Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quote of the Day

I LOVE my Thomas Jefferson quotes, but this current quote made me laugh out loud...

"I figured out when I was a little kid that it was better to be a pessimist than an optimist. You see, when you’re an optimist, the best that happens is that things go as you planned, and half the time you’re bitterly disappointed. But when you’re a pessimist, the worst that ever happens is that things to exactly the way you were prepared for them to go, and half the time you’re pleasantly surprised." - Massad Ayoob , January 1, 2009

As found on THE Survival Blog


I have it from a really reliable source, that KJ doesnt read this blog because she says I scare her. I had to quiz my source and find out if it was because she thought I was nuts or because the "whole situation" scared her. It was the later, although it wouldnt have surprised me if it was the former....and Yes, KJ, KP gave you up....

Anyway - there is nothing to be afraid of. You dont have to go down to the gun store and load dont have to figure out how your family will eat 500# of dont have cook over an open flame.....This is all you have to do.....

When you go to the grocery store, or you send DJ, have him get an extra of whatever is on your list that wont spoil....Thats it......Easy......

This is for all of you out there who feel overwhelmed by the lists. I totally get that some of us LIVE FOR LISTS (that could have been one of my 25 below) and some of us dont. But you can start your food storage WITH NO LISTS. I know some preppers out there just fell off their stools with that comment....

But seriously, NO LIST. Just buy duplicates of what you buy now. There is no weird food to get your family used to and there are no lists. There will come THE AMAZING SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT AND RELEASE OF FEAR as you see your pantry grow.

You will realize the wisdom of preparing a little for "what if's". Your fear will begin to give over to a PEACE when you see your food items compound. YES, COMPOUND - better than a bank account in this coming economy. There may come a point where the dollar WILL NOT buy what you need. It is MAJORLY MORE LIKELY that your dollar WILL NOT BUY AS MUCH as it will right now. That means that FOOD IS BETTER THAN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT for a time being.

Im sorry - I think I could have crossed over and scared you a little bit.....I dont want that. I want you safe. I want you in your home with food to feed your family. I want you with that feeling of satisfaction that you were AHEAD of the curve, that you took action and the feeling of accomplishment that you took care of business.

The lists will come....When your fear is gone and its not paralyzing you, your lists will come.....dont worry about it right now - just go add a few more items to your grocery list and make sure THAT ITS WHAT YOUR FAMILY IS EATING RIGHT NOW....dont buy food that you wont eat and you wont have wasted anything....

Go.....I know you will probably be in a grocery store some time today.....


This came from my Facebook page but darn, if I didnt want to share this will yall too. Just getting to know me / yall better....

Here are 25 random things about me. I was tagged, so now you get to learn all kinds of valuable trivia about me.

The Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, copy/paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people in the right hand corner of the app then click publish.)

1. I have a secret wish to see my husband knock someone out in my honor.

2. I listen to the same Glenn Beck show just about all day long 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 - I have it programed in my computer where I can listen online anytime during the day across the country - When my last munchkin went to school, I could not deal with the quiet of the house and instead of turning on the TV, I turned on Glenn - he makes me more of a Patriot and more in tuned with my family. Go figure...

3. I am always amazed at where I find myself - Tarrant County Adult Probation (1st job) - Pre-school French teacher - Office Manager for a Law Firm - Online Retailer - Blogger....I just wonder what I will be when I grow up.

4. It just amazes me when someone thinks I am funny, smart or when someone reads me on a regular basis. Its humbling and it makes me thankful to my God.

5. My God rocks - I cant imagine ever getting tired in Heaven of just standing before him in AWE. In my head I see a huge group of us just standing there with our mouths wide open in AWE, not moving for eternity....We look a hoot!

6. I shop for food and "Prep" items the way other women shop for clothes and shoes.

7. I love to speak in front of groups but I have an irrational fear of heights. I will leave places when something washes over me and I have to take my kids with me - especially the little one, because one day I fear he will think he can fly.

8. When my son was 2 he could tell the Starbucks guy what his mom drinks - My husband still has to stop and think about it today.

9. I wear mostly black but I LOVE LOVE LOVE red accessories - red boots, red purses, red lipstick.

10. I LOVE MY HAIR - it has natural curl and will curl, but will go straight if I blow dry it and HOLDS hot roller curl like no body's business, all while being soft - Its perfect hair - it is sad that its left to my care and not to someone who has more talent than me.

11. I cant wait to learn how to butcher a real live chicken, cook and eat it!

12. There is a street sign that hangs over my bed that says "Pass With Care".

13. My Top 3 Loves - God - Family - Country - and would die for all 3.

14. I love my dog, Basil Zorgon - Black Mouth Cur - his breed will climb trees and I think he would die for me too ;) On a side note, dont ever let the kids help naming the dog when there are more boys in the family than girls....

15. I love books - I love words - Words move around each other in ways that move my heart and that I will always remember and will move them around my head for hours or days after hearing something. I LOVE Sarcasm (not the mean kind) and I LOVE Irony...

16. I LOVE TO COOK - it is the perfect combination of art and science - I get to be creative by changing things how I see fit and I get to use math.

17. I dont like people. I really dont. But God keeps sending people into my life or maybe He is sending me into their lives - either way, I fall in love with them - they are a gift - A GIFT - and I thank Him everytime they cross my heart.

18. My husband is brilliant and funny. He has a gift of making people feel at ease and just shooting the breeze. I dont have it - mostly because of #17 - His mind works the opposite of mind - but its not a case of opposite attracts, its a case of COMPLIMENTARY - Yin and Yang - "He completes Me" - You have my permission to go barf - I kind of feel the need myself ;)

19. If I could go back in time and BE anyone in history I would be Sallie Hemmings - She got to travel, cook for a living and her man was Thomas Jefferson.

20. I adore my kids - My husband was never sexier than when he held one of our babies - I adore how the kids adore each other.

21. I Love the "F" word. Its funny to me....

22. I have done "16 Things About Me" and "25 Things About Me" several times and I am running out of things about me...I am just not that interesting ;)

23. If I have to have a mental illness, I would pick Agoraphobia...Everything I need can be brought to me via the Internet or my husband on his way home from work ;)

24. I drive a MAN CAR - Black Excursion, 4x4, Cattle Guard, Winch - I would add subtle flames, but think that might be a bit much....I get funny looks when I get out ;)

25. One of the best gifts I have ever gotten was a stainless steel gun - My husband also bought me pink/pearl grips for her - She came with black grips - Its like she has a change of outfits :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bless their hearts....

My kids are back to school today and they are BUMMED! Absolutely, completely BUMMED. Thats because they are the only ones back - all the other schools around here are out - Public and Private, but their school is back in....

Me - I am OK with it ;) I had a blast with them here - I got a TON of stuff done and I know they had fun, but its time to get back to the business of getting ourselves ready.

Its OK to take a break. Its OK to not think about things for a bit. Its OK to eat a GREAT meal out of your storage pantry and sit and talk long over food and wine....ITS ALL OK!

Its NOT OK to stay there. Taking a break is OK to recoup body and spirit. Prepping can be draining and I am not just talking about our wallets. It can be emotionally draining - what we are preparing for can literally suck the life out of you if you dwell on it and letting it become your focus, can work awful things with your spiritual and physical energy.

So take a bit to recoup your personal resources - your fortitude - your Spiritual strength - your 1/2 full mentality.

But dont spend too much time because there is much to do and time is short. And above all things, having a plan just about propels you forward....

Pray - Praise - Prepare....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trust me....there IS a metal roof up there....

I have been needing to blog about the house for a bit...

A lot of stuff has happened. We got our roof on with its FAB new kind of insulation as well as the metal. The soffets (I think thats what they are and how to spell it) went up as well as the plumbing!!!

HVAC was supposed to go in, but because of the thermal mass of the concrete as well as the insulating properties, the HVAC system needed to be "planned" a little more... It also will need to be smaller than what a "usual" house this size - GOT TO LOVE SAVING MONEY ON THE FRONT END AND THE BACK END!

Here are some pics of the progress:

The shiney part is an insulation called P-2000 - the foil reflects the heat and the "insulating part" is made up of the stuff that Styrofoam peanuts are made of - its has a higher insulating factor than just about anything else for not much space. Its a new product and we are pleased to be using it.

Below is some of the HVAC stuff they unloaded while we were talking about the plan. After this day, they havent been back, but have been looking at the ICF's we used as well as talking with an engineer who is familiar with this type of building and giving them the information they need to design the plan. Typically, a stick built house uses 1 ton of HVAC per 500 square feet - because of the ICF, we purchase 1 ton per 1000 to 1200 square feet - 1/2 the to love the money in our pockets instead of the electric company....

In the basement you see more HVAC stuff and if you look real close, you see the plumbing :)

I cant want to get the windows and doors on. Its all I can do not to sweep the basement every time we are out there....

So here we are - waiting for things to thaw a bit so we can get back on track....

