Thursday, September 17, 2009

And now I have my brain around it....

I have been thinking about this FOR MONTHS....and when I say months, I mean at least 90 days...not every day, but more days than not....

Its been driving me nuts - and here was my problem. I couldnt understand why people would want the Government to provide health care. Wait for a minute....

I mean this Government who does nothing well - I mean, these are the same people in charge of the DMV, Postal lines and routinely oversee projects that cost twice, or even three times more than it would cost private industry.

So why would people TRUST them to provide health care?

Here is where I am. Everyone wants people to get the medical treatment they need - EVERYONE. You have to be a rotten SOB to deny medical care - seriously. Thats why in this country you can walk into any hospital and get treatment. Yeah, we roll like that here in the USA.

MOST would agree that private industry can do most things better than Government. Private business is cheaper, faster and more efficient. Kind of along the lines of UPS vs. USPS - hands down, the private industry wins.

The PRIVATE CITIZENS of this country give more to charity than any other COUNTRY'S GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD..... Yeah, its pretty great - its how we roll over here.

If the Government totally got out of the way and out of our business, this Country's health care would be forever altered and ALTERED FOR THE BETTER.

People know this deep in their gut - but there is something else down there. Doubt. That tiny little speck that you would have to TRUST. Not trust the Government. No one trusts them, but we go back to them time and time again because its better to have the devil you know than the one you dont. Its the same reason a woman goes back to the man that beats the crap out of her - and yes, I am equating the US Government to an abusive spouse - THIS GOVERNMENT IS ABUSIVE but people go back time and time again for their handout.

Sorry - got off on a rant for a minute where was I? Oh yes - you are going to have to TRUST - you will have to trust the American Private Citizen. If you are in need, you would have to trust that services will be provided, medicines will be available, transportation, care, you name it....

But the more I pay attention to what is going on, the more I am willing to take that gamble. I think we can do it. I know that we could do it better than what we have now.... Because if the Government takes control, it will get MUCH MUCH worse!!

Pray - Praise - Prepare


small farm girl said...

I'm right there with ya!!!!!I completely agree with you.

Meadowlark said...

I'm right here with you until I remember my horrible boss who used to say "why should I spend MY hard earned money to help somebody who didn't plan for retirement".

Um, because one day it might be YOUR parents, asshole, who get screwed by the Enron's of the world.

So, yes, I have doubts.

Of course, that said, my darling Uncle - you know him, Sam - is an alcoholic idiot who couldn't find his way out of a paperbag. So maybe HE shouldn't be in charge either. :)

Brad K. said...

Unfortunately, you are looking at many modern industries, not at industrial history. And please, don't overlook what the seed companies are building with their protectionist patented seed schemes - that are in the way of ending American agriculture. I hope you followed Frank W. James' account of how there are basically three seed companies left for corn, they require a signed non-disclosure contract before they will take your order for seed - and seed corn for next year goes up from this year's $220 or so, to $300. Per bushel-equivalent bag. Corporations really don't give a rip about hurting their customers, at least some don't. Don't be distracted by the majority of today's companies, reared in times of plenty that understand responsibility and plan to grow their business on the success of their customers. The generous many may be changing tactics as the economy stays weak, and times get harder. Say, if taxes generally increase 15% just so President Unicorn can declare some kind of medical bill victory. Things could get tight and strange surprisingly quickly.

Recall the image of the great railroads, blazing trails across a frontier landscape - that they littered with the bodies of abused Chinese and other workers.

Recall the reputations of mining companies, excavating coal and minerals, losing dozens and hundreds of miners at a time, ruining the health of many. The reports of Chinese mines and mining deaths today don't hamper us from consuming Chinese goods.

We identify and close down child labor and sweat shop operations, mostly, as we find them, here in the United States. Pushing them overseas, or protesting their products doesn't change the fact that commerce and industry is often willing to make room for that kind of business dealing.

Look at the dearth of farm families in America. When the average farmer is over 60, who is to be farming in another five (5) years, or ten (10)? Someone sent me a video warning of the growing Muslim threat to the world. One statistic that stood out in the video was that no culture can sustain itself for 25 years, without a birthrate of at least 2.11 - the US and Canada today average about 1.6, unless you add in the influx of Latinos, which bring the US to about 2.1. But that is distressing, too. Because to bring in enough new people - non-US in culture - and that much higher birthrate among the Latino culture, clearly signals that America is about done, no matter what we do. Whether Latinos become the dominant culture in America before the Muslims - we may not much care, by that time. In any case, the birth rate among farmers is appallingly low, when you count in the percentage of children that leave the farming community.

In any case, we need to be able to gather together as a people, and express our demand for just treatment by way of our government. We cannot, however, allow our government to be distracted and corrupted by becoming an entity that competes with any citizen or company.

