Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh the irony....

The screams of racism....people who oppose BO are racist....people who go to the Tea Parties or to these Town Hall meetings are all racists.... Yup, yeah, that is exactly right....whatever.......

We arent racists. We have had enough. We called our Congressmen when the first bailout went through and they ignored us....they ignored us the second time.....and they ignored us about the car bailout.....and they ignored us about Cap and Trade.....and they ignored us about this clunker crap.....well people are tired of being ignored and now these Congress scumbags get to go home on break and deal with the people that they have been ignoring and people are angry.

Whether Congress likes it or not, WE THE PEOPLE view Washington as OUR EMPLOYEES.... thats OUR WHITE HOUSE and those are OUR PLANES and those are OUR WORKERS and they are spending OUR MONEY and we are tired of being ignored. There wasnt this uproar when Hillary tried to do this so many years ago, but it got quashed - we werent overspent, over stressed, over scared of what our Country was becoming....

Yeah, people are angry and they are telling Congress about it. They are booing those in elected office, they are picketing, they are protesting, they are demonstrating....doing all those things the left loves to hold up as FREE SPEECH and ALL AMERICAN....but we arent blowing anyone up (Weather Underground) and we arent shouting HATE SPEECH (Mr. Preacher) and we arent breaking any laws (ACORN) and we arent beating anyone up (SEIU).

I find it SO IRONIC the week that Nanci Pelosi calls those that arent happy with this Healthcare crap NAZI'S a WHITE SEIU (union thug) BEAT UP A BLACK MAN for handing out / selling GADSDEN Flags (Dont Tread On Me).

If you want racism, look to those who have a vested interest in keeping blacks or minorities "in their place". Look to the Democrat party who patronizes minorities by making them think they cant pull themselves out, but must take a Government handout. Look to the SEIU who calls a FREEDOM LOVING BLACK CONSERVATIVE words that would have anyone on the "conservative" side strung up for.... Ask Michael Richards or Andy Dick how it goes over when a white person uses the "N" word.... Where is the media in this instance? It should be everywhere and the SEIU should be castrated - PERIOD. This contempt for anyone is abhorrent.

But before I get myself all worked up on the INEQUALITY, I will sit back and enjoy the irony....the SWEET irony of this good man who will hopefully make the talk circuit this upcoming week and give the SEIU, the union, BO and this Healthcare crap a well deserved BLACK eye (even that is ironic) :)

As always - PRAY, PRAISE, PREPARE because we are on borrowed time, not to mention borrowed money....


dee said...

Sure, no blowing up. But abuse has been done this entire country's history. You talk about hate-filled talk, here in the south,so many sat and sit and listened "for twenty years" to "blacks are trash, they are inferior, or they laughed about their lifestyles" and those who did not believe kept quiet or smiled nicely at parties with a beer in their hand.Because we are exposed to stupid comments,does not necessarily makes us bigots. Sometimes we are just too scared to say anything. or one that have been attributed to Wright as if that were his sermon every Sunday are just plain wrong.Listen to the whole sermons and less to looped pieces of sermons that Hannity exploited at every opportunity. Look at the fruits of the person in totality.
Blacks have been "hosed, strung up,red-lined, chased and exploited". Sure not everyone shouting out at these town halls are racists, but don't fool yourself and not think that so many use this opportunity to let off their true feelings about the race of our president. There should be such a thing as "civil" disobedience" not the mob attitude of some of the people in these gatherings. Let's talk about our fears,stop shouting over any real discourse; instead of just spouting talking points, that some have used, as if they were one of the frustrated public but are really just plants to rile up people. Our healthcare system stinks, being caught in the "pre-existing condition" such as I, when I am willing and able to pay higher premiums has GOT to be changed. I lived under the military
healtcare for over 25 years, had a brother with life-threatening condition at 6 years old , who was in hospital for months, and my parents did not have to sit up nights worrying how they were going to pay the bills. As a spouse of enlisted military, when we had an accident I was seen promptly and with care. The big insurance companies need to work with the govt to iron out a better way, I am not saying have a single payor. Lets hear each other out and stop the madness, before someone gets hurt, we are all AMERICANS, not Nazis or socialists or communists. These terms serve no one.

Brad K. said...


Talk of sweet irony. How about when people beat their breast and wail and gnash their teeth, write their congressmen, and claim, "Oppose this proposal" and "oppose this law" . . . and never file for a recall election, and never sue for impeachment proceedings.


britney said...

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