Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I know, I know...Its been a while - but look - PICTURES :)

Hey yall - Its been a while and I am so sorry! Life happens...actually, quickie vacation, 3 kids ready for school, football and family happened. But the house has not been in suspended animation - its been AMAZING. As you can see, we had our footings poured. They were done by a man, Terry, with his sons - great boys - out of his 12 kids! A really amazing family and I wouldn't hesitate to call him again for any concrete / foundation work. After the footings, we got our plumbing rough-in.
Upon checking out the PVC, I was counting hot/cold/in/out and noticed that our daughter's bathroom was only plumbed for a 1/2 bath...NOOOOO.....
I ran to my truck, grabbed my plans and NOOOOOOO....the plans are wrong. When the architect copied the original plans, he omitted her shower. So, check over your plans RELIGIOUSLY! Hand them to your spouse and make them check them out! Give them to your teenager and tell them if they find a difference, they make $20! Our plumber was great and came out and quickly plumbed the shower.
Our next challenge was to get gravel and sand delivered. We have a "road" down the bottom of our hill and when it rains, no travelling.... Well, we had rain - had to wait for it to dry a bit and about the time we would schedule sand, it would rain again....TWO WEEKS LATER (which might have been 2 years) we had our loads delivered and we were back in business.

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