Sunday, October 5, 2008


We have been so used to the basement being "tall" - able to look down to the bottom even though the top of the hill is about 5' away that to be able to hop down to land from the main floor is just weird.

After Manuel and the guys left yesterday, the "North" side (it is in quotes because there is a disagreement as to its true direction - no, its not true North, but close enough....John....) needed just a little more clay put in the ground and then covered with good dirt. Since they ran out of dirt, they just stopped until they could truck some more in and then they would finish. Since time is money, John and I gladly gave our time to save our money. I scooped and dumped and John and the boys put the clay where needed. Clay cant go next to the the house, so they basically filled up the earth from the hill side towards the house and stopped close for the remainder to be filled with dirt.

I dont want to brag, but I managed a load dumped every 3 to 5 minutes. I can count on 1 hand the times the tractor died or I had to take a second try on the scoop! I was very proud of myself and I impressed John also. He was great encouragement giving me the thumbs up each time I dumped - it was a look of astonishment that turned to pride as we got into a good stride :)

Amazingly enough, Bob the Builder helped out ;) Actually, Will helped on and off, but Jack rocked! He had a hoe and shovel and worked the entire time next to the the house with his dad. He notified us on the way home that if his professional football career doesnt work out, he wants to work with dirt for a living.

More dirt is due to be delivered tomorrow, but we are expecting rain - so we will see. If we get dirt, John and I are meeting after school and getting the last bit done. Then its Caleb's turn....Main House - here we come :)

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