Thursday, July 9, 2009

Angry little white woman....Naw....not me :)

Wow - I sound cranky in my posts and after my longest break between posts, you might think I am just another angry blogger....

But thats not the case - I am actually fully engrossed with playing with kids and enjoying the summer. And also packing up this house (sigh....) Do not take any lapses in posting as apathy. Fully engaged over here - prepping, reading, and preaching to the unchurched (so to speak - those that need to get themselves squared away....)

There will be more to come SOON - just get the RSS feeds and you will get my witty banter when its posted ;)

Happy Summer guys - and as ALWAYS - Pray, Praise and Prepare and POST soon :)


HermitJim said...

We'll be watching for ya, My friend!

Meadowlark said...

Um, well, you said "witty banter" but I didn't remember you ASKING me to do guest posts? Gee, I must have missed it.

Oh. You. You meant YOU were full of witty banter.


I crack myself up. Peace out, chica!

theotherryan said...

Sometimes when we get busy and back away from blogging a bit we come back with some real home runs. Part of this is because we may do cool and interesting things also just letting ideas accumulate in our brains. Look at it this way. When you are 70 and reflecting on your life will you regret not spending more time with your children while they were young or not regularly posting on your blog?

The Hermit said...

It's hard to do everything you have to do and still post regularly. I hope you can keep all the balls in the air. Juggling life gets wearing sometimes.