Today Obama kowtowed to Russia, canceling the missile defense "Third Site" bases scheduled for the Czech Republic and Poland - and abandoning security agreements with Ukraine, Georgia, and Europe.

Now consider what this means to health care. Who is to say that the next administration, or this one, next year, might cancel or simply defund part of the system - or maybe just the region where you or I live.

I am reminded that this President rose to power with the help of many big-money guys. The same corrupt Chicago organization that sold his Senate seat, put him there and then put him on the campaign trail for the Presidency. And big-money guys expect to be paid. I would not look at what the health care bill means to immigrants, and poor, and illegals, or even to taxpayers - I would look closely at who gets all that money. Because with a Chicago politician writing the checks, I bet it won't be people that need to see the doctor.

The Other Mike S. said...

Everyone wants people to get the medical treatment they need - EVERYONE. You have to be a rotten SOB to deny medical care - seriously.

I want everyone to get the best medical treatment they can afford. Health care is not a right. You have the right to go out, get a job, and buy care.

Thats why in this country you can walk into any hospital and get treatment.

And that's the reason we're in the situation we're in. Nanny has stolen the assets of private companies - hospitals - and required those assets be given to someone that wants them.

That is theft, but we call it compassion.

If a community wishes to voluntarily provide health services for its indigent population, great - build a county hospital. Better yet, give to a charity and have them build a hospital in your community.

But to require hospitals to provide their services, and to require me to pay for those services via my tax bill, is fascism/socialism/communism.

Meadowlark said...

Other Mike, back when medical care wasn't screwed up by insurance companies and corporate greed, I might have sided with you. But the system has gotten completely out of whack and I know not what the fix might be.

Both ways irritate me, but in different ways.

I always wonder if it were YOUR child who needed expensive leukemia treatments, if you'd be so cavalier about "the best care they can afford". Those 'cares' are not affordable, even WITH insurance.

The Other Mike S. said...

Meadowlark, our health care system is virtually 100% screwed up BECAUSE of government. They require private businesses to give away their services. IF they're reimbursed, it is at amounts that are less than the cost to provide the service. To keep afloat, the private hospitals increase their prices. Prices go up for those of us that pay, so insurance companies raise their premiums to cover the new costs.

Viscous circle ensues.

How to fix? Get government 100% OUT of telling private hospitals who they must serve. Costs immediately drop. Get government restrictions on competition removed - allow insurance companies sell their service across state lines. Premiums immediately drop.

Then there's the whole tenth amendment deal that does not allow the federal government to be in the health care business whatsoever.

And please, save the attempt at guilt tripping me about an ill child. If your local government wants to put up a county hospital (OK per the tenth amendment), do so. Local control for local issues.

BTW, I personally contribute two two charities - Moose charities (via Moose Lodges - for old folks and troubled kids) and Children's Hospital in Oakland.

It's irrelevant to the issue, but I DO put my money where my mouth is.

Meadowlark said...

Other Mike, it came out wrong, I wasn't so much doing the "guilt trip" but wondering out loud. Sorry about that.

You had some very good points about insurance and competition. I do believe that would help a lot, but I admit to having some strong biases against the SOBs.

Like I said, both points annoy the hell out of me, and I know better than to hope the Gubmint will stay out of anything.


The Other Mike S. said...

Peace back at ya ;-) (Seriously. I OBVIOUSLY feel very strongly about this issue. Didn't mean to lose my coooooooool.)

I hear what you're saying about the SOBs, but it all really comes down to being a question of morality. And I don't want the government forcing their brand of morality down my throat.

If the government is out of the way, I think you end up with a more moral community.

No one wants to see anyone dying on the streets. A local community will decide for itself how far it wants to go. It can discriminate (not a bad word) on who will have access to their limited resources.

As an example, your community may say you'll all pony up tax money to pay for the health care of all kids under 18, or life threatening care for anyone. But, if a person has made a decision to push heroin into their veins and is dying of self-induced organ failure, you'll let them rot on the street.

In today's world, we pay for all of them, regardless of cause. Sick kids now equal heroin addicts. It's compassionate.

Not in my world.

I let the junkie die so that the kids in the community see what drugs will do to you. Or I let a private charity rescue him so kids can see what it's like to help someone who's made a horrible mistake. BUT, it's also a charity that can tell him, "There is no next time. Next time you die in the gutter. It's your choice."

Unless people reap the natural consequences of their actions - good and bad - we just become a rotting ball of socialism.

Being an SOB. Tough love. A kick in the butt. A smack upside the head. Sometimes, it's for their own good.

Meadowlark said...

On the THIRD hand, I would like to see the junkie suffer the consequences of his/her actions.

But I'm a bitch that way.