Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stealth Prepping - prep those around you without them knowing...

How to convince those around us that we arent Nuts?

I know I am not alone - All of us have people around us that we love, but think we are absolutely nuts! And not the cute, eccentric Nuts, but the "Im worried about you" Nuts.

If something monumental happens, we have 2 choices - provide for them or not....but if we can convince them to prepare, we have won such a precious battle.

I have tried different approaches and amazingly enough, the one that gets the LEAST enthusiastic response is the one where I explain the Apocalypse is coming ;) Heck, even I think I am nuts using this line. The one that generates the GREATEST discussion is the one where we start talking about the price of food - the price of all things really.

Its a discussion where we talk about how much milk has gone up, how much eggs have gone up, did you know you can make your own bread dirt cheap with your bread maker, have you seen how cheaply I can buy wheat and on and on. Its getting them to realize the FISCAL PRUDENCE of buying now, doing a few things yourself and saving quite a bit of money. Its easy for them to see the prudence of having a little extra on hand "just in case." You dont even have mention the word "Apocalypse."

You can encourage their saving by emailing or phoning them when you find a good deal. Let them know that certain cans are on sale - that one of the providers in your co-op just dropped their price on wheat berries - splitting the cost of a whole cow.

Get several friends together for a "savings club." Women (and men) all over the country save serious cash cutting coupons and using websites like The Grocery Game - - there are a bunch of others....Just Google for info. You could save yourself serious funds as well as increase your pantry while helping your friends to prepare themselves.

Share recipes - share storage tips - share with them how much your grocery bill has gone down.

This isnt getting them entirely prepared. If something catastrophic does happen, they will need your expertise in many ways, but they will not be in such a total panic - you have prepared them without them even knowing it...

The more people that are prepared, the safer everyone will be....

Pray, Praise, Prepare


Jamie said...

So people think you're nuts too? I'm glad to know I'm not alone! I've been trying to tell people that they need to Prepare.. but you're right, the whole "world is coming to end soon" line is not so effective. I will try your suggestion and approach them from a raising food prices prespective. Thanks for your post!

Shy Wolf said...

Very interesting concept, Pearls, that is sure to work. Once you have them thinking like this you can begin a gentle encoraging to do other prepping- like send them a clipping for a generator that's on sale this week before the 'big storm' rolls thru. Or, as one person I know, convinced her hubby to get a generator so he'd have more fun at his tailgate parties- egad, of ALL things!- but it worked! Now they have a gennie when the power goes out. (Wow, is SHE happy- lol)
She still hasn't figured out how she's going to tell him she bought a pistol, though, and has been spending some of 'her' money on lessons at the range. She'll show him, I imagine, about the first time some Roadie decides he wants the genny!
Again, really good idea.

bmayer said...

I tend to use current events. Things like the storm in the north east of the country. A simple comment about not wanting to drive in that weather... then watching the weather and seeing something similar coming our way. Do that for sometime, in a very nice way (never implying "I am right" or "You are wrong") and my family hasn't looked at me strangely in some time. :)

Samuel Adams said...

I have been prepping for so long, probably since about 1980, when we were called gun-crazy, whacko survivalists!...LOL Our son (32) and daughter (28) were essentially raised that way and do what they can to practice preparedness and live frugally, especially the daughter with her 4 kids! Most of my small circle of friends are prepping at some level. Living in a rural area I believe that most are better prepared than those in cities and suburbia. But I gave up years ago being the missionary of preparedness. I figure that 7 years after 9-11 and 3 years after Katrina, people who haven't gotten the message never will.