Wednesday, July 8, 2009

House stuff....

Again, back dating some pics....

There arent that many - mostly because there has been some drama over the summer. The company we hired had a rotten apple - not the entire company - but one that was more than just a worker. Seems he went through $27,000 of the company's money in 2 months and is currently being sought for embezzlement. It wasnt our money - but it brought things to a stand-still for a bit and therefore there is a bit of wasted time - actually, a LOT of wasted time.

Before the drama, there was some painting and some trim work (the basement work had to be redone) but those are the pics that I have. Some of the work will need to be redone as the bad apple was trying to cover his tracks by bringing in more money and was shorting employees and even had the guys not scrape our loft before they painted. Needless to say, upstairs is a mess that we will redo ourselves.

We have a new company and we are extremely pleased. They fixed the crap in the basement - finished out the doors down there and painted. They start tile this week as well as our HVAC get finished.

My Hubs also put in the holding tank for the well - plumbed it with 2 faucets - installed all the electrical and stuff involved in that and built the house that goes over it. Color me absolutely impressed! He has yet to find something that he cannot do! The well house is in the same shape as our real house and he used left over rafters, t1-11 and metal. He loves his window which is really cute :) Will snap some more pics of the "finished" well house next time I am out there as well as pics of the basement.
Here are the pics:

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