Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And this my Friends, is Fascism....

Welcome to CHANGE


Brian said...

Although I wish I was making that kind of $, I never will...unless there is hyperinflation. This is really class warfare. The fat cats on Wall Street are just as much in debt as almost every American (except me). Not sure if there is an answer, other than just let those "to big to fail" FAIL!

Anonymous said...

In a "normal" situation I would agree with you about limiting executive compensation as being fascism.

However, if we are bailing out corporations which are losers and fraudsters on MY dime, then I say go for limiting their expenditures. Why should a bailed-out corp be buying private jets, giving out $200K bonuses when we the taxpayers have handed over $$$ that our children and grandchildren will be paying for in their working lifetimes?

Yes, this administration is ALL about class warfare, and if you don't believe it just look at all the pork that has been loaded into these bailouts.

My point is: If I have to pay for these business losers, then the I should have some say in those outrageous expenditures.

And while I am on the topic, I knew that HE would back off on the Buy American theme. HE had to because the EU threatened him with back lash. Where do you think we get our steel (Europe and Japan)? The steel America makes doesn't meet the requirements of our own manufacturing standards. And American manufacturers pay high tariffs to the EU to get our crap into Europe as our exports.

The whole thing doesn't really matter does it?

We pay farmers to not grow tobacco when we know it is a killer. We pay corn growers to grow corn for ethanol, and at the expense of food agriculture. And that has worked well. NOT. We pay the government to be watch dog over the agricultural industry, yet we have E.coli, Samonella (?)and contaminated dog/cat food from China.

The government has allowed chicken farmers to dose their chickens with antibotics, to the point those same antibiotics are no longer effective for use on humans. An American pharmaceutical company pays millions of dollars for the FDA to test a new medical product, yet time and time again, a product has to be taken off the market, and the pharma gets to pay out millions of compensation when something goes wrong.

When the government gets in any part of business, it is either to make a crutch by making a new law, or slapping a band aid on it by throwing more money at it.

Yes, Brian, the solution was/is to let those fat cats fail. Free market capitalism will always "right" the situation. Government intervention has never worked and never will.

If anyone is in favor of government intervention into healthcare, then look to how well the US government has done with Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and the dual systems of VA and TRICARE. If that doesn't open eyes, then look to how well Canada and Britain have done with socialized medicine.

Those who can do, those who can't are teaching college or working for the Federal government.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Anonymous said...

But I'm sure The One knows best. I mean, look how experienced he is!

Sneaux said...

Although I don't like to advocate the governmental controls being exercised, I'm not totally against this move. Hey - it's mine and your money, right? If I'm not getting a $100-million dollar bonus at the end of the year, why should these corporate banks use MY hard-earned money to give bonuses to themselves? This is one (and probably the only) instance of where I'm fine with the government say "Nuh-uh."