Thursday, October 2, 2008

Now You See It...NOW YOU DONT :)

Have you ever seen a more beautiful subfloor? Huh? Have you? I didnt think so ;)

Looking at the pics: In the top pic you see stairs on the left side and on the right the beginning of an opening that will have a slide that begins under my kitchen island and ends in the kids' playroom downstairs.

In the picture below, you get a better view of the slide hole in the middle and if you can make it out, a cut out on the far side in the corner on the right side of the picture will be a quickie spiral staircase down to the media room and the rest of the basement.

Next pictures are taken from the basement - you can start to see rooms - I CANT WAIT TO NAIL DRYWALL (and by that I mean, professional men who know what they are doing, nailing drywall).

Vivian is in the bottom picture - isnt she adorable!

This weekend we fill in around the basement - LOTS of gravel and LOTS of dirt....too bad we cant just all the rock and clay we dug out back in....

After this is done, Caleb gets to become our House guy and not just our Basement guy! Go UP and UP!!

Keep checking us out and let us know if you see anything we are doing wrong or could do better!

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