Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ta Da....the Basement and deco stuff....

Here are pics of the kids' rooms and those doors that were an absolute nightmare to get in and now how beautiful they look when a fab construction company trimmed them out!

The blue room is the Girlie's. Both boys' rooms are the same color because Boy2 has to have what Boy1 has - of course.

The Green is the playroom/media room. And there is also a pic of our doors (not yet put in, but painted).

Boys bath tile - Subway all over - mosaic as decorative trim and the floor is black and white. Thought it looked classy for whatever age and its pretty timeless. It will go modern or traditional which ever we decide if we want to change at a later date. It was also cheap. So WIN/WIN.

Girlie's tile. She has white floor - subway everywhere and a TINY mosaic of marble and glass tile. Its some really pretty stuff and a little more than the boys' bath, but as she reminds us OVER and OVER and OVER, she isnt going to be here for much longer, so we decided to make it pretty for her and our future guests that will be in this room after she is gone ;)

The marble mosaic is our shower floor along with subway tile. The other tile was supposed to be our deco, but I hate it together. So....that sample will be going back and I will be buying the black/white marble checkered pattern to use as a decorative trim.

In regards to decorative trim - the 12" x 12" sheets will be cut down into 3 sections so 1' becomes 3'. There is a builders supply place in a questionable part of town that sells just about all of this which is where I got Girlie and Boy's deco tile. The rest came from Lowes and Home Depot.

This is our 7" wide, white pine flooring that The Hubs and I will install along with some friends. She wants new floor and wants her Hubs to learn how in order to put theirs in. I love her and think its a hoot she wants him to practice on ours so as to not mess up her floor. Not really, but its fun to tease her that way. We will be starting the boys in the pantry as well as our upstairs closet. When they master their technique, we will let them into the main areas. If my husband's previous work is any indication as to his proficiency, I have no doubt that after a weekend, we will have a beautiful floor. The man really does amaze me with how well he has done all the other work!

In regards to the floor - it was dirt cheap - much cheaper than laminate and was purchased online at Lumber Liquidators. It ended up being $1.13 a square foot. And its 7" wide. And its 3/4" thick. We will have this floor for years and if we decide to change colors, it is so thick, we can refinish away!

This post is dedicated to Matt who reminds me that I need to update the House part of the blog :)


Anonymous said...

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Matt said...

Very, very nice! When is the tour and dinner?

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

I love the 7'' flooring!

Meadowlark said...

This post made my head hurt.

There is NOTHING that I can think of that I would hate as much as having to select tile/window coverings/ fixtures, etc. I want to cry for you just thinking about it.

It does look good though. :) said...

About the flooring-

Starting in a closet is a BAD idea. Is the closet square with the rest of the house? If it is 1/8" in 2'(almost unnoticable) out of square and you install it that way..... what happens when you run it down an 18' hallway? You'd be more than an inch off (think 1" wide gap at one end, narrowing to a slivver- that'll show.) ..and you can't bend 7" wide plank flooring.

Find your longest straight wall perpendicular to the floor joists, in the center of the house. Start parallel to that, and work out to the outside walls.

I'm a wood flooring contractor. I know. Any questions, ask me.

jimbob86 said...


that was supposed to be "jimbob86"

Cindy Beall said...

LOVE IT! So excited!