Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chase this rabbit....

Hopefully you all know by now that BHO has basically given Chrysler to the Union and bumped them above those that SHOULD be paid first in a bankruptcy. He did this by threatening the creditors with smearing them in the media.... After what he did to AIG and their executives and employees, they are probably pretty reluctant to take Mr. Thang on.

It was a scumbag move - everyone knows it - even BHO knows it, but he doesnt care. Its about power - Its the way "community organizers" work - just think Sopranos without the Italian accents....

But this could be good for some states.... WHAAA???? You say.... How can giving this car company be good for some states? Well here is where the rabbit comes in. The talk about whats wrong with what BHO did - meaning that when banks and lenders go to give money to companies, they are going to be leery of companies that are hurting because they are afraid they wont get their money back. Well, they wont get their money back if they loan to companies with Unions. Not one bit....Unions owe BHO, and BHO owes the Unions and if the public actually saw the two together, we would yell "GET A ROOM...." Sorry, I digress....

Anyway, back to banks not lending to Companies that have unions. So, who would a lender like to lend to? A company that does not have unions - I would be looking for companies who are based in RIGHT TO WORK states.....Like Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, N. Carolina, N. Dakota, Oklahoma, S. Carolina, S. Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming.

Huh....what strikes you about those 22 states listed above? Now I know this doesnt apply to ALL of them, but I notice several things:

1 - a lot of Southern States
2 - a lot of Western - Independent States
3 - a lot of Farming states
4 - States that like, scratch that, LOVE guns - CCL states....
5 - states that dont have a real fondness for the Fed. Gov.
6 - states where people are predisposed to taking care of themselves
7 - states where there arent just absolutely HUGE urban areas (I mean they have some, but it isnt NYC)

Because of these right to work states, I see companies from these states having an easier time getting loans. I see companies who have unions that are big ole pains, moving to states that are Right to Work. In this current economic climate, these kinds of states should fair better.

It is also telling what states are not here and those states seem to have problems currently in meeting their states' budgets, huge housing crisis, empty neighborhoods and high unemployment.

The one that does surprise me that it isnt among the 22 is, I guess they arent perfect after all.... but after today, they are oh, so close.... ;)



Brad K. said...


What concerns me is the end-around Oh! Bummer! pulled at the end of January. He signed a Presidential Directive - requiring that any federal construction can *only* use union labor.

With TARP, with banks accepting federal money - who is to say, tomorrow, what "federal construction" entails? Could my next home, if I apply for an FHA or VA mortgage, qualify as "federal construction" - if the feds, ACORN, or the unions care to interfere?

Bitmap said...

It's not "right to work" it is "right to not be forced to join the union to work". There is a difference.

As far as MT goes, a very high percentage of the population there works for some level of government. Government jobs are often union jobs.