Monday, April 6, 2009

FEMA Bill - HR 645

Here is the BILL'S TEXT

FEMA basically wants at least 6 centers across the Nation to be established at Military Centers....

Not a tinfoil hat wearer, but this cant be a good thing....

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Brad K. said...


The part I don't like is how easily this could result in interment camps, similar to Guantanamo Bay and the Japanese-American interment camps before and during WWII.

The use of military installations is probably intended to solve two problems. One is that it keeps closed bases in government hands - thwarting land developers that lobby to close bases to gain access to more land for housing developments.

Second is that this would be a step to develop Homeland Security into another armed force - situated in the US, and with jurisdiction over US citizens. What good socialist government doesn't see a need for armed forces to quell foot rioters and dissenters?