Friday, March 27, 2009

A list of things I realize I can never have too many of:

1. Chapstick - It gets used - goes through the wash - gets put in a million different coats...a fam cant have too many little Chapsticks. I also firmly believe that you need to get the REAL kind or the Blistex kind - those knockoffs are too close to lip gloss and do absolutely nothing for the chapiness.

2. Scissors - I use them all the time. I snip chives, cut chicken, cut paper, clip coupons....everything. The kids, well, they are kids, so they invariably get left outside, in someone's room, taken to school, used to "saw" something in the front yard....

3. Packages of Hotdogs and Mac n Cheese - I have I really need to elaborate?

4. Benadryl - in addition to the reason listed above (#3), it could save your life or someone you you sleep and take away the sniffles - really totally a MUST HAVE, if you ask me...

5. Blue Medium Ballpoint pens - I love them and if they are a little gloppy, that is just wonderful. The Hubs will only use a black pen, so its going to suck for him WTSHTF since I am the one that buys house supplies. Have more than you will need, because you will write more now that you dont have a computer....

This concludes what I just added to my grocery list....I am sure more it to come, but just needed a quick post today ;)

As ALWAYS - Pray, Praise and Prepare - our time is getting short, People!


YeOldFurt said...

Marbles, add marbles. I been forgetting this. You can make a pocket in a tarp with a marble trapped inside and tied with a string to trap the marble. Then you can tie a rope around the pocket and have a lanyard on the tarp. Lots of other uses too.

Mayberry said...

My list:
Good friends
Guns (and ammo, of course!)
Fishin' poles (lures, tackle, etc.)
Boats (ha ha, ya knew that one was comin'!)
Nuts/bolts/screws/other hardware

Anonymous said...

- Baby butt wipes - can be used in so many situations
- Matches and or lighters
- Aspirin - for mild body pain, can be chewed for a tooth ache, should be given if you think someone is having a heart attack
- Empty altoid containers for storage
- Knives and flint rocks
- Toilet paper
- Books
- Extra corrective glasses
- Notebooks for the blue ball point pins
- Compass

Anonymous said...

You have to watch this

Thomas Paine We The People video

sorry for being off topic

theotherryan said...

I keep a couple of those 3 packs of chapstick in the medicine cabinet in addition to the one on me and proolly 3 in the car. Each time I open a 3 pack up I get a new one.

Not a lifetime supply of the stuff but certainly enough for awhile.

Jennifer said...

Burt's Bees makes the absolute best lip balm. IMHO