Monday, November 9, 2009

What now??

We all have heard about the shooting at Fort Hood - excuse me, the ATTACK at Ft. Hood. An Islamic EXTREMIST in our own military killed 13 and wounded 30 before being brought down by a CHICK named KIMBERLY with 4 shots after she herself had been wounded. I am not going to lie - I love the last part.... In a hero movie, its always a guy, but this time, IN REAL LIFE, it was a girl and I love that part.

But what do we do now? This war is different. Its not like going after Germany or Japan or anyone else. Its not against a "people", but a "religion". This puts it in the category of HOLY WAR whether you like it or not. "They" see it that way and we had better start to see it that way too.

Its been said a million times, but this enemy doesnt follow the Geneva Convention, wear uniforms (unless its ours apparently), fight fair. None of them.... I am not abdicating our fighting fair, but we need to start fighting smart and honestly, some need to be put down like dogs in the street. I dont care about their prayer mats, their prayer time, their special diet. Do you think they were considerate before they mutilate our military by cutting off their heads? I am also not abdicating we do the same to them, but can we agree to quit playing nice? I mean, we have to coddle them?

Lastly, what do we do with Muslims in our own military? In WW2, those US CITIZENS of Japanese descent were not sent to fight Japanese - DUH you say.... It is against the Constitution to exclude Muslims and I dont think we should. The vast majority do not believe in the extremism as some - kind of like most Mormons do not believe in plural marriage or Jews believe in sacrificing a bull.... But should we send them to Afghanistan? Should we send them to Iraq?

When this man joined the military, he couldnt have envisioned where we would be fighting some day. Not in a million years - neither could we - Could you have guessed 9/11? Me either. Is it such a stretch to not send those of Muslim faith to fight against those with the same faith?

I dont have the answers - but its a conversation that needs to be had and had fast because like this terrorist (oh yes he is) at Ft. Hood and the luckily incompetent who couldnt get his bomb to go off in Dallas, the war has been brought home....

** So I just proof read what I wrote and I dont want it in any way to be seen as an excuse for the dirtbag at Ft. Hood. His attack was not a mental break, a freaking out - it was a planned attack from visiting websites, chatting up militants, giving his personal belongings away to his bringing his weapons onto base. TERRORIST ATTACK.... Speaking of dogs in the street.... The one thing I like about the military, is that they dont waste the time the civilian court does before it carries out a sentence....may their justice be swift.....


Did it MY way said...

Justice swift: one 45 round between the eyes.

Northwoods said...

I'd have to agree with "Did it My way" with one exception.
If one is good two is better...Always "Double Tap"!

Mayberry said...

What do we do? PROFILE. And Kimberly is my freakin' hero...

Brad K. said...

The best security is still to know your neighbors.

Not all radicals, perverts, criminals, druggies, and wackoes - tree hugger, PETA, or religious - look twisted.

Even good, solid people sometimes take a turn after an unsettling incident.

In the Ft. Hood case, this guy was wacked, was committing treason and violating the UCMJ - and too many seniors and other staff *did nothing*.

The dude violated the Uniform Code of Military Conduct by making violent statements, by criticizing civil authorities. During your time of service, freedom of speech is limited by the UCMJ, by the needs of the service, and especially with respect to statements made about deployments.

I had a WWII poster reprint. "Loose lips sink ships." Comments about what units are shipping out where are for the Army to make, when it suits the needs of the Army - including protecting the lives of those involved.

Religion under the UCMJ was limited to practices that are not detrimental to the government of the US, that don't advocate the violent overthrow of the government - this dude punched all the buttons. Why he was running loose on the street, instead of trying to argue his way out of Ft. Leavenworth, KS, is a shame and a rebuke to his seniors, to the Army selection board that advanced him last spring, and to his co-workers at Ft. Hood.

Remember - the lives lost at Ft. Hood were not just victims of Ft. Hood - each and every one of them are no longer available to serve the US Army, the United States of America, or their communities now and in the future. The shooter gravely injured the United States, through his wanton waste of lives, and for the loss of spirit and attention to duty of a nation.

This was a terrorist attack.

The reason it succeeded was that the protections in place, to keep the military focused, attentive, and functional - fell down.

We have all the protections we need. They are in place, and they may or may not need more weapons - because the most important weapons are the same tools that assure people are nurtured, are trained and adapted to their work, are meeting their own needs and the needs of the service.

HermitJim said...

This guy should have been taken out of the path of hurting anyone...long ago! Like you said...time to start going by the rules and safeguards we already have...and time to start paying attention!

See the problem, acknowledge the problem, take it out...! Quickly and without question!

Good post!

theotherryan said...

I duno and our environment is such that a serious rational discussion of the topic can not be had. While I hesitate to say we are in a war against Muslims I can certainly say we are in a war against some Muslims, namely of the extremist fundamental variety. It is notable that mainstream Muslims have done little or nothing to condemn and distance themselves from these terrorists.

Mo said...

Well said BradK

Rebecca said...

I believe if we have the means to act then we should, however I think if we are not anticipating winning this war then we need to come home. There are to many men and women not at home with their families helping raise the next generation. Our children need their parents to come home. That's my two sense.