Monday, September 22, 2008

I think I hear ANGELS singing :)

Above is from Sunday - below is from today! It is amazing what 4 men can do in 1 day!! I hope that the donuts I took out this morning inspired them, but I am sure its only the paycheck :)

Tomorrow they should put in the floor to the main floor so you wont be able to see down into the basement anymore. AMAZING - AMAZING - AMAZING

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Gene said...

Hi, Jennifer!

Thank you for dropping in on my blog. This blogging thing is still a little new to me but I'm having so much fun!

I've known your parents for a lot of years...mostly just in passing, but, I've known enough about them for so many years that I feel that I know them much better than I actually do!

Most of what I know about your folks comes from comments others have had to say about them over the years. All of it wonderful, of course!

I'm not surprised that your Dad did not tell you of his acts of kindness in coming to visit me. Not surprised at all. He's an humble man -- not full of himself, in spite of his successes in life. A man to appreciate -- and to care for and about. Your Mom as well deserves accolades. They are peas in a pod! Both are earthly treasures!

I will NEVER forget your dad's kindness toward me, and I tell people at every opportunity about his having given of his Christmas holidays in 1966 to come and cheer me up!

You're a beautiful young lady, with a beautiful little baby! I loved your turtle story. I raised turtles as a kid...once had 57 of them in the backyard, in the 1950's when we lived in Houston and the stable where we kept our horses had turtles galore! Mom hung clothes out on clotheslines in the backyard back then (before the age of dryers), and the turtles would crawl across her feet, making her scream! That was great fun!

I hope to meet you someday!

Gene Shoemake