Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oklahoma is MORE than OK :)

So, I am checking out Survival Blog in the evening so I can see whats being published for the next day. I like that....I like seeing "Friday" when its Thursday has a link of a Map of US Household incomes by State.

It is all pretty with red and blue....I do find it interesting that in an election, Red States are "Republican" states and Blue States are "Democrat" states and in this map, its the Red States that have lost household income, but the Blue States have gained....sorry, I digress....I hate the media....

Again, anywho....It seems that Oklahoma has had the highest gain. BOOYEAH!!!!

Thats it - thats all I wanted to say....

Happy Friday peeps - Pray - Praise and Prepare


Meadowlark said...

are you close to this:

YoungSon and his fiance are going. :)

Staying Alive said...

Don't you think it is time you started blogging again?