Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waterproofing and FRAMING!

Its amazing the what is done to keep water out of the basement. The entire basement sits basically on a french drain all the way around - its a very cool system. The concrete is encased in styrofoam blocks - the entire exterior wall is wrapped (actually glued in place) in a multi-layered liner. The liner is covered with a rippled "wrap" in order to make sure that when we backfill, the liner is not punctured and THEN the rippled wrap is covered with this thick felt like covering and it is glued and what looks likes tar to seal the edges!

We also had lumber and our floor trusses delivered yesterday evening. I plan on heading back out to the land after picking kids up from school - I hope there is a flurry of activity! The trusses have alligators on them so now I may have to leave a few unpainted to see the pic....maybe in the boys' rooms.

The picture below is just what I almost stepped on walking back to the car. Decided to just snap a pic of it - fun, fun stuff you see on the land! No, I didnt step on it, but let it go on its way - EAT MORE BUGS, SPIDER....GO GO GO!!!

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