Monday, June 1, 2009

I cant believe its been a week!!!

So, how ya been?

I cant believe its been a week since I posted - I AM A SLACKER BLOGGER.... but this week has told me something.... All these "Positive Indicators" that "economists" are siting and what people are polling is complete and utter crap - YUP - CRAP....

Nothing has changed except more time has passed and the Govt has printed more money, more people have lost jobs, more mortgages are behind and the Govt has spent BILLIONS more.... So, how are things better? They arent - if people are feeling better about things it is because of a couple of reasons:

1 - they are tired of things being negative - everyone needs a break - I can totally understand...

2 - its summer - people are feeling good about summer - getting more Vitamin D from being outside (it is a mood lifter) - pleasant weather - it lifts spirits besides, the kids are absolutely excited about this time of year and their enthusiasm is contagious - just like when we were kids....

Dont let your focus or your determination to prepare make you lax in your endeavors.

My garden is about to explode. We are having to "make due" as my Hubs has been unable to put in my real raised beds because the electric company is dragging their feet trenching, so it will look a should I put it....WHITE TRASH this growing season and then next season or maybe for the fall season, my gorgeous raised beds and my garden will be put in. By White Trash I mean mostly just put anywhere we can put plants, as well as cheap, plastic swimming pools that have the bottom basically cut out for drainage.

Other news is that drywall is going in and they will be bout to texture, paint, tile, moulding, flooring in a week or 2.... Its moving fast - I just hope its fast enough to get us in by the time school starts in August..... HURRY GUYS!!!!

On a School note - I interviewed for the 8th Grade U.S. History position at my kids' school. I am tired of it going to a coach or someone with a certificate but not the degree or the passion. I have the degree in History and the ABSOLUTE PASSION, but not the certificate. We will see how it goes. If I get it, GREAT - but if not, no sweat.....just more time at home to prepare, raise animals and do farm work. I am totally fine either way it goes.

Also been working with the Hubs getting some preparedness kits together to put on his website, eBay, Amazon, Ecrater and this blog. The Hubs is in medical supplies and when I happened upon a kit, it was DISGUSTED with what people are selling these things for - they are truly GOUGING people who are scared. I believe we can do better - giving people the top product(s) covering our costs and time and a little padding and not taking advantage of anyone. Those will be up soon.....I hope ;)

Have some rants ready, but darnit - I get home and just love being here, the anger just doesnt fly out of the fingers.... I may need to txt it to myself while out to keep myself fired up ;)

Also - even though I havent been blogging, it doesnt mean that I havent been paying attention or reading others' blogs - KEEP IT UP GUYS and you FAB GALS!!


Samuel Adams said...

The stock market is run almost completely on emotion. The "experts" take the most minute indication of anything positive (or even less negative!), put a spin on it and the market goes up. Meanwhile the price of oil continues to increase and gasoline goes up 10-15 cents a week and no one asks why nor does it negative impact the stock market. Curiouser and curiouser.

Anonymous said...

My wife has teaching credential certifications in early childhood, middle school, english , social studies, French, and special education. Georgia has layed off so many teachers, including her, that she is applying for work in Florida. I wish you well with your efforts, it's a tough time to be looking for a teaching job.

Klaus said...

Pearls - have you and Hubs ever thought about trying to sell German first aid kits over your way? I checked into it and won't got through with the idea - for other reasons - but if you're interested I have some info for you.

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Klaus - send me the info:

Thanks :)