Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fourth branch of the Government, my rear end....

The press is supposedly the fourth branch of the Government, meaning, it takes on each and every other branch (Legislative - Congress; Executive - President BO; Judicial - Supreme Court). It used to be that the press looked for every way to expose corruption or a newsworthy story, no matter which administration was in office. It seems now, that if a Republican holds office, this holds true, but if the Democrats control a branch, then it might as well be labeled the unofficial press secretary.

All this to say, I dont trust the news - I believe they either omit, skew or outright lie. I believe they are fed stories and therefore rank no higher than the National Enquire. Although the National Enquire did break that story about Edwards and shouted it for over a year before anyone paid attention, so maybe the press is lower than they are....

Anyway - a long way around to get to the point of this post - If you want to know what is going to happen in regards to the financial system, read the UK press before you read any of the "green shoots", sunshine up your skirt stories over here.

Want to know if the recession is over? Want to know if inflation is on the rise? Want to know what the banks are doing behind closed doors?

Read the Guardian....Read the Telegraph.....Read the BBC.....

The British Press are the 4th Branch of Government over there....and our economies, while having some very distinct differences, travel parallel (kind of) roads.... Watch their economy - watch what their press says about it....

Its also almost alarming to read the UK's press regarding the United States. Stories you wont find on your Yahoo page. Those Brits dont sugar coat much.....and they certainly dont put on a happy face for the Americans.

Who would have thought that the Fourth Branch of Government might turn out to be a red coat?

Pray - Praise - Prepare


Kim Heinecke said...

I'm going to check those out. Intersting.

And BTW, your comment on Cindy's blog cracked me up this morning. Water buffalo? I don't even know if you're kidding... :)

Brad K. said...

July 17, 2009 was the tipping point. That was when the Rasmussen Report showed more people strongly opposed to Obama outnumbered, in that poll, the number strongly approving of Obama.

I notice that the MSNBC "Daily Nightly" blog mentions a report on whether Obama is out of touch with what has happened to his America. This is a dramatic change.

And makes me wonder - has the press been under threat and pressure from the White House, Chicago gangland style? "Play really nice and we won't cut off your horse's head, er, won't cut you out of the loop." I cannot believe that Fox News is that much more moral than everyone else, to gain a reputation for contrary (perhaps more accurate?) reporting. What I can believe is that Fox, alone of the major networks, stood up to bullying. Now, with the Brown fiasco putting a Republican, even if only barely considered a conservative, into Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate, now I wonder if the rest of the networks don't get more confrontational, or at least, less "proud papa"ish. B. Hussein Obama is half white, according to the stories, a favored native son of Kenya, and was raised Muslim.

Remember when Jimmy Carter pledged to work in blue jeans until the country was "fixed"? It appears that even Obama can run into the fact that he is there, and only has authority, to *serve* America.

I expect press coverage to continue to be less rainbows and unicorn farts, and the tone will show more of the disconnects and pressures on the economy and foreign affairs. Actual outright criticism of Obama? Not before February.

I can hope, I hope.

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Girl - I wasnt kidding about the WB :) If you want to hear why, I can tell you all about it - of course I can! And yes, those news places are interesting - love a diff perspective!

Brad - The hubs and I have discussed this for awhile. We just cant understand why so many newspapers and media outlets arent moving right since it is obvious that is where the public really is - and where the money seems to be and not to mention where the ratings are.... You would think their business plan would include making some money - but what do I know? :)

Samuel Adams said...

At least once a week I check the British press. The Internet is what shortwave radio was to news 20 years ago!

Another example of how the USA, Inc. media is in lockstep is the unemployment statistics. One has to search diligently to find the U6 unemployment stats that include those who are working part-time rather than full time or who have completely given up searching for employment. The media simply parrots what the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives them!