God's kind of POP QUIZ....

Snow and/or Ice days off are God's little pop quizzes.

We are having one right now and I think we are passing :) I did realize that there are some things that would be fun to have and have added them to my lists:

* Microwave Pop Corn - I have the other stuff, but sometimes a girl wants some instant gratification and that is especially true when she has been inside with 3 kids for a couple of days!

* Hot Chocolate - actually, not that packet kind, the kind that is made from 4 ingredients and that you scoop a bunch in your mug....its made from Powdered Sugar, Powdered Milk, Nestle Quick and Powdered Creamer. I have everything except the creamer.....

* I dont have near enough wine ;) Its not that I "NEED" it, but it would be nice to have at the end of the day....

So far, that is all I have added to my list - we have eaten and played with abandon and even gotten work around the house done. All in all, pretty pleased with how we faired in this Pop Quiz by the BIG GUY upstairs.

How are yall doing? Know there are a bunch of yall home as this thing moves across the country - not to mention the fact that the number of friends on Facebook has skyrocketed as everyone is home!

STAY WARM....Pray, Praise, Prepare

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yup - you read it right. Here where we live, we get some snow, but we get a boat load of ICE! Ice will make trees look like a bomb went off, down power lines and send cars taking out poles and each other.

It happens almost with a certain regularity that when they were projecting this Ice, the comments I heard were along the line of "I cant believe its taken so long to get here" or "We usually have already had this by December."

Then why arent more people prepared?

I went and got my kids by 11:00 on Monday when I realized it was going to get bad and didnt want to give it 4 more hours. I was ahead of the curve as they eventually closed school at noon. We had today off and I just got the email we will have tomorrow off too!

Having a blast - making fun stuff to eat with the kids - enjoying hot chocolate and plenty of milk that if this were to go on for weeks, we would be fine. On that note - did you know that Organic milk from the store is good for about 6 weeks? Just FYI - the milk I bought this weekend is good until mid March...

Sorry, I digress - you are NEVER too old to enjoy a snow day and I am just about giddy with it!

STAY WARM and as always, Pray, Praise and Prepare!


I put forth that the above word would SOLVE our problems....

In business, the best thing for consumers is COMPETITION - that is the biggest argument AGAINST Walmart in small towns. They drive out competition and when they are the only source, slowly raise their prices.

Wonder WHY the USA has the LOWEST School Rankings of ALL the Industrialized Countries? It isnt because the Government pays for the schools - Its because the money DOES NOT FOLLOW the child, like it does in every other Country. In other Countries, parents decide where a child goes to school - Government, Private, Catholic, Jewish, You Name It - and the GOVERNMENT money goes to that school. And just so you know why that wont happen here, its because of the control of the Teachers' Unions. How dare we expect a teacher to do her job well? {Thats sarcasm}

Perfectly, there are at least 3 competing business - 3.... A few years ago there was concern about the US only having 2 Wireless Carriers and the problems with competition that would create - meaning there wouldnt be compeitition and Customers would loose....

In Government, we have 3 Branches of Government - Our Founding Fathers understood competition.

But we are stuck with a 2 party system? Huh?

Elephants and Asses....WHAT? We couldnt do better than that, guys, picking mascots?

We need a third party - A STRONG THIRD PARTY. Where I vote, I didnt even have a choice to vote for a Libertairan, Independent, Constitutionalist....or even a canidate for the Communist Party. Just 2.....

There are options out there....But its going to be a fight to get one.....The reason I didnt have a choice besides the "Powers at Be" made up the rules - stuff like that a party has to have a certain percentage of the vote in order to get on a ballot....what? Ummmm.....wouldnt they have to be on the ballot to get to get the votes? See?

It cant and wont be done on a National Level. It will start where YOU live. It will start by electing someone local from an "Alternative" party. It will continue when you elect them to a higher office and fill their vacated office by someone else of the "AP". It will continue when you elect other people through the "AP" party....

Its not fast and its not over night. But its not as frustrating. Really.... This is where you live. You have more control. You can put up signs, talk to those you know, campaign, heck, YOU CAN RUN. It will keep you motivated - it will give you an oasis in this sea of Crap flowing from Washington.

There is a lot of that crap that can be stopped at a State Level. It would only take 1 state - JUST 1 - to start a wave of States who tell Washington, ENOUGH.

Take the example of Sarah Palin - She is not from an Alternative Party (AP), but she started small and has brought a change that inspired just about ALL in her state - 80% approval is hard to ignore.

Now - find a 3rd party YOU LIKE and AGREE WITH....dont just go to the Libertarians because they are the biggest and you think they have the best chance. Pick a Party you can passionatly get behind. I am partial to the Constitutionalists but I can see myself as a Libertarian too....It will take a little more research...

What can you do where you live to focus the local Government on Constitutional Conerns?

Monday, January 26, 2009

It happens in 3's...

The first country to go down:


Who ever had Iceland in the pool, please stand up...

The next country to go will be:


The Mexicans seem to be having their own Revolution - the people have had ENOUGH of the Drug Cartels, the Corruption and the Murders. There is a group killing a thug every day....On the front end, I say GOOD FOR THEM - however, if this continues, they will become what they seek to destroy. At some point they will have killed more than have been killed by the thugs.

So - as my Mom says "Things happen in 3's"....What will be the 3rd Country to go? Will they collapse? Will the people rise up and SCREAM ENOUGH? Will they upend the apple cart and begin again? Will they be FREE or will they embrace Fascism and Socialism under the promise of being "kept"?

A safe bet might be Great Britain....they are teetering....

But does it really matter which is next? We need to be cleaning up our own house! Have you called your Reps and your Senators? When Countries start to fail, the pressure to pass ANYTHING will be great. Like it was in October - they felt they needed to do SOMETHING - Hows that working? Was that first $350,000,000,000.00 of the $700,000,000,000.00 a good buy? Did it pull ANYTHING out of the fire? NOPE.

In fact, they have the 2nd part, the $350,000,000,000.00 and they are arguing on how to spend ANOTHER $850,000,000,000.00. We are quickly coming to the point where we have just about signed our own death warrant as a Country. And dont think for a second it was an accident. This crisis has afforded those in power to entrench themselves and chance our Country in ways that we would never agree to in a time of calm.

THE BEST THING WE COULD EVER DO FOR OUR COUNTRY IS TO DO NOTHING...SPEND NO MORE MONEY....ENACT NO MORE ENTITLEMENTS - and on a side note - NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO ANYTHING - you get what you work for, what those are willing to give in Charity - nothing more....You are ENTITLED TO Life, Liberty and CHASING Happiness for yourself - at no one else's cost....

Doing nothing would be the best thing for it would allow us to reset our economy - reset our priorities - reset our Government after people toss the crooks out and into jail. But IT WOULD BE PAINFUL... Dont be misled, WE WILL REBOOT - we will either do it sooner with a quicker recovery or we will do it LATER with TRILLIONS in DEBT with YEARS and YEARS of rebuilding and there is no guarantee we would have our Country when it was over....

Choose - fast and hard or long and harder....and then CALL YOUR SENATORS who are Voting on the CROOK today and call your REPS who will be voting on the "Bailout 2".

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quote of the Day

Nomad's comment under National Bank sent me on a 20 minute hunt for this quote:

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget ye were our countrymen. -- Samuel Adams

It seems that Sheepledom is not unique to us today. It would read today:

If you love your portfolio, your DVRs, your McMansions, more than freedom, the easiness of slavery better than the struggle for freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your input or your guns (but you dont have any). Beg Nanny Gov to feed you. May you not even realize you are a slave and may we forget you were ever our Countrymen.

Boston Tea Party....

I received this email and am posting it here however, I added the BOLD for emphasis:

So long as we have an inauguration drawing this sort of crowd and not a protest about our government blowing $700 billion of our dollars so that The Pigmen of Wall Street can continue to rob our nation blind, then saddle us with the bill when their bets go bad, we will see no solution. I cannot take credit for the idea floated on some forums, but I do like it.

It is time for We The People to send a strong message to Washington DC - NO MORE!

No more loading our children and grandchildren with debt. No more bailing out speculators and bankers who made bets they knew were unsafe at the time. No more bailing out people who came to Congress to demand the removal of leverage limits, got what they asked for, then blew themselves up with the very leverage they demanded to be able to use. NO MORE!

Therefore, on February 1st, which is more than enough time for Barack Obama to be seated in his chair in the West Wing, I am recommending an act of peaceful, lawful and yet unmistakable protest. That is, to mail President Obama one teabag. Nothing dangerous, nothing illegal - just one teabag. Send one to your Congressman and one to each Senator. Later, when the weather is a bit warmer and fountains are running water (rather than frozen!) this sort of protest can be repeated with LOOSE tea in select cities. But for now, let's start with the symbolism, to be repeated each and every time our government votes or intends to do something similarly stupid - which I presume will include Obama's "stimulus" package.

