Monday, May 11, 2009

Heads up....

This week my littlest graduates from Kindergarten (what a hoot) and so he parties it up....I will be away from home helping him finish this week up - he is done at 10:30 on Thursday morning and then he and I will spend the rest of the week together "like old times."

All that to say, posting will be sporadic with probably a link for a news story and my sarcastic and witty commentary ;)

We are also getting drywall tomorrow and the crew is wanting to do trim, tile, painting and some other stuff, so if their price is good and the work is well done, they may just get to do it all and therefore I will be scrambling because I havent even looked at tile to be honest - could almost careless, ALMOST....

We got insulation in the basement today and they knocked down a bird's nest that was built while we were going thru so much crap getting our basement doors in.... The nest had 4 baby birds that looked like they had just hatched when they died. My littlest took out a shovel and buried them all and then there was THAT conversation about why they died (he concluded it was no ones fault really, but if he is placing blame, then its my fault since I am building the house, by the way) and where are the baby birds now (in Heaven with my Grandmother). It was a looooong way back to town today from the country, let me tell you!

Have a good week, yall and we will chat soon!

As always - Pray - Praise and Prepare!!!


theotherryan said...

Have fun with the little one.

Meadowlark said...

Try not to get overwhelmed with all the "have-tos" and enjoy the "get-tos".