Wednesday, April 15, 2009

House stuff....

For those of you that suffer through my rants in order to see the house progress - I have added new posts and have back dated them so they dont pop up first.

I have done this so I can keep track of when something happened on the house for future scrapbooking - I am a chick afterall ;)

We have finished the electrical, plumbing and the framing should be judged tomorrow (inspected) and we anticipate it passing also. We then insulate the few interior walls we have and then drywall is ready to go in...

It seems like this has been a long time coming, but with a few set backs, it was bound to happen. We have been pleased with the work and are really not over budget in most areas. This has allowed us to keep the costs down. This economy hasnt hurt us either - people are wanting work and it really is a buyer's market.

I would rave about every single one of our subs and would use them again.... They have been great people. If you are building close and want some names, just contact me :)

Here are some more pics of what a 6 year old finds interesting :) Isnt he a cutie?

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