If we all mail our teabags on February 1st, it will send a strong message to Washington. Include a copy of Ticker’s related to the many bailouts (pick one!) or write your own letter condemning the fraud and abuse in our banking and financial system - with the teabag being your symbolic refusal to quietly pay for it. Pass it around the blogs and email lists - its a bag of tea folks, and the obvious parallel to the Boston Tea Party of old should be instantly obvious to everyone who receives it.

The government is merely a servant -- merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn't. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them. -Mark Twain

Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stupid Family Bringing Me Down....


If I didnt love my family, I could do much better against the zombies ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

I dont care if you are Pro-Choice or Pro-Babies...

There is no reason on THIS EARTH that we should fund "Family Planning Services" to other Countries. NO. REASON. AT. ALL. Store is Here

The fact that YOUR tax dollars are sent overseas for this crap should OUTRAGE you no matter which side you stand on Roe v. Wade.

This is something that should be left in the hands of private individuals to send their monies to charities or organizations as they see fit.

And I just *love* how they refer to this practice as a "Gag Rule" - spare me....its Dems sending monies FOR abortions and Repubs saying "No". Its juvenile how it goes back and forth and I am not pleased about any of it.

And yes - it IS a GAG rule - This crap makes me GAG....

Sucks to be GE....

Entire Story Here

GE's is down...WAAAAAY down! I love that! I hate that they got bailout money and now they are still going down.

I know, I know, it was technically the GE Credit side that got the money - but I am boycotting ALL THINGS GE. And thats hard... We are currently looking for appliances and GE does make a good appliance - and right now they are DIRT cheap. But I have my principles ;)

We are looking into Solar panels and so making sure that the panels werent made by GE is important...

But the one thing that is REALLY, REALLY hard is NBC is owned by GE. I hate that the evil MSNBC probably got a new lease on life with the trickle down effect of GE's bailout, so not watching them isnt a problem. But I LOVE Law & Order. I know just about EVERY episode by heart. I can tell you in the first 2 seconds who did it, what the story is about, and which characters are in it and if they have been in any other episodes (they reused ALOT of actors in the early years).

And I love the Office.....And dont even get me started on My Name is Earl.....

But a Girl has her principles, right?

Actually, if this girl had principles, she would contact the advertisers on NBC and tell them why she doesnt watch NBC and its stations and tell them she wont buy their products either....which really sucks, because I LOVE Chili's....

But a Girl has her principles, right? right?


Our Country is under attack - this NEW Bailout - the fact that a TAX CHEAT is going to be voted on by the Senate on Monday and a million other things.

WE THE PEOPLE have the power and if you dont exercise it, we get what we get and we cant complain....


1 - Call your U.S. Senators - you have 2 and tell them to vote NO on the Treasury Secretary Nomination on Monday

2 - Copy the link for this post

3 - Email it to EVERYONE you know and tell them to call their U.S. Senators and then post a reply in the Comments with Your "I.D." For example - People call me Pearls - I would have people post after they call for a "Vote for Pearls".


I am trying to do a couple things....

1. Get people calling their Senators - get people INVOLVED

2. Get people to read the blog or any PREPARED blog - The more people that can TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES - the safer you and I and our families are - the safer this Country will be....


The person who by NOON CENTRAL STANDARD TIME on Tuesday - January 27, 2009, has the LARGEST NUMBER OF VOTES will get.....

A $25 WalMart Gift Card

*dont roll your is to help you in your preps - beans - bullets - bandaids - whatever you need in your pantry :)

Legal Stuff ;) :

1. Anon's dont count...they will be ignored
2. A lot of this is on the HONOR system - I believe most to be honorable here....I expect the same of those that you send this to....

Gold and Silver

This post follows my Banking post. I think the 2 are linked as the following will happen if/when the Government grabs banks. So, here is my precious metal OPINION...

I have read so much about this that my head spins. FIRST - I am NOT a financial advisor, nor do I play one on TV. I do like Gold - in fact I wear it frequently ;)

Ron Paul thinks the dollar is going to tank....and not just lose a little value, but BE WORTHLESS. If you hold to that thinking, Gold would be a good choice to put dollars in order for them to AT LEAST not go to ZERO and possibly keep their entire value and even make some.

Gold is nice - as I said, I am a big fan....HOWEVER....I think SILVER is where its at.

Gold is expensive - EXPENSIVE. If you look at things of large value - stocks - real estate - things that are EXPENSIVE to begin with, rarely go up in large amounts.

If people fear their dollars arent going to be worth much - they will start buying metals - they may buy some gold, but my bet is that most buy silver because its cheaper. The old "you get more for your money" mantra. This kind of thinking will drive the price of Silver UP FASTER AND HIGHER in relation to GOLD. IT WONT EVER be worth what Gold is worth, but its percentage of going up will be higher - that means that when you sell, you make more.

Now - with the coming difficulties, I have a hard time thinking about MAKING money - mostly I want to CONSERVE what I have - make sure that my dollar buys the most it can - counter act INFLATION, but I am also not opposed to making a few extra bucks.

So when you have used your dollars to buy tangibles - the ole bean, bullets and band aids - add some silver and maybe come out ahead when this thing goes South and manages to turn around....eventually.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

National Bank....

The idea of a NATIONAL Bank is being batted around. People dont seem care - WHAT??? THE. GOVERNMENT. WILL. CONTROL. YOUR. LOCAL. BANK. That should scare you to death. What has the Government ever gotten its fingers in that 1. they ever got out of and 2. they ever made better? NOTHING...

So, now you taxpayers own an Insurance Company - Car Companies - Mortgage Companies and now the Government was the Banks. Next it will be the Energy Companies and we will be Venezuela (and that is not a good thing.)

When the Government first spent the $350,000,000,000.00 of the FIRST bailout (and its not working, by the way), the Government gave a bunch to banks. Some of the banks did not have a choice. There was a backroom meeting where the banks were TOLD by the Government that they HAD to take the funds. I made sure that my tiny local bank wasnt in it and I called Schwab to make sure they hadnt taken any. I had family/friends that banked with Bank of America and if that was me, I would have asked for CASH and closed my accounts IMMEDIATELY.

If the Government does make a Bank grab, I will be done with banking. It will be a huge pain, because I LOVE my check card - but I will be a cash only chick. I am a cash only chick, but I mean a REAL cash only as in only paper and coins. "Banks" like Charles Schwab that let you keep cash and also buy stocks with them arent a true "Bank" in the real sense, but if they could keep out of the Government's clutches, I would stick with them.

A Bank Grab will throw people back to a more elementary system. I see more and more people TRADING services and goods which will keep cash and the IRS out of people's business. Business will become more local again with buyers and sellers in a face to face transaction. I also dont see that as a bad thing. Doing business face to face makes both the buyer and the seller more responsible to each other. The seller cant screw the buyer or sell crap and the buyer will pay his debt. Its easy to ignore a debt to a faceless mammoth company - hard to do when you go to church with someone or see them on a regular basis. I see a rise in "store accounts" and not like credit card accounts today.

I see a rise in benevolence by stores/sellers - a rise in personal responsibility for buyers - a rise in the phrase TRUCK Garden. I actually had to Google the term when I first heard it. Most families of "yore" had a garden to feed the family - had pasture to feed the animals - and a garden to fill a truck to drive to the side of the road to sell, thus a Truck Garden.

A Bank Grab coupled with the CROOK that looks to be confirmed as Treasury Secretary and thus in charge of the IRS could be the catalyse to a resetting of our Government and our Country. I have long thought that it will be a TAX REVOLT that sends us back to the Constitution.

Imagine a resetting to the Constitution - Imagine a resetting to civility and responsibility - Imagine a resetting to business, service, LIFE being local and from some farm in China or Mexico....

I go back and forth between excitement for what is coming and dread....but whatever is coming - I WILL BE HERE and I WILL BE PREPARED!

I have a sister post about Gold and Silver that will post tomorrow....I think all this goes hand in hand so check back first thing in the morning - sorry, but I suck at teasers :)

Pray, Praise, Prepare

A Coke and a Smile....

It may just be me - but as things FEEL more stressful, I have made a conscious effort to be kind to those around me. Those that wait on me, those that check me out, those that need to turn into traffic...just those around me.

I know its just the "script" for drive thrus, but when one of them asks how I am, I tell them good and then ask them the same question. So often they are surprised at my interest in them and not just getting on with the order. Their voice changes and they are smiling when I pull around. It feels good to give someone a reason to smile, even if the jerk behind me will ruin in ;)

Hold the door for someone - even if that someone is a man, a few feet behind, so you have to wait - whatever.


Let someone in regarding traffic and smile. They are usually so relieved because they probably have been sitting a while.

The nicest effect has been on my own personal well being. I am not blue - I am not miffed - I am pleasant - go figure! Being stressed is an energy zapper for me and changing (or at least trying to) my approach is just an energy boost.

