Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Truck...meet bottom of the Cliff....

There was a point to turn everything around. It was A LOOONNNNNGGGGG time ago - not anytime in recent memory.

We find ourselves in this current Country no where near the original intent created by the Founding Fathers.

It feels sometimes that Patriots are holding onto the Truck (euphemism for this Country) by the back bumper and all tires have already gone off the cliff and we are holding on for dear life. We want so desperately to pull it back up....with all our might and purpose we want to pull the truck off the cliff.

I just dont see how.... And you know what? Its starting to hurt my hands and not to mention my back... How are you feeling?

I am letting go....figuratively and almost literally. I am done.... I say throw this truck off the cliff. This truck is not driveable, it doesnt do anything helpful.... Throw this thing off the cliff and lets start over with another Truck.

The Truck was a fabulous truck - strong, true, reliable.... I want another Truck just like the one we had, so redesigning isnt the problem or even wanted.

Let Washington seize control of everything they possibly want - they wont hold onto it long.... And every time they grab an industry or force out an executive.... Every time they give Fannie and Freddie executives bonus' that are MUCH LARGER THAN AIG.... Every time they DO NOT let Banks give back the TARP monies.... Every time.... EVERY TIME they do something like this, they actually loose more and more control.

They are losing control. Every time they do this people are growing angrier and angrier. And even though we do not "feel" it, the power and control RESTS WITH WE THE PEOPLE. It does.

We The People have the power to throw them out of Washington. And I am not waiting to vote next year. I am talking NOW. People walking on Washington and on their State Capitals nationwide can force out these evil men.

We can PEACEFULLY and FORCEFULLY make these men leave their offices.

We hold the power - Dont ever forget that....

And its happening. The Tea Parties are the beginning - they arent the end.... But they are an excellent EXCELLENT start!

Find one near you and swell their numbers - make those that govern you fear you.

Pray - Praise - Prepare


Mayberry said...

That's what needs to happen. Millions need to take to the streets.... Wee need to petition for a recall of ALL elected officials. Unfortunately, the result would most likely be the same 50/50 split, the same corruption, the same underhanded tactics..... Same same same.... Everyone wants change change change, yet everything stays the same. Real change would be term limits. Banning lobbyists. Squelching the special interest groups. Adhering to the Constitution.... You're right, we need a new truck, because the old one is too far gone.

instinct said...

It's a shame that there are so many 'useful idiots' that support everything the government is doing and saying "They're just trying to help people"

I know because I work with them.

I even try and ask them things like "Where does it say that in the Constitution" but they don't care about the law, all they care about is what someone will give to them.

Yes, we can take this country back but just remember that there is a group of parasites out there that WANT the government to do what it is doing because they think it means a free ride for them, and the will fight us every step of the way and while we have morals, a work ethic, and a respect for the laws of the land, these people don't.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks we need to chuck the truck. I think at this point, I'd welcome the collapse.

Asphyxiated Emancipation said...

I'm beginning to agree. I just don't see how we can change things, short of drastic, complete collapse. That's what it will take to make people realize there's no free lunch. We are burdened with so many loafers, so many looters, that we are outnumbered, seemingly surrounded on all sides. We went wrong when we allowed the left to take over education. Millions of children have grown up in a groupthink environment, learning Newspeak all their lives, and we are paying for it now. Who do you think elected Obama?
But, it isn't in my nature to give up. So, hopefully, these tea parties and what comes after will effect the necessary changes in this country.

Samuel Adams said...

The system is too broken to fix. I'm afraid this quotation applies to USA, Inc.: "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." -Mao Tse-Tung

After all, that's how the government maintains its power.

Ilsa said...

Here's a big part of the problem: almost 50% of the US population depends on money from the US government, in one form or another (16.2 percent work for the fed, state, and local governments; 26 percent are on SSI/food stamps/welfare/etc; and 7 percent are receiving unemployment benefits). Think of that: every single productive US worker supports, through their taxes, one other non-productive citizen. So for every Patriot holding onto the bumper, you have another citizen actively pushing the truck over the cliff. When the truck finally impacts the bottom of the cliff, one half of America will be furious that the "gravy truck" has stopped, and the other half will be furious at the first half for destroying the truck. It won't be pretty.

Bitmap said...

I don't think you will get them out of office, at least not enough to matter.

One of the downsides to "diversity" is the not enough people can agree on anything.

As noted about half the people pay no taxes and they still get benefits. They don't want things to change, unless the change will mean more stuff for them.

Mayberry, you have to be careful about "banning lobbyists" and "squelching special interest groups." Did you ever think that "special interest groups" were mostly groups of people like you that had found a common interest and a common goal, or maybe a common threat? The GOA and the NRA are special interest groups and hire lobbyists. McCain-Feingold was sold as "reform" but should have been called "incumbent protection" instead. Seems to me that China doesn't allow lobbyists or special interest groups and see how wonderful that place is.

Scale is a big problem with our current government. The population has grown rapidly but the number of representatives has not, so each senator and congressman now has many more constituents. How can they possibly represent so many different people at once? A system that works well for 5 million people doesn't always work well for 300+ million people.

Pickdog said...


The system would have worked but the people in D c became too corrupt. They do not care to represent us citizens, they represent corporations.

They have their own separate retirement and health care plans.
To them, they are no longer our servants, we are theirs.

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Yall are all right....SIGH....it makes me want to push the truck off the cliff....and hopefully it takes some of those hanging on for the freebies with them....