Monday, December 15, 2008

Where to even start....

This is the most frequently asked question I get. It is usually accompanied by "I feel I need to do something...." Our internal alarms are such a God given gift.

You dont need to rush out and buy everything. This week when you do your grocery shopping, buy 1 extra of what is on your list. Pick up a couple extra cans of veggies, some extra peanut butter, bottled water, a bag of beans and a bag of rice.

If you buy your groceries after carefully planning meals for the upcoming week, then plan on 2 or 3 extra meals and buy the fixins (Southern word) for those meals. In a month's time you will have more than an entire extra week's worth of food,almost 2 weeks.

Do not forget to add dry milk to your list. Although most of us do not reconstitute and drink dry milk, it would be excellent for cooking and if mixed, chilled and add chocolate, most kids will drink it. Think about being in your home for several weeks and not leaving - what would you need from the store - milk, bread, eggs - we have covered milk, make your bread and buy powdered eggs.

If money is not a problem visit this site:

Download the spreadsheet and start buying and filling it in... It would also be EXTREMELY HELPFUL to go through the videos where they walk you through beginning and maintaining a food storage system.

Your internal alarm is sounding for a reason. Dont panic, but begin to prepare, make your lists, begin to deepen your pantry - being proactive is the best way to turn down the volume on your alarm. It will replace that heavy fear feeling with a peace and a courage that you will be able to face whatever your alarm is announcing.


john beard said...

I agree this is not a situation that is like a avalanche. We are simply on a downward trend.

Inflation will soon start going up and interest rates will follow. Things will cost more, and money will be worth less.

Keeping a nice supply of food items, bought before this happens is smart.

Learning to provide things for yourself through farming and gardening is smart.

Reducing the amount of crap you buy at Wally World is always smart. I am not throwing rocks at anybody, I have a lot of crap.

Spending every dollar you have on firearms and "extra" ammo is not smart. It simply drives up the value of guns and ammo stored up and being resold by individuals, making major money on the survival scare.

I cannot fathom, in anyones lifetime the cessation of government authority and a time when you will need to set up roadblocks, or use assault weapons on your countrymen.

Being prepared for civil and natural emergencies and unrest is smart. The Government will respond in time but everyone should be able to take care of themselves and the immediate family for at least a month.

It isn't hard, you need not plan on five course dinners for 7 three times a day. Reduce consumption now and buy up some food stores and start growing a garden and using things you produce, instead of relying on mega corporations is smart.

Anonymous said...

In 1999 I bought a whole damn tractor trailer load of food in nitrogen packed pails from an outfit in Idaho. That got me started. Since then, we've been squirreling away everything under the sun we could need.

I have to disagree with John Beard, respectfully. Katrina was an eye opener, and I've lived overseas in some rough places and seen what happens when government goes to hell in handbasket and it turns into everyone for themselves. Not at all pretty.