I know this is a little "feel good" post and not the usual, but if the smiling doesnt work out, you can shoot them....but I bet it ruins your day.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not a Bad First Day....

All in all - I think it was a good first day!

I appreciate the fact that all Senior Advisers that make over 100 grand had their salaries frozen - I have no idea if you just reclassify them as Jr. Advisers and jack their pay up or if the title was given a pay increase right before they took the job, but I like the sentiment.

I also like the "Transparency in Government" thing.... I love that you cant work on legislation if you lobbied for it within the past 2 years and as long as Obama is in office, if you leave your DC post, you cant lobby the Administration - Period.

Now - I would be willing to have his children if he would do something about Nanci Pelosi and Barney Frank....namely run them over with his new limo....

Benjamin Franklin was ADORABLE....

I am sure that as one of the Founding Fathers, he would have bristled with that description - but after reading his autobiography, maybe he wouldnt.

I picked up the Benjamin Franklin Autobiography the other day after hearing (on the Glenn Beck Show) about the list he read every morning and every evening in order to be a better man.

The book is 150 pages, was around $5 and its really an easy read even in his language of the day.

The book begins with his life as a teen and proceeds for many years. It does not cover his entire life (which would have been a GREAT read in his own words) but there was an autobiography by Mr. Franklin that was then completed by a man who is a Franklin scholar that may be next on the list. The scholar supposedly finished the life of Franklin as if Franklin himself finished his autobiography.

Just a quick shout out for yall to read a great book about one of the men whose views helped shape our Country. This is definitely one that will be added to our home library for our children to read!

EDIT: The name of the book is The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

A Story I Just Cant Shake....

The Hubs and I had dinner with friends a couple weekends ago and the birthday girl told a story from her youth....

Her grandparents had a large garden every summer and that is what they ate on the rest of the year - so much so that the only things that they bought at the grocery store was sugar and baking items.

After they had finished putting everything up one summer, the family came home and found that the house had been robbed. They took the most valuable thing - ALL THE CANNED FOOD.... My friend told of how her grandmother just cried and cried and that my friend went to bed that night and vividly remembers wondering how they would eat that upcoming Winter. She remembers being afraid.... My friend would also want me to tell you that either by accident or purpose, her dog had been poisoned in the break in and she is still pissed....

They had a neighbor who also owned the grocery store in town and took care of them all winter. The neighbor was a gift - my friend still loves her to this day although she has been gone many years.

Anyway - after winter was gone and the summer garden was underway, one day the family came home and found ALL THE JARS AND LIDS washed and on the front porch. My friend's grandmother was crying again....The grandmother then told my friend that it was all ok because someone needed the food more than they did.

I am not sure why I keep turning over this story in my head. It may be the desperation of some people....or it may be how a kindness to another can still be remembered years later or it may be dont poison someones dog because even years later, if they find out, they will kick your butt.

Whatever the reason - people go nuts over food. It might not be a bad idea not to have all your storage in 1 space. It might be wise to not put all your eggs in 1 basket. Keep your pantry private - dont tell how much you have or how many months you could last - especially when you hit that year point. Making your pantry difficult to get in - steel door - lock - might not be a bad idea....

Have food to share with those that WILL need, but dont bring them back to your pantry to stock them up.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

And Now to Kick the Other Side in the Groin....

Bush COMMUTED Ramos and Compean's Prison sentences today and they get out March 20th...

I was so excited - it renewed my faith in The Texan President....then I read this....

This is from CNN:

"Commuting their sentences does not diminish the seriousness of their crimes. Ramos and Compean are convicted felons who violated their oaths to uphold the law and have been severely punished," the official stated.

"This commutation gives them an opportunity to return to their families and communities, but both men will have to carry the burden of being convicted felons and the shame of violating their oaths for the rest of their lives."

The above is a direct quote from the Official Commutation....What a huge CROCK....

Their oath was to protect the United States of America - Her Citizens and Her Borders....I for one feel they did their job by shooting AN ILLEGAL ALIEN DRUG DEALER IN THE ARSE!

They shouldnt have been given Prison - they should have been given a MEDAL!

Mr. President, I find it a little pathetic that they received a Commutation and not an outright Pardon. These men were thrown to the wolves, namely your buds in Texas and to add insult to injury, they will be FELONS for the rest of their lives. Hey, by the way, how is Scooter Libby doing?

But I am sure all that pales in light of them going home to their families on March 20th.... 2 Months.... I guess....but its not me that gets to Forgive and/or Forget - its Ramos and Compean....

And on March 20th, reunited with their families, I am sure it wont be that hard...


Would Martin Luther King Jr. really be proud?

I like Martin Luther King Jr. (heretofore to be referred to as MLK) - I really do. I am not going to debate whether or not he deserved a holiday because the point is now moot. But I LIKE THIS GUY!

To judge a man by the CONTENT OF HIS CHARACTER instead of the COLOR OF HIS SKIN is something that just cant be argued with...and if this concept bothers you, there are deeper issues there than can be dealt with via a blog....I am not a real shrink, I just play one on T.V.....

Anyway, back to CHARACTER....

But I really have to wonder if this new President would make MLK proud....This past election was not an election regarding CHARACTER, it was all about COLOR....a Bi-racial Young Man vs. "The Old White Guy"....

It was about voting for many times did you hear "Historic Election" - why was it historic? BECAUSE OF COLOR....NOT CHARACTER....

CHARACTER would have dictated a vote for the Old White Guy - a Man who PROVED his Character being tortured for YEARS in a POW prison... A vote for a woman who PROVED her CHARACTER in a Doctor's office when told of her son's birth defects....A vote for a man who when asked his greatest failure told of a 1st marriage where he was totally responsible for its downfall....A woman who exposed her own party's corruption....

NOT with a vote on the NEWBY that came out of Chicago Politics with an UNPROVEN track record....Whose SENATE SEAT was being auctioned off to the highest bidder....And to those who say that he had no part in it, I smile and shake my head with a "Bless your naive heart...."

I wonder if anyone else sees the IRONY....

To the BO supports - congrats - really, you won and it feels great to win! Honestly, I didnt want the other choice either - I wanted a redo.... But when you are alone at night, by yourself, and your honest, part of the fascination - the fervor - was because he was of his COLOR.....You get to say you helped elect HISTORY, when you read about it in the History Books, you get to tell your kids that you helped to get this done....I just hope that you arent embarrassed at some point in the future. I hope it doesnt come back to bite you on the ..... (My mom reads this blog).....

Honestly, voting for COLOR and not CHARACTER is just a social commentary of America's fascination with FAME because by voting for HISTORY you get to be a part of sitting next to someone famous on the plane - how many times would you tell the story?

Tomorrow, this man is my President. Out of respect for the office, I will root for him and pray that his actions are true and right. I will also exercise my 1st Amendment rights IF I see actions that are contrary to our Constitution. I root for him because if he fails as President, he fails America and She would be hurt by his actions. In rooting for him, I root for America. He has my support until he weakens our Country - until he ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING, I root FOR him....(of course, I may only be rooting for him until tomorrow evening when he starts signing Executive Orders....) But a girl can HOPE ;)

But tomorrow is it - 4 years.....My prayer - LITERALLY MY PRAYER - is that this new President has CHARACTER that will be revealed under these difficult circumstances. That the raising by Grandparents in America's Heartland instilled those values that we hold dear and true in America.

MY PRAYER is that when HISTORY looks back, I would have been wrong and MLK would have reveled in the CHARACTER of the man of COLOR.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Own a Gun You Wussies....Part 2

People.....I dont care if you have kids in the house - You have knives right? You have things that would be poisonous right?.....YOU NEED TO OWN A GUN.

I dont even care what kind - I dont care if its a pellet gun, thats not true, I do care if you own a pellet gun...In fact, I would laugh at you....

If I asked people who DO NOT own a gun to rank their "Rights" - their Freedoms - the Amendments in order of importance, the 2nd Amendment would be way down the list.

They would list their Freedom of Speech - Their Freedom to Assemble - Their Freedom of Religion....on and on....Somewhere they might remember they have the right to "Bear Arms" if the even realize what that is....

What they DO NOT REALIZE is that when the Government takes away The 2nd Amendment, what will keep them from taking the 1st Amendment?

I honestly believe that the 2nd Amendment should have been our 1st! It is the 2nd Amendment that protects all of your other rights. The 2nd Amendment isnt just to protect your home from a robber - its to protect YOUR RIGHTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT.

Whats the saying:

An ARMED Individual is a CITIZEN - An UNARMED Individual is a SUBJECT

There is a reason Totalitarian Governments first unarm their citizens BEFORE they institute Fascism or Socialism....

Now - I honestly dont think we will ever need to rise up against our Government. But, I could be wrong....You just never know. However, it is IMPERATIVE that the Government KNOW that THE MAJORITY of its Citizens are armed. It keeps them "more honest." The Government would behave differently if the ATF determined that the vast majority of patriots had a home weapon. It just would.

