Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And you can THANK Samuel Adams - surprise, surprise

If you dont read Samuel's Blog, you are missing out.... First, he has the FUNNIEST pics I think I have ever seen - lets just say, if they were bumper stickers, my car would be a moving violation because ever surface would be covered.....

Second because he posts articles like this regarding the Second Amendment..... I will give you a minute to pop over there and read it.... {checking my watch}.......{having a spoonful of Nutella}......{taking a bathroom break}.......Ok - youre back :)

The interesting part about this article is the UK decision that a blogger cannot remain anonymous. It isnt here yet, but it may be on its way. You see, the UK doesnt see blogging like we in the USA do - they were on the receiving end of the Pamphleteers and I have a feeling that King George wasnt too pleased.

Us in the States like to view ourselves with FREE SPEECH and an independent streak - be careful....Things that start overseas usually try to pop up here.

Be Vigilant - Back up someone else's RIGHT to say SOMETHING, even if you dont agree.

For example - I read Wildflower. She isnt fond of a lot of things that I am - White - Conservative - Religious - Libertarian.... she probably wouldnt even like my toenail polish (yes, I paint my toenails - I may be a survivalist, but I am NOT an animal). But I read her every time she posts and I comment (sometimes). It is important to read things that you may not agree with for several reasons.

First - I may be wrong - {{{GASP}}} - I know! I could be wrong - it happens, not with any regularity and so infrequently that the kids keep track :)

Second - She makes me smarter - If I dont agree I have to figure out why - I have to work through all the ins and out and be able to articulate those reasons.

Third - She makes me think. It is NEVER a bad thing to view something from someone else's point of view.

Fight for some one's right to say something stupid, even a liberal, because in doing so, it preserves your right to spread the light :)

Pray - Praise - Prepare

* This post was originally written (for the most part) last week - I have been BI-ZEE and am now only getting to post


Cygnus MacLlyr said...


" i may not agree with what you have to say, but I will dedend to the death your right to say it"

Good post, Pearls...

The Hermit said...

Don't all women paint their toe nails? My wife does.