Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oklahoma vs. Constitution

Oklahoma passed a law the other day, 2 actually, that were vetoed by the Governor (you remember him - the goofball) anyway, our legislature overturned his veto and passed a law that mandates a woman have a sonogram before an abortion.

The Gov didnt like it: Democratic Gov. Brad Henry has called the legislation "an unconstitutional attempt by the Oklahoma legislature to insert government into the private lives and decisions of its citizens."

Amazingly enough, this post isnt about whether or not OK's law is constitutional or whether I think its right or wrong. What I want to discuss is the Gov's sentiments about the Government inserting itself into private lives and decisions of its citizens.

You cant have it both ways.... You cant tell me I can do what I want with my body and then tell me I have to buy insurance to protect it. You cant tell me I have to have a sonogram and then turn around and tell me I cant have a medical procedure if I want one....

You are talking out of both sides of your mouth and you are starting to make me dizzy - honestly, you are starting to hack me off....

How ironic if the argument the Left has used for years in order to grant unfettered ability to murder children is actually their undoing in this entire health care Government over-reach? How glorious would it be if this argument is actually the nail that drives a beginning death blow to an ever extending Government?

(And if you think the "murder babies" comment was a little hard, just look up late term abortion and read how fully formed babies are just left to die or killed after they are born.)

And lets not forget this little gem from the Governor's remarks:

Henry said he was disappointed by Tuesday's vote. "It signals the beginning of another costly and possibly futile legal battle for the state of Oklahoma. Both laws will be challenged and, in all likelihood, overturned by the courts as unconstitutional," he said. "I fear this entire exercise will ultimately be a waste of taxpayers' time and money."

Or this gem from the Senate's Spokes Person in 2008 (When it was controlled by the Dems...):

"Politicians have no business making medical decisions. When they do, it seriously undermines doctors' ability to give patients the best medical care and does absolutely nothing to improve the health of patients," she said.

Please spare me your derision, Mr. Obama Lap Dog - you do not care about my pocketbook or what the taxpayers pay or support.... Thank Heavens, we are done with this annoying period of OK history in November!

Mr. Brad Henry your opinions are laughable - Griping when Government steps such a two-faced turn when your own words regarding the Healthcare (Obamacare) bill are remembered:

"I do think it is an important debate to have in Congress," Henry said. "Health care really is a federal issue. "

Pray - Praise - Prepare


Anonymous said...

Well stated!!


Anonymous said...

State says you can't murder a baby in its crib without the full prosecution of the state, but you can murder your unborn baby.

Mayberry said...

Politicians are all the same....