Owning a gun just says that you KNOW your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and you are going to exercise them. If you do not EXERCISE them, you will not keep them - simple as that.

If you want to continue speaking freely, you need to own a GUN FIRST....period....

We established however some, although not all its [self-government] important principles . The constitutions of most of our States assert, that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves, in all cases to which they think themselves competent, (as in electing their functionaries executive and legislative, and deciding by a jury of themselves, in all judiciary cases in which any fact is involved,) or they may act by representatives, freely and equally chosen; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed;

Thomas Jefferson.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Christian Survivalist isnt an Oxymoron

....or a Cult for that matter....

I had dinner with friends last weekend and one asked me "So, if everything does go really bad, dont you just want to go to Heaven?"

I have gotten this type of question in many different forms, but is basically asking how I reconcile my Faith in God providing - in God's promise of Heaven - in God's protection with my Survivalism.

They are NOT mutually exclusive. If God did not want me to prepare for difficult times, He wouldnt have given me such a FAITHFUL example of Joseph storing away for Egypt. Joseph surely wanted to reside with God, I am sure he begged for it while in prison. God had no plans for Joseph to roll over and die to be with Him, just as he has no plans for me to roll over and die. To do so would be to spit on the precious gift of Life given from God.

Jesus wouldnt have told such a beautiful parable about the 10 brides waiting for the Bridegroom. 5 were PREPARED with extra oil. Now - just for a quick aside - why would brides be prepared with extra oil - surely on their WEDDING DAY, the Bridegroom would be on time! But they were ready just in case.... ** Back to our parable - 5 brides were NOT ready and were left out of the wedding when the Bridegroom arrived while they were gone to get more oil.... Its found in Matthew 25 - verse 2 actually calls 5 of the virgins WISE and the other 5 FOOLISH....

The Jewish Temple was built with STOREROOMS....

Storage is Biblical on so many levels....Store grains....Store God's words in your heart....Wise men store Knowledge...Store up treasures in Heaven....STORE....

There are such precious words for life right here on this Earth in Ecclesiastes and Proverbs. Words to live this physical life by:

Proverbs 21:20 (New International Version)
20 In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has.

Proverbs 30:25 (New International Version)
25: Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer;

I most certainly out rank a little ant and if God designed an ant to do this, He must certainly expect no less from me.

The scripture that causes some to stumble is in Matthew 6:

19"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

This isnt a prohibition against saving, treasure, storehouses - its an ADMONITION - a WARNING against making what you have here on Earth, your IDOL - this life here being your focus, the end-all-be-all.....

Part of our storage is for charity. Its for restocking our Church's pantry when asked to bring groceries - its being able to put a bag together for some family having a hard time - it may be for someone showing up on my door....

Part of our storage is to ensure we can keep the meaning of true religion:

James 1:27 (New International Version)
27Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

My husband supports my food storage and he does his own preparedness because of his added responsibility of taking care of his family. I do not envy his pressure or his obligation to us - He is a blessing and a gift.

I do not post a lot about my Faith - the Mormons seem to have that covered and I dont want any confusion by being lumped in....

I also know that "Christian Survivalist" brings up so many bad connotations - I remember exactly where I was in Texas when I heard Waco went up in Flames. Dont even start on the Warren Jeff's saga where they are prepped to the hilt while marrying young girls....

Everyone preps for their own reason, out of their own motivation - this post is so Christians dont need to wrestle with guilt or lack of faith if they prep. Stand up tall, full of faith in the shadow of the great example of Joseph who happened to save an empire with his food storage! May WE THE PEOPLE who prep save this great nation we currently find ourselves in....From this Blog to God's Ear...

Pray - Praise - Prepare

4,000,000 People....

4,000,000 people are estimated to be in Washington D.C. next Tuesday. Granted, it is a historic event - one that I have discussed with my children - but no way on God's green Earth, would I take myself, let alone them, to see it in person.

There is 1 Port-A-Potty per 300 people. Can you imagine trying to find some place to eat in the city?

Even if you have the National Guard, 4 Million People can get out of control and stay that way for a while. There is no way the Secret Service and the D.C. Police can entirely control a crowd that big - Ask L.A. how hard it is to control a riot!

The least of their problems will be price gouging...

This is a perfect opportunity for any kind of attack - it doesnt even have to be a big one. One tiny little explosion could send a panic that could literally destroy this city. I pray they have been extremely vigilant - I pray that its the GWB Administration who has been over the security and not BO's team.... You can say whatever you want about our CURRENT President, but he gets the credit for this country being ATTACK FREE since 9/11.

I havent decided if I will watch any of the "festivities." Its disgusting to me that so much money is being wasted at a time like this. If BO wanted to make a statement to the Country - a dignified ceremony would be in order. What part of Beyonce shaking stuff says "I am Ready to Run this Country?" or "I understand that we are in a difficult financial situation."

Personally, I have a fine line to walk in front of my children. I want them to appreciate the fact that we have our first bi-racial President not long after Ms. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. I so believe in character above all else....But I do not want to give the impression that I agree with how this man believes to run this Country. And to give that impression without the little ones confusing the disgust over the "festivities" with disgust for our Country is a fine line. And I certainly dont want to ignore the whole thing and leave them to their own impressions without some guidance.

SIGH......guess that means that I will be watching some of this least I know it wont be long as I only have to watch while they are home and awake :) Mental Note: Rent a Movie since this will probably be on EVERY station....

Sorry - back to topic - For those of you in a big city - not necessarily a suburb - THINK LONG AND HARD about staying. Moving to said suburbs, while close to work, could afford you a little more flexibility in regards to your prepping. More storage area - a yard (no matter the size) for a garden. Not to mention you would be more out of the way should chaos disrupt food deliveries to the city, loss of power/water....I have a hard time picturing bands of rioters hoofing it the long distances between the box stores as seen in most suburbs. Its just too far to walk and carry their loot.

The biggest problem will be from your own Suburbanite neighbors - but dont worry - they are less likely to have a weapon if they have children in the house - so find yourself a nice family neighborhood. {Please note - this past statement, was somewhat tongue in cheek}

So....stay out of DC - get out of the City - rent a movie Tuesday....

And as ALWAYS - Pray, Praise and Prepare

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Little Black Book....

This is my life - my prepping life...

I actually have 2 books, but this blog is about my favorite ;) - This beautiful, black little book has my perishables - the food lists - the medical lists - the sundry list. It is black leather with an elastic band to keep it closed. Its a little thing so I just dont mind it hitching a ride in my purse at all times. It will also stand up to the constant bashing around in the purse....

Before I go to my "system" - just a little back story - I have a place in my kitchen where I keep food to cook - I also have storage in my laundry room. I keep most of my groceries in the laundry room and refill my "pantry" from the Laundry room and when I bring in groceries from the store, I put them in my Laundry room - First In - First Out in our house! - Now, back to our regularly scheduled post....

I have finally devised my system - I do have a spreadsheet. I have blogged about it before - I love it - its easy to keep totals in, it just is a TOTAL PAIN every time I cook something to log in and reduce the number - so its numbers are a little off. Its also a pain to do inventory every week to keep "up to date."

What I have finally figured out what works for me is a permanent list (spreadsheet) and my little black book. When something goes into the laundry room from the store, it gets added to the permanent numbers. When something is taken from the laundry room to the kitchen to be used or just "restock the kitchen pantry", it gets written down on my grocery list to be purchased next time at the store. So basically, my storage list is what is stored in the Laundry room. That means that we actually have more food available to us because of the items that are also kept in the kitchen.
The information I keep in my little black book is how much of the perishables I have - It is sectioned into 3 categories - Food - Sundries (Toiletries) - Meds/First Aid. On each line it lists an item - how many needed - its ranking as to priority (how important is to have - what to buy quickly) - and how many I have in stock.

The above is a page from the middle of my book - obviously of personal items. Some of the items I do not have any of and therefore the far right of the page is empty. If I have items, I use little slash marks so I dont have to keep erasing when I add to my stash. The list of items I got from this website and from my own family's needs/likes. I also adjusted how many of some items we would need and deleted some others entirely.

I am not entirely, perfectly, completely prepared. At least not where I want to be (who is?) What I have is my book of where I am and it serves as my plan to where I am going. It also helps to have it always with me so that when I come across a great deal I know exactly what I need so time, funds or a great buying opportunity are not wasted. Its just the worst to think you have enough, pass a great sale only to discover you could have used the item.

This post is a shout out to Kelli - you are doing great - KEEP IT UP!
As always - Pray, Praise and Prepare!

Snide Comment Alert....

Good Serious Look Mrs. Clinton.....Now that Hills is being confirmed for Secretary of State, she will never again have to smile....THANK GOODNESS - that smile just creeped me out.... And lets Pray, PRAY, that she never has a reason to cry....

**This concludes my snide comments of the day....maybe.....

BE READY....No, not what you think....

