Sunday, August 23, 2009

This post is dedicated to Jennifer :)

This is a house post - My friend Jennifer was so sweet today about the pics and stuff that this is dedicated to her.....
These 2 orange lights were originally just Ikea lights that were silver and clear....these will totally spice up our #1 child's room :) She loves them.....and so do we because in case you dont know, IKEA = cheap :)
This large red light isnt even put together. It will be 1 1/2" shy of being 4' when all said and done. This thing was an accidental find at Lowes this weekend. It was a $210 light clearanced down to $39.90 but when I checked out, it rang up $19.90. CAN YOU SAY DEAL???? I spray painted it a glossy red and this will hang in our breakfast room.
I got an identical light which will be spray painted glossy white and it will go in our dining room. The almost $200 light will be going back tomorrow which makes the Hubs so happy :)
These are my feet - I thought I was getting tan while working kind of in the sun....turns out it was the orange paint.


dustytakle said...

Love the light fixtures. And, the feet :-)

london said...
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