Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"You said you wanted to live in a warehouse..."

When J tells me something I said, I want to hit him...especially when he is right, or I am wrong or I dont get to lord it over him in some way.... He knows the rules - when I say something, he can state that I am right....or he can forget I said anything at all.....or he can say what I said is right, whether it is or not! We have been married 17 years - HE KNOWS THIS....Huff...Huff...Huff....

Before we ever started on this path, J and I had dreamed about living in a warehouse....well....

Northernish Side:

Easternish Side - FRONT:

Southernish Side:

Westernish Side (Back):

Here are 2 shots of the inside - they are taken from the East/South corner and from the West/South corners:

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