There are many out there who dream of land....Dream of the life it can offer, the freedom to grow what you eat, keep money in your pocket and not be sent to China or Mexico for veggies that you grow yourself. To know that the eggs you eat were an even trade with the Chickens who enjoy your bugs and seeds in your yard - without being filled with hormones or you, I say - BE READY....

Home prices are taking land prices with ready....have a down payment ready when you find your plot. Sheriff Sales, Tax Sales, Bank Sales, Foreclosure Sales.... Make plans to rent your present home to cover the mortgage (if there is one) or to pay the land costs... More and more people will be renters instead of owners - this is an opportunity for you owners!

"But where do we live?" There are other things being repossessed....Mobile Homes - Travel Trailers....

There is also another option....We used a Styrofoam building blog in the construction of our house. They lock together like Legos - put some rebar in and fill with concrete. Thats it. Cut out a few spaces for windows and doors (line with boards so the concrete doesnt ooze out), put ready made trusses on the top and finish as you like.

** I did not list the name of the product we used....there are different manufactures as well as a GREAT forum that discusses the different products. There are also differences in locales where items may be more readily available and therefore cheaper....Do Your Research :) FORUM (Just a note, the Forum is a "Green" forum - we did not build because its "Green" - we built this way because it was WAAAY Cheaper up front as well as on the back end - Global Warming be damned...)

This gives you CONCRETE walls (for those of you that think about defending against zombies, this is a real boon!).... Concrete is a fabulous building product - its fire proof - its bug proof - its bullet proof (within reason) - it has an AWESOME Thermal Mass which means that it holds its temperature for a looooong time - it takes it a while to heat up and a while to cool down. Concrete walls means that your electricity bill is tiny - your heating bill is tiny - your initial outlay for the HVAC system is 1/2 what it would be in a "Conventional" Build because you need your unit to kick on and off regularly which wouldnt happen in a "to size" unit because your house doesnt heat up or cool down quickly like a stick built house.

The Styrofoam forms have runners in them so there is no framing against them - you just nail your drywall directly to the form.

Depending on where you live (Tornado Alley or Hurricane prone) concrete can lower insurance costs as well.

There are other options for the "Do It Yourselfer".....Straw Bale Houses.... These are houses that are laid out in straw bales and then covered in plaster. I am not well versed in this process, but depending on where you live, this is a great option (think dryer climate).

All this to say - THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX....dont tell yourself you need so many acres, a certain type of house or whatever in order to sustain yourself.

Also - take your time - Most mistakes happen when in a rush - whether its monetarily or structurally or just aesthetically. You wouldnt believe what you can find by taking your time to source.... Our metal roof that we are putting on got a bid of $20,000 from our local guy, but drive out of town and its $.60 a square foot which makes it $2400 after all screws, batting and stuff plus delivery.... A few phone calls can save you a TON...

Do it yourself - taking the time to read, watch, learn and then telling yourself that you CAN do it goes so far in making it happen. You will learn valuable skills that will save you money in the future - knowing HOW your house is put together gives you a head start in fixing it when the time comes (and it will come....)

Look around and see how resourceful you have already been in your prepping. This is the EXACT same thing....YOU CAN DO THIS....

Pray, Praise, Prepare

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sink or Swim

OR Lessons That Should Have Been Learned From Katrina....

Everyone saw it coming.... Some stay - Some Leave.

Those that left had it rough, paid out of pocket, some lost everything and some started back from scratch.

Those that stayed had a nightmare - NO ONE IS DISPUTING THAT. But there were 2 kinds of stayers. There were the stayers who stayed in their home - toughed it out without electricity, running water, protected their home. There were the stayers who waited for the government to rescue them....

When people were finally rescued from the New Orleans and sent to Houston and elsewhere - how well did the Government do? IT SUCKED! There isnt anyone around that will point to how Katrina went as a shining star for the Government. How did Charity, Churches and Private Citizens do? THEY WERE AMAZING. Churches and Charities had people on the ground with supplies almost faster than the Government. Private Citizens took strangers into their homes without thinking and kept them for extended periods of time. This was a SHINING STAR moment for these entities. Private Charities SPRANG up almost overnight to begin building homes (Katrina Cottages) and established Charities such as Habitat for Humanity went into overdrive.

There are still people living in those trailers provided by FEMA - YEARS LATER....What are they waiting for? Are they waiting for the Government to become a Home Makeover Show and give everyone a new McMansion? GET A GRIP PEOPLE... I have no sympathy for people still in these trailers. There needs to be some personal responsibility for where they find themselves.

Katrina should serve as a lesson for the rest of America as well as where we are heading.

There is no shame is being knocked down in life. Crap happens and it happens to us all. Shame should come when you CHOOSE to stay knocked down. AND YES I SAID CHOOSE....I do not believe that people cannot improve their situations. It may not be easy, it may not be pretty and it may not be fast - but people CAN IMPROVE THEIR LIVES. As opposed to Illegal Immigration as I am, I am not sure I would risk my life and my children's' lives to cross desert, to cross river, to live the way they do for a CHANCE to improve. And you tell me that someone speaking the language, someone who knows the system, cant get themselves out of a FEMA trailer in a couple of years? NO WAY....They are still in that trailer by CHOICE.

The American People are not heartless - we are not cold and we do not want our neighbors to fail. We are generous to a fault - that fault being that wanting to take care of our fellow man gave us the system of crap we have now.

But nothing is taken better care of than that which we WORK FOR - things that are not EARNED are easily tossed aside.

Such contempt for our Government is seen by those that were "rescued", given debit cards, given trailers, given just wasnt enough.

We will not rise as a country until we cut the CHAINS of slavery put on us by a Government in the name of Social Security, Medicare, Income Tax, Death Tax. When personal responsibility is cherished right along with love for our fellow man, our Nation will again lead this world by example as well as in philanthropy.

PREPARE people - PREPARE to take care of your needs and the needs of those you love - PREPARE to give when giving requires faith of future needs being met.

Because what we have now is FASCISM (click the link for the REAL definition). Realize that this is the Government we have now - Germany didnt wake up over night and have was a slow slide....It was one little change after another in the name of SAFETY - in the name of SECURITY - in the name of FAIRNESS - in the name of EQUALITY. Great words, but dont forget the AMERICAN PROMISE...

Life - YOU GET TO LIVE....

Liberty - YOU GET TO BE FREE....

PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - YOU GET TO TRY TO LIVE YOUR DREAM...Whether you reach it or not is up to you - NOT up to the Government to GIVE it to you.

Nothing is guaranteed but I would put my fate in my hands as well as my neighbors' hands any day of the week over my Government.

Fascism cannot stand long. Its suppression eventually breaks those over which it rules and it isnt pretty and it isnt easy - BUT, EASY is what got us here.....Personal Responsibility will get us back to where we should have stayed.

Pray, Praise, Prepare - and today......PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Week....

We have one week - ONE WEEK....until the President-Elect becomes the President.

News is already circulating that he is drafting an Executive Order to close Guantanamo Bay and he plans to sign it his first day in office....

There are also RUMORS floating as to what else he will expand, outlaw, tax by Executive Order that same day or very soon after he is in office. What other aspects of our lives will he interject the Government as payback to the FAR LEFT for his So Fast It Couldnt Be Legal rise to the Presidency?

Ammunition - Spending the remaining Bailout funds - "Tax Credits" (this is in quotations because these "Credits" are given to people that do not pay taxes and therefore they are just taking from those that do to continue to "Buy Votes" from those that do not) - Stimulus Package (the current one that is being floated by BO is ONE TRILLION DOLLARS - $1,000,000,000,000.00)

Its obvious that what ever he decides (unless he decides to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - a girl can dream) our 2nd Amendment, our 1st Amendment, our Country's very Existence is under attack.

And yes - I said our Country's very existence....What is coming is not zombies....its not an invasion....its not all out Nuclear War (although if they could, I could see something being detonated in NYC or DC)....What will cause our Country to cease to exist is its debts. These are REAL Debts and REAL Creditors. Creditors that will eventually want their money back or be given ASSETS.

What assets does the USA have? We have land....our money is BACKED WITH THE FULL FAITH AND PROMISE OF THE UNITED STATES CITIZEN - do you have land? I cant imagine this happening without all out riots - but the Government has the power to seize private property for public use - heck, we now know that the Government has the power to seize private property to give to another private entity. Is it so far fetched to think that the U.S. Government, in order to get their hands on more funds, would turn over land owned by the U.S. Government? Are you familiar with the NAIS and what they are doing in your state?

What we will have to protect - what we will have to guard with all vigilance against is the stealing of our land, our property, our resources in the dead of night by the Obama administration, Nancy and her pal, Harry Reid and the U.S. Government in the dead of night....The fear is that this will be done and notification will happen after the fact and we will not have the opportunity to stop it beforehand.

"Whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, the people, if well informed, may be relied on to set them to rights."--Thomas Jefferson to Richard Price, 1789.

