Thursday, August 27, 2009

Prepping 101 (it is back to school time, after all)

I had a great convo recently with 3 PRECIOUS women. They have been in my life for about 8 months, but I swear, it so feels like much longer.

They are kindred spirits even though it seems to be in different ways. One is a prepper like me. It was such a gift to find her - when you think "prepper" I can honestly say, no one thinks of someone so beautiful - really, she is a hot prepper! She is also NORMAL which is also so nice because sometimes it feels like I am out of that circle.

One is a prepper to be. I know this because she is Southern - SOUTHERN - she out accents me, meaning her accent is pronounced and beautiful as she was raised in the deep South and her family lives on a big ole farm. And after our chat, her wheels were clicking - I could see them moving all over her beautiful face.

One is married to a good man with a survival bent - she is supportive and has a huge interest in what goes into her munchkins (which is how I really started in earnest) she too will be talking grain mills and water storage soon with vigor!

Anyway - there was some talk about the H1N1 being projected to hit this winter. It then went to "WHY DO YOU DO THIS?"

I am hearing this even more than before. People are wondering if there is something they can do to more insulate themselves against what seems to be going on in the Country, with the Economy, even with this Flu stuff....

People whisper it to me...."I like your blog"....."I read your blog"....."I so agree with you".....

People whisper to me wanting to know what to do....

So - it is with GREAT EXCITEMENT I announce that these next posts - I cant predict exactly how many - will be about PREPARING - squaring away food stuffs - medical supplies - toiletries - extras - just plain ole stuff you need :)

These will start tomorrow (I hope)....In the mean time - if you are starved for beginning information, here are a few websites to get yourself all fired up:

1 - This is my "why" and notice it was written almost a year ago....I still dont feel wrong or far off -

2 - This is THE BEST food storage spreadsheet that I have ever found - and trust me - its like my 2nd most Googled item ;) I love spreadsheets - I love lists - I love preparing - so this is PERFECT for me!

3 - HUGE LIST - dont need to add much more to the title, but BE WARNED - for a beginner, it could be overwhelming - It could make you feel like if you dont have all these things, you arent prepared. Its not true - and the truth? You dont need everything on their lists. It could make you feel like you need to run out and buy EVERYTHING....dont.....just wait.....we will go over everything :) Also - I used it for the list and ignored the Mormon History at the beginning....just saying'......

4 - This is a link to all my blog posts that have "Food Storage" in the label to describe it. Some are actual information - some are encouragement - some speak to the "why" - some tell my family to quit eating my stash and of course, I cover the all important Nutella in a full rounded food storage program.

For those of you farther down the path use this as a way to give yourself a checkup - I am. Its been a few months since I have been fired up in regards to my preparations. Its something that seems to ebb and flow which I think is fine. Sometimes you need to take a step back to recoup if you have been overspending your energies in this endeavor.

As always - PRAY (for our Country, families, future), PRAISE (for God is good - always) and PREPARE

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pearls, I am so glad you are doing these posts.

Got a quick question for you have a Berkey water filter ? If so, can you point me to any research or reviews of them because I want one and my Hubs wants some proof they work before we lay out that kind of dough. I need to get this info to him quick because this is the first time he hasn't just said I was nuts and is even considering agreeing to preps.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Many Blessings :)

Kim Heinecke said...

Looking forward to reading more! The Mr. is on board with stepping up our prepper efforts.