Monday, April 27, 2009


Have had a couple ask me about lists and so this is the easiest place to put them and then direct all those that I love on FB to here....

MORMON SITE - this has printable list in 4 different formats

SOCIETAL BREAKDOWN FLU LIST - I think they want you to buy supplies from them, but its a good list...edit as needed for your situation

SURVIVOR BLOG - just an invaluable source of information

I will update when I get a few more links - they are forthcoming.

Also - GOOGLE for AVIAN FLU lists as well because pretty much the same thing goes for human flu, avian flu and the swine flu.

And as much as it pains me to say it - the Govt does have a good list too - I just cant bring myself to post a link to a government site here.....I know yall understand....


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Meadowlark said...

Thanks chica... reminded me that the last week of complete inactivity (as far as being responsible) was worthless.

I'm going out today to fill in the blanks and make sure I'm at least moderately prepared.

Peace out.