Sunday, December 7, 2008

What EVERY Survivalist man needs OR Survivalist matchmaking

I know what every survivalist man needs....

Wait for it..... A good woman ;)

Dont roll your eyes, you know you do and if you have one, you know I am right. Here is where I got this...

The other night I was going through the 200+ pages that I printed out that made my printer give me the bird. Its that PDF from one of the LDS sites - here if you must know:

Well, its filled with a lot of great information and I am just enjoying myself, nestled in beneath a quilt with my paper, binder and highlighter. I have read the food portion and now am in the "prepper" section when I get to the chapter on Money. He is making some great points and then I read this under the section Storing Cash:

"Now you need to find a safe place to hide your cash. First, tell no one that you have a load of cash, except possibly your spouse, and dont tell your spouse unless you are absolutely certain of the strength of your marriage. Im not kidding."

OH MY WORD....I about fell off the couch and I was damn sure spoiling for a fight after reading this. The author was telling someone prepping to hide funds from their spouse. First, the author is assuming that it is the prepper's money. If you want to get technical, if the prepper lives in a community property state, 1/2 of that money belongs to the spouse. Second, I am sure the prepper is also stocking guns and if the spouse found out that the prepper was hoarding money and not telling, I would be concerned with all those guns around....Im just saying....

Obviously tough times are will break up a marriage faster than anything but I dont think starting your prepping keeping secrets is that smart....

Men, you need an ally. You need someone who thinks more of you than you think of you sometimes. Someone to be your cheerleader. If you are like my husband, he can tend towards 1/2 empty, while I am a 1/2 full kind of gal. You need the balance....

Married men also live longer and are supposedly happier. I attribute this to the balance previously mentioned.

Married men also earn more....This one always fascinated me, but I bet its because they have obligations at home. They have something they are working for and not just for the buck. This added "reason" might just keep everyone alive in tough times - the added "umph" to give all for the family that we might not be willing to give if it was just the one of us.

Women have a tendency to make a home - to nest - to offer those in her home a safe place to fall, so to speak. They can replenish the body and the soul - meet physical and emotional needs.

Guys, if your perfect survivalist companion is still out there keep looking. Dont ignore this prep while you are checking everything else off your list. I honestly recommend This site has you fill out about 45 minutes of questions - 100's of questions.... A friend of mine commented that if a guy is going to do all that work, he is serious - this realization already raises a girl's expectation of you. This site will also match you with a like minded individual....

Guys, if you have a great lady, give her a big kiss and involve her in your prepping. Tough times can also bring you closer together like nothing else. Also, add a couple of items to your prepping for her. Something nice to pull out when things are tough, when she is feeling run down, unappreciated, just dog tired - a favorite snack, chocolate, perfume. Trust me, if she preps, she has already thought of making your favorite dish or dessert and has the items.

One side note to chicks - if your guy is a prepper, realize he is doing it for you, for your safety, for your kids and family. Tell him thank you and help. Help with the food preps, get your own gun and learn how to use it, stock family items, personal items, clothing....You probably know more what it would take to keep the family running than he does, so help.

As always - Pray, Praise, Prepare and Procreate ;)


Unknown said...

Your husband is a lucky man. I hope you remind him often. Ha!
Seriously, I am blessed with a wife that is completely on board with prepping. So I know how important it is to have both spouses on the same page.
Keep up the good work on your blog, It is a regular read for me.

vivian said...

my part of survivalism is that i will keep making sure my family does get cold in that dark.....:-)

vivian said...

clarification.......does NOT get cold....

Sam said...

Rarely do we get to read such clear common sense. Well said!

My bride (of decades) and I are both into prepping. I am constantly surprised as she comes up with thoughts and ideas I know darned well I would have never thought of. The reverse is also true of course.

Point being that this is a team effort, we are way better off for it.

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Windjammer and Sam:

Thank you so much, please note that I am going to copy and paste your comments and email them to the husband ;)

Vivi - LOVE YOU MOM ;)

irishdutchuncle said...

a man needs to keep a little pocket money. prep items must be gotten, whether the spouse is on board or not. (though thankfully mine is) besides, if a man can't put aside a few bucks, how can he buy his wife a little gift once in a while?

it's essential for his mental well being, for a man to have a few coins remaining in his pocket. there are loads of women (and men) out there who refuse to live within their means. it's rough when the food and the paycheck are all used up, before the next payday.

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Irish -

Absolutely a man needs his own funds. I find it wrong when a man has to ask his wife for lunch money. But what I was talking about was large sums of money being hidden from the spouse.

Also, I tried really hard to make it gender neutral in my post, but when reading it online, I assumed it was a man hiding from a woman too :)

Unknown said...

Let me see where to start on this one. When it comes to cash we do pocket money (50 bucks a week) for which there is no accountability. Spend it on whatever you want or save it, that is all you.

I also assumed that it was talking about a man hiding funds from his wife. I can only say that statement might give an insight to the Mormon Church's thoughts on gender roles.

Now when it comes to hiding money from your spouse that is just bad jui jui. It should be planned to go for a new place to live because if the relationship isn't in a serious downward spiral it is going to be when the spouse finds out. And they will find out.

I don't have any real issues getting Wifey to go along with preps. If anything she acts as a sane counterbalance to my paranoia. We don't need to live in a van down by the river so we can get more preps faster or eat only cereal. Aside from basic economic realities and wanting to keep prepping as a part of our lives instead of the whole thing we never have issues in this area.

With logical(economics, balance, etc) considerations set aside I see it as a respect thing. Prepping is very important to me and I would darn sure not let Wifey call the shots and veto it. If something is very important to her and it is reasonable (she wants a new pet every other day) then we do it. I can't possibly see a situation where either of us decided to just blow off something that was real important to the other.