (which we did with the Clunker nonsense) and feel all warm and fuzzy about an economy which we know is going to crash when China untangles themselves from our dollar....it all depends on how long that takes and not what we do over here.... We are just trying to pass all our massive, oppressive legislation before that happens because when it does, we know we are all going to be thrown out on our collective posteriors.....