Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm back....a little :)

Yall are the best - BEST - B.E.S.T.

Your encouragement - checking on me - and downright telling me to get my butt back in gear have been great.

We are getting closer and closer with move in on the horizon, just still a little fuzzy... I have continued to blog in my head and yesterday did today's post.

Its nothing awe inspiring, honestly, I just dont have the emotional energy to get all righteously indignant over Pres. BO and his disgusting minions....well, looks like I could get a little worked up. Honestly, he gave give this socialism thing all he wants but we wont go the way of Venezuela or of Cuba because we werent raised like that.... You know it - These United States would tell the Fed to take a flying leap before we are there....He is moving too far and too fast to slip one by us. It will go down. One way or the other. The easy way or the hard way, but one way or the other, our Country will be ours - that I do KNOW.

Anyway - back to my blog post in my head....

As we were getting the tractor out of the mud (no we didnt do it, but we needed it, so we got it - who did it will remain nameless ;) ), I blogged this in my head.

It was a beautiful day - crisp, but not cold and by the afternoon, just GLORIOUS!! And it hadnt rained in a week. There hasnt been a week like that in MONTHS which is why we arent moved in yet....but I digress.....

I have learned a lot - A LOT I TELL YOU - driving back and forth, working, playing, watching on the land in the almost 5 years we have had this land. I know it. I know which trees are plums, which are red bud, which are oaks, the occasional poplar that just pops up (those are cool - one day they are just there!!) and those evil red cedars.

Here are a few of the gems....and they are in no particular order....

* Chicks, build a house with the man you love. I have heard horror stories (we all have) but I tell you - the respect I have for him has increased 10 fold. He can do anything and he has proven it... I knew he was smart and capable, but there is no old dog in him at all. He has thrown himself into everything and come out with job accomplished. Very impressed indeed.

* Change your drivers license as quick as possible - get a PO if you have too....Local police like locals and give them a pass (or two or three) but if you have a city address, you will pay and pay dearly :)

* Change your car... If you are moving in from the city and you drive a sedan - change it. Dont go buy a brand new bells and whistles truck - but one a few years old - drive it through the mud on the way home and dont wash it. Look like you want to belong - dont look like you are better than.

* You arent kidding anyone - they know you are green and they know where you are from. Ask questions - acknowledge they know what they are doing and how to do it - it doesnt mean you cant tweak it, but take what they know - they earned it and probably the hard way - save yourself some trouble. Also, if you look like you want to know, you are on your way to being "one of them" :)

* Be flexible - the learning curve is expensive - in dollars - in time - in energy - in sweat - and yes, in blood and tears.

* A couple lady bugs are cute - a swarm is nasty - goes the same for little these look cute?


Mayberry said...

'Bout time, we were fixin' to send off a search party ; ) Country folk know good people when they see 'em. And you mean people actually wash trucks? Heh heh heh... I'd add that you need to toss some stuff in the bed and scratch/ding it up a bit. Never ceases to amaze me when I see a 5 year old truck with a pristine bed...

Kaira said...

love it. all of it.

and, yes, this land is OURS!

HermitJim said...

I think that when folks get to seeing that you and the family are good people, you will have no trouble at all!

Good luck with your continuing adventure!

Meadowlark said...

Glad you're fine and dandy.

Sadly, I'm not so sure that this country won't sell us down the river. And neither party is going to save us, they're just going to screw us from a different angle.

(I sound like a dang broken record, don't I. Sorry.)

Good to have you back!

Al Viscardi said...

Glad you are "Back"!
Be blessed