Saturday, June 27, 2009

40 days....

Keep watching Iran. Those in power know they are in trouble. They are trying hard to stop the unrest know because they know that in 40 days things are going to get ugly.

You see, thats how they grieve. They grieve in intervals with the climax coming 40 days after the death.

Those in power know something else....It was deaths in 1978 (January) that lead to the over throw of the Shaw in January 1979 and the return of Khomeini to rule. They were on the benefiting end 30 years better believe they fear they wont be on the winning end this time....

40 days......and then another 40 days..... and then another 40 days..... Eventually, Iran will be free....

Per Wikipedia:

Start of demonstrations in late 1977:
The first militant anti-Shah demonstrations were in October 1977, after the death of Khomeini's son Mostafa.
[79] Khomeini's activists numbered "perhaps a few hundred in total", but over the coming months they grew to a mass of several thousand demonstrators in most cities of Iran.[80]

The first casualties suffered in major demonstrations against the Shah came in January 1978. Hundreds of Islamist students and religious leaders in the city of Qom were furious over a story in the government-controlled press they felt was libelous. The army was sent in, dispersing the demonstrations and killing several students (two to nine according to the government, 70 or more according to the opposition).[81][82]
According to the Shi'ite customs, memorial services (called Arba'een) are held forty days after a person's death. In mosques across the nation, calls were made to honour the dead students. Thus on February 18 groups in a number of cities marched to honour the fallen and protest against the rule of the Shah. This time, violence erupted in Tabriz, where five hundred demonstrators were killed according to the opposition, ten according to the government. The cycle repeated itself, and on March 29, a new round of protests began across the nation. Luxury hotels, cinemas, banks, government offices, and other symbols of the Shah regime were destroyed; again security forces intervened, killing many. On May 10 the same occurred.

In May, government commandos burst into the home of
Ayatollah Kazem Shariatmadari, a leading cleric and political moderate, and shot dead one of his followers right in front of him. Shariatmadari abandoned his quietist stance and joined the opposition to the Shah.[83]

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