This is the part that drives me nuts....I can prepare and prepare - be proactive - but there comes a point where in order to adapt, I become reactionary. Its the waiting - waiting to see how this new Administration will jack with my life - that is fills me with apathy, lethargy and a general annoyedness....

Again - know your U.S. Representatives....Know your U.S. Senators.....Know your State Reps and Senators - this may be where we can stop the U.S. Government. States may be needed to exert their "State's Rights" and say enough - not Civil War Part 2.....well maybe, but not a blood bath like the last time....

Never before has Thomas Jefferson's words rung so true:

Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own Government.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."--Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816.

I know those that read blogs, listen to commentary, read just about everything we get our hands on KNOW what is going on. Our job is AND will be to ring the bell for other people. Dont be an email forwarder (so many do not read those) but in casual conversation, season your speech, gently persuade, know where people can go for information and be able to back up your statements. The one thing they cannot censure or eavesdrop on is what I tell my neighbor person to person. They cant control the conversation I have with my grocery store clerk.

The difference will be made in relationships - The difference will be made by WE THE PEOPLE....

As always and more so today - PRAY, PRAISE, PREPARE.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Car prep....

Today I did something that I have been needing to do for a while. I have needed to get my car better prepared, but its been cold (The cold weather is the reason I have been needing to prep the car). Well, we are getting 3 cold fronts this week and supposedly the coldest weather of the year, so today HAD to be the day. I cleaned out the back of my truck and ensured that the supplies I had were still usable and fresh. I also added a couple things to my list that will need to be put in the back as quick as possible.

As you know, we are building and from our home to the building site, depending on traffic can be over an hour round trip. I drive an Excursion, so I have a ton of space, but if I fill it, it kills my gas mileage. Here are the pics and what I carry....

This is an over all picture:
* 2 Blankets
* Blueprints
* 3 Kid Lap Desks - these are fabulous - they have a cup holder in the top, cute patterns and a beanbag bottom - I started a website to sell these after I bought them for my kids - WE LOVE THEM...

* 2 Plastic buckets that have car games, color pages, educational pages and a couple card games - one of the card games that I didnt realize was in the car (I thought it was in the house) is called "Worse Case Scenario" where you choose how to get out of difficult situations. A GREAT way to prep kids by playing!
* Umbrellas
* Leather work gloves
* Purple bucket

The purple bucket carries water, juice, snacks, med kit, snack cups, paper towels, cleaner.

The above is my "med" kit in addition to those little travel med kits. It has more antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, knock-off Advil, knock-off Benedryl, and a lighter. The lighter is in its own baggie.

I carry Benedryl because you never know when something will hit you wrong in regards to an allergy. The Benedryl might be just what someone needs to keep them with you until you get to a hospital for an eppi pen. In your car, if you have kids, your kids' friends or are personally susceptible to allergies, I would carry this in your car at all times.

I have jumper cables that are in its own compartment as well as all fuses, tail light bulbs. The front of the truck has a cattle guard as well as wench which I do know how to use.

What I need is a flashlight that you "wind" and does not require batteries as well as a good compass. I tried to get those today at the Box Store when I picked up our milk, but they were cheap.

This by no means is a fully prepared truck. The truck is packed for "everyday" and not for extraordinary circumstances. There are things that would be better to carry that will be in a bag next to the door to grab if I deem it necessary, especially depending on the weather. This is just what I have everyday with me.

So, how does your car look? Do you have what you need? Just a quick straighten-up feels like a good accomplishment.

I got spanked this morning....

Yup - I knew I had it coming. I have been in a funk. But reading Michael this morning has snapped me out of it. See how behind I am - he wrote this a couple days ago and I am just getting to it....I am behind in my RSS feeds which will be remedied over lunch TODAY!

I am / have gotten tired and that feeling....not of futility, but of spinning my wheels - almost a feeling of "lets just this going and get on with it." Whatever wicked this way is coming.....

I also feel like I am in a holding pattern....waiting for what BO will do on January 20th.

I have also not updated my lists....I live by my lists - I have them on paper - I have them on my computer and I have them on my phone that syncs with the computer to keep me totally together. And not just prepping lists - but lists of what I want to get done in a day - lists of what needs to get done this week - lists of what would be nice to do for someone else....

I have just been in a funk....

But Michael snapped me out of it - I have never been is a bleeding heart - its so close to calling me the "L" word....l.i.b.e.r.a.l.....{{{{shivers}}}}

So, thanks Michael. Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants to grab my list - see where I want to be at the end of the day, end of the week and get myself going again. I just needed someone to fire me up with righteous indignation - to chide me into getting back to myself.

This concludes Pearls' mini-pity-party....Big girl panties firmly affixed now ;)

Pray, Praise, Prepare.....and today, Panties!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One more Rant about Gaza

It is ABSOLUTELY INCREDULOUS to me that Israel is supposed to care about what happens to the Civilians in Gaza!!

Hamas uses THEIR OWN as cover for their activities. They hide near hospitals - they hide near schools - they use THEIR OWN PEOPLE as human shields.

Israel is being demonized for protecting itself and NOT protecting those that HAMAS is supposedly fighting for....

Where is the crying for those in Israel that died as a result of Hamas' rockets? Where are those tears?

IOUSA to the Boston Tea Party, Part 2

Just watched a program on CNN called IOUSA and a followup hour discussion. It was well done in that it wasnt the usual "Republican fault" - "Democrat fault" crap. If it shows up online or is rerun, WATCH IT....I will again because, honestly, the information so pissed me off, I am sure I missed some great info.

It explained what is going on - that its been going on a while - why its bad - what is coming and the followup was a discussion in how to fix it. It made the current financial problem understandable and also tended to scare the hell out of the watcher - AS IT SHOULD.

People should be scared. Rome fell for 3 reasons: 1 - they were over extended militarily 2 - moral decline and 3 - financial crisis....sound familiar?

The USA is DEAD LAST when you rank Trade Deficits. LAST....and last by TRILLIONS....

Japan owns most of our debt, China is second and "Oil Countries" - think Middle East - is 3rd.

The USA has the greatest trade deficit with China - like you needed anyone to tell you that... The reason that trade deficits are bad (as explained by Warren Buffet) is that eventually you send all your wealth someplace else without bringing any of someone else's wealth here... DUH....

If you add up all the "Promises" - SS, Medicare, things we have already spent and owe....we owe 53 TRILLION dollars - that looks like this :


There were several options to fix....but the consensus is that we are GROSSLY being taxed without being represented. That the President and the Congress for the last 200 years have SCREWED US TO THE WALL....

This "tax the rich" crap will fall by the wayside because the above problem is so huge, EVERYONE's tax rate will HAVE TO go up. You will have wait longer to get any Social Security from the Government. That means, FUND YOUR OWN RETIREMENT. Unless you want to work until you are 75.

There was an interesting comment by a lady who said that SS should be determined by your job. For instance, a construction worker will not be able to work as long and should get SS earlier and he will probably not live as long either in relation to a guy that just sits all day and uses his head/mouth - he can work longer without any physical probs. This was an interesting point as I had never thought of it before and tended to agree.

On a side / related note, last night we went to dinner with friends. A friend who knows I am "nuts" had 1 question: "So, what do you think is coming? Why do you prep?" Its technically 2 questions, but the same answer....

I told her - when other countries no longer buy our debt and our government continues to print money, you will have a drop in price of items to get people to buy (deflation) followed by a large increase in price of items because less items are being made and there is a TON of dollars in the system (inflation). I prep so that I will be able to ride through these, not unscathed, but not paranoid and scared. I then believe ultimately there will be tax revolts.

The same thing that started this country will put Her back on track. This time around we will be fighting Congress and the President. My prayer is that we will at least have some inside men - men like Ron Paul. We will also be fighting Islamic extremists. Do not think for a minute that the grace we have been shown these past 7 years will continue with the WEAK choices Obama has filled his Cabinet.

Our Country is teetering - you feel it - people who have their head in the sand feel it - The WORLD KNOWS IT - the "when" we will be hit again is coming soon.

However, the terrorists want it to be the final nail in the coffin - I think it will be the shot heard round the world..... We arent some prissy country that grew out of some kingdom. We are Americans. Our heritage is one that throws off oppression - rises to meet adversity and takes on difficult situations.

I wave my flag: "Come and Take It" - give it your best shot Congress, Mr. President, Cowards - Because when all is settled and done, we Americans will be here - we will be here Strong - we will be here Armed and we will be here Free.

Now, who wants Tea?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Letter to My Family,


And kids, as you form the words "What are Preps" let me tell you. Its MY food and supplies! Its all this food around here, staking up, neatly positioned in rows with the labels facing outward....Its all the stuff you seem to be enjoying day in and day out.

And dont think I am just talking about the kids, Dearest, I see the crumbs left on the couch after I go to bed when I get up the next morning.

