Monday, December 21, 2009

Sniped and expanded....

I sniped this link off of Survival Blog - 2010 Food Crisis I find it very interesting as I am living in an Ag state and shortly intend to become "Ag" myself (Ag = agriculture).

The author is accurate in regards to the damage done to those that grow our food this past year. Its not just our food, but as carnivores, a lot of what is grown is fed to things we eventually eat.

This past summer/fall I passed mile after mile of feed corn that couldnt be harvested. Ground too soft.... I watched it bake in the sun - turn brown and eventually some of it fell and some looked like a skeleton of its former self. It finally was "harvested" and I use that term loosely - I am not sure any of it was any good as it was many months past harvest time. I would be afraid of mold.... And dont get me started on hay.... Wet hay kills, rots, nasty stuff.... It also bursts into flames... Oh, the irony...

He is also accurate in the estimates given by the USDA and you yourself probably noticed that your food prices havent gone up - certainly not 30% reduction of food production worth.

With so much of our food production depended on by people not just in this country, but by other Countries (author quotes 40% of our soybean and corn is destined for outside our borders) there is at least a HUGE price increase coming.

Hungry people are unstable people. Hungry people are dangerous people. There is nothing a mother wont do to feed her child....

Hungry people also follow those that promise them a meal. "Chicken in every pot" elected a U.S. President.

Even our previous Progressive (Socialist) president FDR realized this fact:

"People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made."
And so I ask.....To what end?
The Government has raised the debt ceiling.
Government now owns 2 out of 3 American car companies.
Government has a tight hold of the financial sector.
Government is on the verge of controlling the Health Care Sector (1/6 of the U.S. Economy)
Government wants Cap and Trade.
And I ask - to what end?
With President BO's approval rating at an all time low (-21) according to Rasmussen, he cant think that his actions are winning him votes. A man of his ego would not be happy being a one term President. So, to what end? Why throw his Name, his Presidency behind policy that will not get him elected?

I see a twisted logic in seeing him get everything passed his Socialistic heart desires - but in doing so alienating the masses. But the masses are going to get hungry..... The masses are going to be without a job.... Does he then think that he can exchange their votes for food? Does he believe that his popularity will rise when he feeds the hungry? Would the hungry remember it was this President that starved them from the beginning?
I have absolutely no answers - It would be a fools errand to try and predict what this President has planned - a man of such ego, evil and ambition - nothing is out of the realm of possibility. I do know this....
You need to Pray. Pray that those around you see the prudence of storing in for a long winter - both physically and politically. Pray that good men rise to serve. Pray grace and generosity on those that are in a position to help the most people.
You need to Praise. Praise that despite in this winter we find ourselves, there isnt a Country in this World that is more blessed. Blessed by people of integrity. Blessed by people with an honest work ethic. Blessed by people who have given more to those without than any Government or peoples before.
And You need to Prepare. Prepare your pantry to meet your physical needs. Prepare your larder to provide for those around you and those you love. Prepare your heart to know truth, to recognize truth and to hold to truth.
"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. "
"Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise. "
The above quotes brought to you by Adolf Hitler - the master of using hunger to gain control and a lie to maintain it.... And look what it cost us.....
Pray we dont dare tread near that kind of evil again.....


Asphyxiated Emancipation said...

Good to see you post again. We've missed you. Wishing you the best this season, as always.

Times are hard, and going to get harder. I'm afraid Congress and Dear Leader know exactly what they are doing.

I find myself wishing I had prepped harder and faster. Earlier, too. One thing has become quite clear to me over the last year, and that is this: The people now in power will allow no dissent. Truth must be crushed, and those who speak it punished. "Europe has always been at war with Eurasia."

Brad K. said...


This is scary. Remember the laughs everyone had, about Russian KGB analyst Igor Panarin's prediction of America coming apart come June 2010? A Wall Street Journal account, Dec 29, 2008 -

Or Google "panarin kgb analyst".

The bit about credit cannot be stressed too much. The form of agriculture that the USDA, and through them the American banking system pretty much requires farmers to borrow to plant, and repay at harvest.

Short harvests don't pay off loans.

Frank W. James reports an expected 50% increase in seed corn price - to $310/bag spring 2010 - from Monsanto. Monsanto, for those that haven't followed the bitter trail of their acquisition and elimination of all but two seed corn competitors in the country, is a major power in the US. They "helped" write the upcoming Food Safety Modernization Act (requires only government - Monanto - approved practices in raising food). Imagine Monsanto permitting organic farming. The House version of the bill passed last summer, and applies to road side stands, farmers markets, community gardens, and farms of all sizes, with federal registration, regulation, and inspection of everyone.

The face I associate with Monsanto is a scene from the Disney animated movie Mulan. The leader of the Huns scratches his chin, "How many men does it take to deliver a message, really?"

Pearls, keep in mind that any credit or international disruption will mean shortages and instability in fuel prices as well. Wouldn't it be a wonder if next fall, no one had fuel to try to harvest - or deliver - anything.

If B. Hussein Obama, as reported, is intent on creating a crisis so he can implement martial law - and institute his beloved Communist regime - this could be a very interesting year. As the Chinese curse goes, "May you live in interesting times."

Blessed be. Let's hope for best, for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure there is any planning at all going on in Washington and that's a disturbing thought. It seems to be a case of everybody up there grabbing all they can for themselves, and to Hades with the consequences.

theotherryan said...

Far too often people talk about how guns being taken away is the real issue. I think guns are important but food is what has been used to control people throughout history. Stalin and the Ukraine come to mind.

America has a centuries worth of ammo and a decent amount of ammo. Partisan operations being what they are pretty quickly you either get your hands on some new guns/ ammo or are dead. Food would be the real problem.