Thursday, March 12, 2009

Women and Children first.....

I just dont get the hate....You know, the utter contempt for those that just "dont get it". I read a bunch and it seems women can be a real scape goat for misplaced anger because they dont prep. There are snide comments about women and their buying habits - they slam us for liking shoes - I hate to break it to you, but even prepper girls like shoes - ITS IN THE DNA....

I dont have any animosity towards someone that doesnt prep - I have pity. Pity because I can look down their road and see that difficulties will compound due to their unpreparedness.

I understand that for some women, its easy to soothe feelings by buying something that makes them feel good. Again, it makes me pity them....

It also makes me wonder on a larger scale the fate of women in general. I suspect that domestic violence will be on the rise... We certainly are seeing more men kill their families - or at least they are being publicized more.

Women are in a unique situation - many are expected to take care of their families but lack the means to do so - meaning, they arent the ones out making the money. They are in a weird situation of being dependent on someone while little people are dependent on them. They are the ones that write the checks for food, for everyday stuff and therefore they are EASY to blame for spending the family's money and an easy target for frustration when money is tight.

Life is going to get tough - but it will be toughest for those that are the weakest.....

Pray - Praise - Prepare


MeadowLark said...

Hmmmmmm she says.
What articles are you reading, I'd like to see them too.

It sounds like you're thinking there are a lot of "stay at home" women. Nobody I know. Not that I didn't WISH I were home, but no luck at my house. Two income household. UGH

And I don't like shoe shopping, so I'm obviously a mutant freak. But I do knit, so there's a girly-hope for me yet. :)

Peace to you, my friend.

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

I shouldnt have listed shoes alone, but also over the knee socks ;)

I think the most stress comes from new parents with stay at home moms that dont have outside income and are stretched pretty tight.

Most women I know if they dont have a "real" job outside the home do something on the side to bring in some income.

I would love to know how to knit...

Preparedwarrior said...

Pearls: yes I noticed the comments about wimmen, as if misspelling somehow confers disgust for some women who are just not tuned into prepping and the real life that is facing them.

I too have pity because, regardless of gender, some people just can't see the forest for the trees, believe all this hope and change crap, and really do not understand how the real world works.

I do think that domestic violence will rise but I think that women may just surprise a lot of folks. There are a lot of women who are not into shoes and shopping and are the sole breadwinners for their families. I really can't say that I know any stay at home moms but I know lots of women with children who are making it on their own without entitlement programs.

I just finished reading a book about the Great Depression in Georgia. Women were forced to quit their jobs so men could have them, women survived because of support systems of their churches and friends.

Just sayin' that women may once again surprise all of us.

By the way, my genes are sadly lacking in both the shoe and shopping DNA.


Pistolmom said...

Interesting post. I agree that where I live, I have to shake my head and pity those that don't care. They will indeed suffer. The worst part, the children will suffer even more. I believe that if you are doing something to prepare no matter how rich or poor you are, God will step in and bless those that tried.

Michi-Bear said...


It seems women cannot win when it comes to prepping...we are either portrayed as sheep - not prepping OR written about with disdain ("women acting like they got more balls than men"). Some women are prepping - to the point of getting and learning how to use guns and ammo. This is not easy - the "ol boys club" out there has many men who aren't supporting and/or encouraging in this realm. Heck I had to contact six different ranges before I found someone without so much attitude and disrespect we could actually have an adult conversation. SOME of us women are working hard to store (or build our stores) of food, water, lighting, first-aid items, guns, ammo, fishing items, sewing items, garden tools, basic auto needs, etc - WORKING WITH our families,ie MEN and children.

While I don't have a thing for shoes, though I would pay a lot for a great pair of hiking boots, I can put on a dress and makeup when attending a funeral or wedding. I, more exactly, we give up many things to spend the money on getting more ammo or garden seeds.

OUR shopping is at resale shops, garage sales and occasionally a "real" store or constantly watching Craig's list and freecycle for anything we can add to our stores.

SO...during my prepping I'm looking for manly men - men who aren't too busy beating their chests to support and encourage a woman who is prepping. Men who aren't so threatened by seeing a woman with a gun, or in the auto store or fishing aisle, to the point of downright disrespect or total "me man- you woman" sexist comments.

WOMEN have to stop this "stay-at-home" versus "working woman" infighting too. I do not have a full time job outside the home but do help a friend at her small business part time. I work to raise my family, run my home and oh-yeah...I'm caring for a terminally ill family member (whom everyone else has turned their back on). So ....while I don't gather a "paycheck" I do work full time - and then some. Those who work outside the home, whether part or full time, need our help and support - many of them don't have the help they should have at home and their job is MORE than full time.

Geez....guess I had a little pent up frustration. I am SO very glad my husband and I are working together - we have certain areas we are each responsible for in our prepping and areas we work on together. We remember our wedding vows - to become ONE during sickness or health, rich or poor, etc. TOO bad some of these other "
prepping guys" can't respect that!

Michi-Bear out