Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What will Texas do?

Well, the first person has died in the US from Swine Flu (Israel is refusing to call it that and is calling it Mexican Flu, which I find funny....)

I do not find it funny that baby, almost 2 years old, has died. What is even more serious is that he was an illegal baby who came across the border from Mexico.

What is Texas going to do when people are dying in Mexico and people recover over here? They are going to flood Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Its a DUH question....of course they are going to come here and they will overwhelm and cripple our system. Not only will they spread the disease and shut down hospitals because of sheer numbers - hospitals that will not be able to take those people around here that LIVE here....Who is going to pay for their hospital bills?

With the open borders that the Department of Homeland Security think are no big deal, the virus will spread quickly - more so than before - because of the nature of illegal crossing. They cross in groups, they are secretive in that it will be hard to know where to find people that have been potentially infected and when illegals get here they disband and all go their own ways carrying what could be the virus.

So - what is Texas going to do? DHS is going to do NOTHING....It is up to Texas to protect itself - what is Texas going to do?


Mayberry said...

Why YOU, ME, and EVERY OTHER AMERICAN is gonna pay for it, that's what! When our Founding Fathers said "bring us your sick, your old....", they had no idea we'd be paying for it......

YeOldFurt said...

The State of Texas under Perry is not going to do anything except roll over to the Federals. There ain't going to be secession, cause the state govt and people are too lazy.
We are done!

Brad K. said...

I doubt this will turn out to be much more imposition on Texas than the rest of the country.

Remember, the Mexican drug cartels are servicing druggies and drug wars all across this land. Regular shipments of drugs (and drug thugs) come North, truck loads of cash roll South - to return with another exposure to Swine flu and more drugs.

Apparently they are active in every US city. No, I don't think Texas will see that much more exposure than the rest of us.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

This here Texan's headed Ozarks way...

Bitmap said...

I'll go with YeOldFurt on this one.

Brad K., I have to disagree with you a little. In border areas many Mexican children cross the border daily to go to school in the US.

Here are a couple of links:

That kind of stuff WILL hit border areas harder. Yes, the drug runners will spread it far and wide but I'll bet there are a lot more kids crossing the border every day than there are drug runners.

Anonymous said...

The smart Texans are going to hunker down and wait it out. The conservatives will be calling for Perry or DHS to shut down the border. Liberals will try to save everyone that is sick. Illegals will still cross the border, seek treatment, and visit malls with their sick bairn in tow and compound an already hellish situation. Meanwhile, the state and feds will continue to a)stick their fingers in their ears saying, "nananana can't hear you!" b) stick their heads in the sand, or c) stick their heads up their asses. *Hint: The answer is always 'C'*