Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What happened to "When in Rome....?"

This Country has gotten touchy.... REAL Touchy.... And its annoying. You want Freedom of Speech? Well, then get ready to get your feelings hurt, because that is what happens.

We dont have Freedom of Speech anymore - Political Correctness has driven it underground. Which is a shame. It has made everyone put on a plastic face, with a plastic smile and nod in agreement with all the bland, blah blah borningness that is said.

The exchange of ideas - some you agree with and some you dont - enrich the conversation, stretch you as an individual and with the ability to just agree to disagree, actually bring us closer together. When expected to convey your idea and reason an answer, it can do more for your mental ability than Sudoku.

There used to be a saying "My rights end where someone else's nose begins." Y'all know it - quote it with me.... Anyway, it seems that my rights now end when someone else doesnt like what I say, what I do or even the color of my outfit. They dont like it when I put up my Christmas Tree - Wish them a Merry Christmas or even correct my child in public.

Well, guess what? This Country wasnt founded on Happy Kwanzaa day. I have no problem with you celebrating it - have at it - buy all the purple tissue paper you want - but you know what? When you walk by me in Target and we make eye contact, I AM going to wish you a Merry Christmas and I just dont care if you like it or not. And if you have any manners at all, you will smile and say "Thank you" just like if the roles were reversed and you wished me "Happy Kwanzaa". Because you know what? I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and ASSUME that you were saying it to be nice and not just to annoy me....and I am going to ASSUME that you will give me the benefit of the doubt when I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS that it was done with kindness and not a goal to annoy....

Dont get me wrong - I am going to make a call the second I get to my truck and call my Momma and tell her exactly what happened.... Because we are in the South and a "Happy Kwanzaa" is big enough to call Momma about..... But because I am in the South, I will smile and tell you "Thank you"..... Because that is how my Momma raised me.

I am so thankful my kids arent in public school. The thought of no red/green tissue paper, and celebrating "Winter Break" would be enough to make me barf on some poor unsuspecting teacher.

Get serious people. You arent fooling anyone. Everyone knows you arent just getting a break because its Winter. EVERYONE knows school is out because of CHRISTMAS. To pretend otherwise is just stupid. They look stupid doing it.

The great thing about this Country is you can celebrate anything you want (just make sure its legal). But please quit trying to change it into something that its not.

Tune out what you dont like to hear - say what you really feel and mean what you say.... And for goodness sake....

MERRY CHRISTMAS, y'all.......

**** This post was inspired by the first of the "Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Happy Holiday" stories I heard yesterday.... And when I say "You" in my post, I dont mean "You".... I hope that YOU know that ;) Sometimes I just channel Julia Sugarbaker and my posts get away from me :)

Love yall -

Pray - Praise - PREPARE


Mo said...

It does seem that everyone is oversensitive now. It is sad that the trend is toward the lowest common denominator. Even the flag has become politically incorrect now.

Did it MY way said...


Great post. I have never been politicaly(spelling not my best feature) correct. I like you callum as I seeum.

See Ya

Meadowlark said...

Actually I've never been a big "Merry Christmas" wisher until like 3 days before the actual day. Normally I'm a "Happy Holidays" gal because I might first see them in late November (wooo hooo turkey day!) and not see them again til February, so I've covered all the biggies (turkey, christmas, new years). I suppose now Happy Holidays has become the anti-slogan. It's confusing.

That said (ducking for cover) I would challenge everyone who wants to fight for "Merry Christmas" to treat it as a religious holiday... which means take down your dumb ass 6-foot inflatable santa and remember it's Christ's birthday, not Santas. Just saying. And stirring a tiny bit ;)

Glad that you're back though!

Brad K. said...


Happy new year, and Blessed be!

I think you are right. The government shouldn't be celebrating any events or practices of a religious nature. There should be work as usual for Christmas, for Easter, for Halloween - wait, that isn't a day off - for most. Especially since the government slides the "holiday" (Holy Day?) to a Monday or a Friday rather than actually observe the designated day.

Churches and chaplains always jump in to offer prayers - does that make Memorial Day a religious ceremony? But then, so many that served their nation held strong beliefs, so honoring them should also include the beliefs they honored.

But that brings us back to holidays, and recognizing that it is appropriate that people of faith have leave to worship on major faith occasions. Choosing to offer those times as paid, instead of unpaid but excused absences, is an administrative choice for employers, including the government, and not a direct connection to the faith of their employees.

Culture - the traditions, rituals, the definitions of value, of what is right and wrong - is *not* protected by the constitution. Race, faith, those are protected. I think the implication was that when in Rome . . and when in the US, be a citizen.

Just as those that choose to dress in costume for Halloween - All Hallow's Eve, or the night the church invented All Saints Day to follow - many are unaware they mock pagan rituals and beliefs. I can't remember the last time a Wiccan claimed umbrage for desecrating this Autumnal celebration of harvest and new year. (The actual date varies among Wiccans, from mid to mid November; I don't know about other Pagan interpretations. Did you know that Pagan originally meant the peasant, poor people's earth based religion, at a time that the Catholic church only embraced the wealthy, living in cities and towns.)

But, uh, Happy new year. With purple flowers on top.

Brad K.
Ponca City, OK

Mayberry said...

Merry Christmas Pearls. I'm with ya there...

Selous Scout said...

I ain't finished with Thanksgiving yet and you go and drag out Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(I'll tell you Merry Christmas as soon as it git's here!)

Rebecca said...

I agree with you on everything. I think it's sad when we've become so politically correct that we're not saying anything anymore. Iron sharpens iron, but what if no one is sharpening each other? I think that's a problem.

HermitJim said...

Happy Turkey Day to one and all...!

The rest will come in due course...whether it's PC or not matters not to me!

Hey, my take is "if you don't like what I say, don't listen!"

What ever happened to just trying to be friendly to everyone...?