And you, Shampoo users and toothpaste wasters - CUT IT OUT. This stuff doesnt grow on trees, I have to hunt it down and pay for it. I have to figure out if being on sale at one store is really cheaper than someplace else. When its on clearance and there is only so much, I buy it all.

But to what avail? I dont need to hear about roving "Golden Hordes" - I live with the Horde.

I certainly dont need to worry about bugs or rodents getting into the "stash", it wont last that long....

Dont make me put you on a ration, because you know I would do it....Just chill - you arent starving and the food will be here tomorrow if you JUST CHILL.....

****This concludes the freak out on my family that was caused by them eating more than a package of the crackers that I didnt have over the weekend when I needed them, but bought on Monday, a day.... And its tongue in cheek....mostly.....

Sucks to be in Gaza.....

JERUSALEM – Israeli jets and helicopters bombarded Gaza Friday and Hamas responded with a barrage of rockets, as Israel's government said it will press forward with its offensive despite a U.N. resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire.

This is the first paragraph from a story from the Associated Press via my Yahoo page....

Look - I feel for the people in Palestine - I really do. I think it unimaginable to have to decide to keep my kids home and possibly die or send them to school and possibly die - to be without water and running out of food. Absolutely UNIMAGINABLE.

That said, what did Hamas think would happen? Israel has NEVER just rolled over and taken it. They fight back and they fight back HARD. They wait years, tracking and killing those that kill Jews....THEY ARE RELENTLESS....

Hamas is like that STUPID kid who teases a dog on a chain but stands too close and doesnt get out of the way fast enough. I feel for a child hurt, but hey, you poked a dog with a stick - LEARN THE LESSON....

And lets also be accurate in the news coverage, AP - I know yall want Israel to stop the bombing, and you subtly are trying to "shame" them in doing so, but you are news - NEWS - which means, "Just the FACTS, Ma'am" unless you are in the "OPINION" page and then say whatever you want.... Hamas didnt "respond" they started this fight. They continue to lob missiles. Just because they are undermanned and underarmed DOES NOT make them the underdog in need of rescuing or in someway on the "right" side. Understand? They are not being picked on - that would be Israel who DID NOT start this and is under INTERNATIONAL pressure to stop....

And another thing - who does the UN think they are to tell a country to stop defending itself? Get a clue UN - You are barely tolerated in this country (this country who houses you and gives you most of your money). When we are completely broke and we Citizens decide not to take it anymore, you are out of business. Actually, I dont think you will be out of business, you are too corrupt to give it up entirely, but we will finally see where your money comes from....which country takes you in....

Back to the Palestinians.....So, what are yall going to do? How about having Hamas lob some missiles over at Egypt or Syria who in the 1948 war took PALESTINIAN lands....I bet that original UN Resolution establishing BOTH an Israeli State and a Palestinian State doesnt look all that bad right about now does it? Well, sucks to be you. You want to live in peace? Get Hamas OUT. Dont want Hamas out? Want Israel destroyed? Then live with your consequences, or should I say, have your kids live with the consequences and SHUT UP.

War is hard and sometimes, Peace isnt that much easier....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

And now lets discuss how you know if you are Saved....

OH MY WORD - There are too many replies to my previous post to answer individually that I thought this would be the best way.

My only comment is basically I just REFUSE to take 1 incident and paint all Police by that 1 officer (good or bad). The exact same way I wouldnt assume all Presidents are like Jimmy Carter OR Ronald Reagan - or all preachers are like Jim Baker OR Rick Warren - or...well, I am sure you get my drift.

I am so sorry that many have had such awful experiences with Police.

I do fully intend to watch the video - AS SHOULD EVERYONE - If you do not know your CONSTITUTIONAL rights, you have made the decision to GIVE YOUR RIGHTS AWAY and you do not get to gripe about how it goes for you.

You also need to have the gumption to exert your rights - to know them and do nothing to protect them or voice them is the same as not knowing them at all - actually, I would think it would be worse.

This concludes the BLUE LINE debate....How about we discuss how we feel about phone solicitors ;)

Which side of the Blue Line do you fall?

As of late, there have been several posts on blogs I read about the Police. The posts vary in the intensity of the loathing, but one thing is clear - survivalists do not like the Police.

I have a hard time with this one... I do not view the men and women who swear to protect and serve as the enemy. I do not think they start each day thinking of some way to jack with a person's life and give them a hard time. I just dont - not any more than I think most people wake up thinking those thoughts.

Face it, Police departments are made up of citizens - all kinds. Some Citizens are absolutely Constitution LOVING Patriots while some are real jerks. Some Citizens have issues which make them more likely to have an attitude when given any authority - some look to their job as a calling.

That is not to say I dont think someone can have a horrible, rotten, no good very bad day, that there arent rotten apples in the bunch or that some are really thugs - I just think that the jerks are few and far between....

I think how you interact, where you are and what you are doing determines to a GREAT degree which Police Citizen you will get. Take a "I pay your salary with my taxes" attitude and you are probably going to have some problems. Take a kind, direct, respectful approach and I can almost guarantee things will go better.

I also bet it depends where you live - sorry, but the truth - I bet the Police who are used to breaking up domestic disturbances, hearing gunshots all hours, having things thrown at their car are a little more cranky than the Police who get missing dog calls and the occasional vandalism complaint.

This is a thankless job - they are damned if they do and damned if they dont. People have no idea how much crime has been thwarted, but they complain the second something is stolen with a "where were you."

When crisis comes - how torn they must feel - To know they swore to protect and serve but also the strain of leaving their very own families to protect another.

Your best bet is to do what you are supposed to do.

Make sure your car is in working order and all lights work.

Obey the speed limit.

Do not drive impaired. Doing your drinking at home would solve TONS of problems....

Know your rights - This Constitution we love gives you amazing protection - know it - know what you can and cant do.

Show respect. You may be absolutely in the right, but taking a haughty attitude wont get you where you want to go which is home.

Use your manners.

Pay attention to where you are and what time it is - the same street can be 2 entirely different worlds at midnight and noon.

If you cannot call a Police person a friend, make one a friend.... Both sides seeing the other as real people would go along way to thwarting problems (I have now used "thwart" twice is a post - its a record.)

Pray, Praise and Prepare.....and today - Police

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Your mission, if you choose to take it....

There was a comment a couple days ago that basically said she uses crackers like a shovel (must be a Louisiana thing :) ) and that her goal is a generator. Well, it got me thinking - Here where we are, we are pretty used to getting a good ice storm a year which knocks out power. Nice thing about it being cold is that the freezers in the garage stay frozen and we just move things to the garage that need to be cold and put things in the freezer that need to stay frozen - electricity problem pretty much solved.

HOWEVER, how to my head we would use the BBQ as well as the RVQ that is the propane gas stove attached to the trailer (it is removable). Its a great plan, but it would involve someone leaving the house and going and getting the RVQ. If we were in a situation that leaving wouldnt be possible or prudent, we would be stuck.

This is where my mission comes in this week - GO GET THE RVQ....My goal is to have here with me at the house what we would need to cook in case of loss of power. There are some other things that I would add to the list and keep here at home:


* Manual can opener

* Cast iron cookware

* Backup propane

* Paper plates/utensils

* Water

How would you eat/cook your food without power? Make your list this week and start checking things off.

An RVQ is a convenience, but not a necessity - Do you have a fireplace? Do you have a cast iron dutch oven? Do you know how to cook in your fireplace? Is your fireplace cleaned out and safe to use?

Also - have those recipes that you would use (Dutch oven recipes are ALL OVER THE INTERNET), in HARD COPY form (as in PRINT THEM OUT)....No electricity, no Internet - stinks, but thats the way it works :)

Pray, Praise, Prepare and this week - Propane

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Deregulation ruined flying....

Yup, I said it - I am an Air-Snob....

I miss the days where you wore your Sunday clothes, the stewardesses were pretty women and sweet to boot and the Captain let little kids see the cockpit and gave them wings.

These days, you are likely to get a guy next to you drunk, unshaven and with a cutoff Cancun t-shirt with dangle beads.

The flight attendant can be cranky, and why wouldnt she be? She deals with idiots ALL DAY - people who are "entitled" as well as ill-mannered.

So, I read about this IDIOT.... I am betting this is some jerk who popped off when asked to close his laptop. It probably wasnt the first time he was asked and I even bet there was an overhead announcement concerning electronic equipment. This is where the "entitled" part comes in as he didnt think the rules apply to him. I wonder if that argument will fly in Federal Prison which is where probs on planes end up.

You can be funny and you can be a jerk, but do it where all you get is a butt kicking and not a butt raping (Federal Prison reference and yes, I know, he probably wont go to prison, but a girl can dream....)

Dont joke, dont exacerbate, dont annoy in any situation where you can land in the Fed's hands.... Stay off people's radar....

And when you fly, be sober, wear khakis and smile and say "Yes, ma'am"....Class isnt where you sit, its how you do it...