Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Sorry you visual people, no pics tonight....It was too dark when John finished filling around the basement, but trust me - ITS BEAUTIFUL - mostly, its beautiful because Caleb get to do his thing now. ARE YOU READING THIS CALEB....ITS YOUR TURN :)

On the Homestead Front, as the house progresses, planning for winter projects has begun. We are laying out how the gardens will be, where the orchard will be, where chickens, a couple guinea fowl, maybe a couple goats, a couple pigs and even a water buffalo will live - yes, you read that right - a WATER BUFFALO. Just FYI, but a water buffalo's milk is what REAL mozzarella cheese is made from and its meat tastes just like beef with less fat than chicken. They are also excellent foragers meaning that they dont have to have perfect green fields to grow and gain weight (meat mass). This is good for us since our fields havent ever been grazed - at least not in the last 50 years!

In my study on how to lay out the homestead, I have come across some interesting websites - just Google "Homestead" or "Sustainable Homestead" and eventually you to a really interesting site.... www.SurvivalBlog.com. Very interesting stuff in case this whole societal thing breaks down.... Anyway - some of the sites I have visited probably put me on some kind of governmental "list".... Man are they going to be disappointed I am homemaker, mom of 3 who just likes to check weird stuff out as well as get my pedicures :) I am also your girl in the case of a nuclear strike - dont even ask me how I learned all that stuff... yup - another government list!

I have read all I can tonight about canning, green chicken eggs, stablizing gas for long storage and which ammunition would be good bartering, so I am going to call it a night.

Thanks to all who pay attention to my ramblings and our building. I blog so I can remember what we did when and in what order when its time to scrapbook the building of our home....You read because you think I am insane and maybe I even make you smile.


DeeDee said...

yes, you make me smile!

EverydayPrepper said...

OK I'm just skimming the site right now and plan to go over it a little more later but this quote: "I am also your girl in the case of a nuclear strike - dont even ask me how I learned all that stuff... yup - another government list!" just made my day... I was just sitting here reading and started laughing and my wife gave me a "What are you doing?" look.

Keep up the good work, You have an interesting and entertaining blog.