Monday, May 25, 2009

Whatev, Mr. Military....

AS A WHOLE - I absolutely adore the military.... I do think that you can pick out certain "apples" that maybe are a little "over-ripe." General Powell for instance. Great with the Military - awful in Politics - I cant believe that there was a time I wished he would run for President.... {sigh}

Now Admiral Mike Mullen says Guantanamo needs to be closed. Why? Because it could serve as a recruiting tool for militants. Whatev. This is bull - this is a guy trying to get his "Commander in Chief" what he wants. Nothing more.

Militants didnt need Guantanamo when they recruited for 9/11 did they?

The President got slammed this week BY HIS OWN PARTY when they refused to give BO any funding to close Guantanamo. I have a feeling BO isnt used to being told "no". In fact, I like it when he doesnt get his way because he gets flustered and seems on the verge of throwing a hissy fit. Poor Admiral - I wonder what he was told before they trotted him out on ABC?

Mr. President better get used to being defeated - it happened this week - It will happen in 2010 and it will happen again in 2012.

Mr. President, we are tired of your crap - we are tired of your people's crap (those that you have chosen for your administration) and we will block everything we can, every time we can. If you want to know a rallying point, try YOUR ELECTION....both sides have used it to arm up. You have shown yourself to put criminals and idiots into powerful positions - you have gone across the world making apologies for the United States - you have appeared weak, arrogant and tacky. You lack integrity, are clueless, unethical and woefully unprepared for what this country faces - You sir, are your opponents' biggest recruiter....

**** On a related note, I do realize that its Memorial Weekend as I bet the Obama Admin did also and so to criticize the Admiral would seem so wrong.... The criticism of this administration in the above blog post has absolutely NO BEARING on the military who does AN EXCEPTIONAL JOB IN SPITE OF THE CRAPPY PAY and SUPPORT they receive from this Government.

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Marine 83 said...

Don't be to hard on the Admiral. At that rank every thing is political. You either say what the CINC wants you to say or you lose your job. Presidents swat down Generals/Admirals who don't toe the pary line on a regular basis. Chances are he is doing everything he can behind the scenes to mitigate the damage BHO is doing.
Just my thoughts.